September 4th, 2001



i was so mad today..i kirked out at the mall.. and at my parents twice.. with good reason.. so dont anyone bitch at me.. whatever..

my 24 yr old bitch from katsucon works at EBX now.. he's got the most georgeous hair...

i love justin..he bought me food and stole me foam stuff which is so cool..anyway
i took more buttons..i have the coolest buttons i'll put up a list later
james pissed me off today

my mallrat dude (jimmy) doesnt like me anymore..he didnt even say hi to me.. which is sad. i know i'm sad... i still have his braclet.. hehe. .*evil grin*

i was so pissed off at everything i went to chris's.. i chilled.. i called charlie.. he's so sweet in his own way of like making me mad about other things so i would be less mad at my 'rents.. which is sweet and annoying.. but he made me smile and even laugh.. so its acceptable.. for now.. hehe.. sweet..hopefully he can come for thanxgiving...

i start school tomarrow! AAAAAAHHHHHH!
my class ends at like 2:45..supposably i'm gonna hang out with daniel..its all good

apparently i'm over my minuets so i'm not supposed to use my phone until the after the 11th..but u can still call me and stuff..and i'll more than likely still use it.. so whatever....

i really wanna wear the dress tomarrow but not like all day.. so maybe i'll put it in my bag and wear it like after class......i love it!!!!!...

chris gave me back my old dream i've had some pretty freaky dreams..,,hehe,,,*evil grin*

i went looking for a Local H tape or CD and there wasnt any at FYE (aka record town)..there was none..i was pissed off even more

all my peeps are back at college.. mark brill.. marc canada.. stacey... andy...other stacey...rach..mikey, avi, other mike, sarah...etc..hopefully i'll get to talk to certain people but whatever..its all good

peace to my seniors at the mill.. yeah buddy...dont let the jobist facism get u down.. and beware bitch shelton..and tell steve and ms ogaz i said hi.. hehe.. i love miss ogaz.. peace to my juniors at the mill.. hehe.. have fun..welcome to upperclassmen.. peace to my sophs (who will always be my freshman).. haha.. losers..hehe... jk..i love ya.. especially YOU! you know who i mean.. the new freshman.. yeah you suck

FYI--my arm itches..
in other news... i'm sleepy.. hehe..

i'll see ya'll tomarrow
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i love this song


To this world Im unimportant
Just because I have nothing to give
So you call this your free country
Tell me why it cost so much to live
Tell me why
This world can turn me down
But I wont turn away, oh no
I wont turn around
All my work and endless measures
Never seem to get me very far
Walk a mile just to move an inch
Now even though
Im trying so damn hard
Im trying so hard
This world can turn me down but
I Wont turn away
And I wont duck and run, cause
Im not built that way
When everything is gone there is
Nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here, oh no!
I am already here,
Down on my knees
I am already here, on no,
I am Already here
I must have told you a thousand times,
I am not running away
I wont duck and run
I wont duck and run
I wont duck and run
No pass away
This world can turn me down but
I Wont turn away
And I wont duck and run,
cause Im not built that way
When everything is gone
There is nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here
This world can turn me down
But I wont turn away
And I wont duck away
Cause Im not built that way
When everything is gone there
Is nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here

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i said something so funny at mirabai's last night..i cant remember it had to do with orgy's and potatoes and penguins and an apple peach pie.. damnit .. i hope i remember..she wrote it on her wall..
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email from Kimo!!......he's so cool

From: Kimo Huddy
Subject: Thanks!
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 12:05:52 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Viva!
It's been a long and busy month since the Ride ended and I'm finally back in San Antonio after a fun road trip. Sorry it's taken me so long to write.
Jerry and I went camping by the seat of our pants.
After leaving Billings we drove through the north end
of Yellowstone and then found a camp sight just south of Livingston. Thankfully there we no wind storms! We drove to Washington and spent a couple of nights at my brother's place as well as a day in Seattle. From there we went to Ashland, Oregon. If you haven't been there, you need to go. We went whitewater rafting with Jerry's friend and I even learned to steer the raft through rapids. Then next week was spent on the northern California coast camping in the Redwoods, on the dunes and right on the beach just north of Bodega Bay (Psycho!). After hauling across, California,Nevada and Wyoming we finally made it to Denver where I packed up my things before we flew off to Chicago where we found an apartment. I'll send my new contact information when we gat the lease sent to us. I also wanted to thank you for your hard work during the ride and especially for your patience with me when I didn't know what was going on. Cacti and adversity will either forge friendships or cause a war - I'm thankful for the friendship forged. I often find
myself wondering how everyone is doing and hope to see you again on another ride in the future. I really appreciated knowing that I could always count on you for some duct tape as well as your connection with the massage tent :-).
I'm attaching the front page photo that came out after
the ride in case you didn't get a chance to pick up a
Please say hi to your mom for me.
Kimo --pivture of DC people..craig, greg, david, McKenzie's mom, David, McKenzie and Ali (who were on stage crew)

montana aids vaccine ride

click to enlarge image
Cyclists cruising for a cure
Of The Gazette Staff

Peter Crosby remembers standing in line in the 1950s waiting to receive a vaccine for polio, a disease that was striking nearly 60,000 Americans each year. The country sighed in relief at Dr. Jonas Salks discovery.

Crosby, an attorney from Anchorage, Alaska, said he pedaled 575 miles across Montana this week to be able to someday see lines form for an AIDS vaccine.

Id just like to see the same thing happen, he said. Im really concerned about the pandemic going on.

Crosby and 1,024 other cyclists rolled across the finish line in the green grass of Pioneer Park Sunday afternoon, ending a seven-day cycle across Montana to raise money for AIDS research. Participants in the Pallotta TeamWorks Montana AIDS Vaccine Ride began their journey in Missoula early Monday morning. They crossed the Continental Divide near Lincoln at Flesher Pass at an elevation of 6,130 feet.

Cyclists not only had to deal with freezing rain at the pass and triple-digit temperatures in the Yellowstone River Valley, but each had to raise at least $3,400 to join the ride. Representatives of Pallotta TeamWorks said information on proceeds will be calculated and available in early December.

Last summer, 1,494 cyclists including Crosby participated in an AIDS Vaccine Ride in Alaska. The group raised $8.2 million and sent $4.1 million to charity. Pallotta TeamWorks, a for-profit company based in Los Angeles, kept $2.4 million for marketing, administration and production expenses, according to information supplied by the company.

AIDS vaccine rides are also planned for Alaska and Canada later this summer.

Although riders in the Montana AIDS Vaccine Ride came from every state, a handful also were from Billings, including Julie Stevens, a radiology technician at Deaconess Billings Clinic.

Stevens said she suffered from heat exhaustion near Livingston and freezing temperatures as she pedaled across the Continental Divide. But she kept pumping her pedals because of the larger purpose of the event.

I love cycling and I work in the medical field, Stevens said. I worked through college taking care of patients with AIDS.

Stevens, like most of the other cyclists, cried during closing ceremonies Sunday afternoon. She was one of four cyclists who escorted a riderless cycle during the ceremony in remembrance of the 20 million AIDS victims.

JOHN WARNER/Gazette Staff
Julie Stevens and her daughter, Michelle, celebrate and cheer other riders during the final minute of closing ceremonies. Stevens, a radiology technician at Deacones Billings Clinic, escorted one of four riderless bikes up to the stage, representing those lost to AIDS.
Stevens said she was exhausted by aching muscles and drained emotions, but she was also buoyed by an intense endorphin boost after the 57-mile final leg from Columbus to Billings under a searing August sun.

Im so tired, she said. Every muscle in my body aches. This is beyond anything Ive ever done before.

The 589,000 miles pedaled by the AIDS riders was described as heroism in the name of others, by Dan Pallotta, CEO of Pallotta TeamWorks.

To be willing to get in the boat and row on their behalf is the epitome of humility, of courage, he said.

Justin Akin is part of 20 HIV-positive riders called the Positive Peddlers who will never benefit from a potential vaccine.

Im not doing this for me, said Akins, a lab administrator at the UCLA AIDS Institute. Im doing this for the next generation.

Proceeds from the ride will go to three AIDS research centers: the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City, the UCLA AIDS Institute in Los Angeles and the Emory Vaccine Center in Atlanta.

Dr. Mark Feinberg, with the Emory Vaccine Center in Atlanta, thanked the cyclists for their work.

The AIDS epidemic is the largest threat mankind faces, Feinberg said. The road ahead will be long and challenging, but you all know about long and challenging, dont you?

The spandex-clad crowd roared at the words and sprayed their water bottles into the air.


James Hagengruber can be reached at 657-1232 or at
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my class tomarrow is from 12:;30 to 2:45... i thought it was from 11:45..dude.. whoa.. cool...ok the end.. lates

my kickass letter back to kimo!

Hey Kimo,

Great to hear from you!.. that sounds awesome.. all that traveling and camping and whatnot!..i've been white water rafting..but not in anything that rocks! me, i've been slacking for most of the summer.. i've become a mallrat to get out of my house.. i went to the mall everyday.. but it was ok..cause i made new friends that get me free stuff..which is cool. other than that..i start college in about 4 hours.. my first class.. *shudder*... but its will be good... i hope.. after Billings, my mom and i went home and our flight was cancelled so we had to sit ina denver airport for like 5 hours.. it was alright.. that weekend after i got home i went to an Anime convention (japanese animation).. it was cool.. two random people dyed my hair black for my costume..i absolutly hate it..i like bright colors like purple and bright red.. hehe.. but i'm living.. i had some very cool parties this summer. my parents went out of town one weekend so i had this three-day party .. that was awesome.. good times... aside from all the party and the random acts of doing nothing, i went to Florida with my grandfather.. their moving there in a few weeks and my mom wanted me to help him unload stuff... and i did.. it was all good... then i came home and that brings me up to the present..whre i start college today..
i've been email Ali and MCKenzie back and forth.. they're good.. causing trouble as usual.. i got my pictures back i'll get them online as soon as i get my scanner.. they are great.. two of the massage therapists came to visit us last weekend.. John David and David.. that was cool..their traveling the east coast now..they were heading up to montreal for the Canada-US ride.. ..i'm probably going to end up crewing the DC ride and the heartland one (minnesota) cause one of my good friends is doing it..are u going to do anymore rides? i'm gonna take a massage class at the massage school on fridays.. so then i can be on massage crew.. and it will be fun.
i wanted to thank you for being an awesome crew captain..even when you didnt know what was going are very cool and made my first ride experience very awesome.. i dont think any other rides will ever compare to the first one...the duct tape lives on.. i did see the paper.. in the airport in the morning when i left..i bought one..i have the picture on my wall....
well i got to go get ready for school!

keep in touch

Viva Sahar

well i'm off

i'm gonna leave soon to goto the bus stop even though my class isnt until 12:30.. i'll go early and hang out

call my cell..hehe


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i'm all kinds of tired!!!!!

so i took the bus to MC today..i left all early and hung out for like two hours.. i saw/talked to Hannah..which is cool..i thought we had the same english class..but she's taking one where u get credit and stuff.. my teacher is cool..he has a heavy jed clampett accent..which is fun to listen to.. apparently i have to do a lot of writing..i hate writing cause i suck at it.. so i hope i do good in the class.. i sit next to a hot bitchy asian chick..she's hot.. but like really mean.. there is one white guy in the class.. i find that funny for some reason..there is also a hot blonde chick in the class... after class, i was supposed to hang with daniel today.. but he never called or answerd his phone.. so i'm pissed off.. so i took the bus to the mall to hang out for an hour ..i talked to James and AC..and Dan/Greg.. its either dan or greg i forgot..he's my 24 yr old bitch..i love him..he's SO georgeous.. he's got the most beautiful long soft hair.. i talked to him for a while..then i left and i had to go back to MC cause i had to buy my books...but i had to go with my mom so she could pay for them.. my english supplies cost over 200$ (books included) .. my math book only cost 100$..then i went home and ate nasty psghettie that my stepdad made..

i might goto the WM pep rally on friday cause i dont have classes.. but then again..i might not.. i'll probably go up there after school ends though.. just to see my babes!.. especially marc frankel cause he is my child and i absolutly adore him in every way!! ILOVE HIM!!.. hehe..

anyway.. i'm tired..

my classes dont start until 2pm tomarrow... then they end at like 4:45ish.. ...

so yeah..thats all for now.. Peace
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