September 5th, 2001



apparently diane is having a party on friday.. i wasnt invited....whatever..i dont care.. just exc;ude me from everything.. who needs friends right?..i'm alright

but if anyone wants to come over thursday night for the MTV awards they can.. its all good..


so i fell asleep at like 2:30 and i woke up at 6am.. how much does that suck!! but then i tried my damndest and i fell back asleep and woke up atlike 10:30..i have class at 2

i'm very annoyed with my keeps arms and legs and my head..where's a freshman to scratch your back when u need one?.. my burn is almost gone! YAY! less thing to itch..hopefully

i hope the guy who i REALLY REALLY REALLY hate isnt there today...i so dont want to deal with him..ever!!...i might just have to beat him up again..and i've already beat him with a hockey stick.. and made him cry...and bleed.. there's not much left i can do..i'd kill him..but the whole consequenses thing pisses me off.. stupid laws

anyway.. yeah i have 2 clases today.. in the timespan of 2pm-4:45..and a 2hour bus commute.. which also smacks of effort..but it doesnt matter

i'm extremly glad that i took a 3 doors down tape..its great.. they rock!

dochiny sent out an email..she rocks!.. i adore her.. those crazy mormons!.. OH..when i went out with AC and her cousin, i saw Kelli at themall.. with jason rothman...then i saw jason rothman the next day too....he's cool..great photographer..... Jared rothman (on the other hand) sucks! and should be shot.. stupid bitch..anyway..

thats my story.. i'm getting a new phone plan..seperate from my mom..with 350 minuets and then free nights and weekends.. if i go over the 350 minuets i have to pay 40 cents as opposed to 25.. thats about it..

i dont know whats up with my dad for october..whether hes comign or not..whatever..
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well i'm can call my cell today.. just know it will be turned off from like 2-3:15 and 3:30-4:45

call anytime other than that.. its all good--301-254-5308

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To this world Im unimportant
Just because I have nothing to give
So you call this your free country
Tell me why it cost so much to live
Tell me why
This world can turn me down
But I wont turn away, oh no
I wont turn around
All my work and endless measures
Never seem to get me very far
Walk a mile just to move an inch
Now even though
Im trying so damn hard
Im trying so hard
This world can turn me down but
I Wont turn away
And I wont duck and run, cause
Im not built that way
When everything is gone there is
Nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here, oh no!
I am already here,
Down on my knees
I am already here, on no,
I am Already here
I must have told you a thousand times,
I am not running away
I wont duck and run
I wont duck and run
I wont duck and run
No pass away
This world can turn me down but
I Wont turn away
And I wont duck and run,
cause Im not built that way
When everything is gone
There is nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here
This world can turn me down
But I wont turn away
And I wont duck away
Cause Im not built that way
When everything is gone there
Is nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause Im already here


my classes are so cool!!!!

my study habits class is taught by this awesome big black dude..he's SO happy all of the time..he's so funny..telling jokes and stuff.. he rocks!..he made everyone learn everyone elses name in the class and then gave out points if we remeberd certain names.. he's cool..

my math class is done entirly on computers.. like u put on headphones and this random lady ont he screen does math equations in front of you..hehe..its amusing..i sit next to a REALLY REALLY hot guy.. he's really hot.. a dumbass but hot.. anyway.. i'm gonnaa have a TON of hw in that that smacks of effort..but its ok

on the way down to the door on the stairs..andy, jana's boyfriend like tapped me on the head..and was like "do you remember me" and i was like yeah (cause i do)...and we chatted..yada yada yada.. he's kind of an asshole..but he's cool.. and you know.. jana's hot.. so its all good.. thats about it..

then i took the bus.. my commute home takes me to the mall cause i have to switch busses.. so i stopped off to see rob.. but he wasnt there..i was mad.. but i talked to AC..i love her..everytime i goto the mall to see rob...he's never there...the hot israeli chick at the lotion stand knows me now and was like "whats up" and that was cool.. then i took the 58 to the vollage and my mom picked me up.. cause she said she would

my friend Jennifer is supposably working at denny's this school year.. so i hope she does.. so i can visit her..

so far my classes are cool.. and its all good

the UGLY brown couches came.. and liek the rest of my house is like ugly.. i hate the brown couches and my mom is like "but their comftorble"and their not.. well they are ..but the purple ones are more.. and like my grandparents furnature is like only comftorble at like their house.. not mine..i guess its a thing..whatevever.. my house sucks now...well like it sucked before.. but it was pretty..not it sucks even more cause its not..

anyway.. my new phone plan starts on the 11th and every call up till then is a quarter..incoming or outgoing.. so whatever..u can still call..i dont pay for it

daria is having a party on friday..i'm going.. yay i get to hookup with people!!!...maybe hotguymike will be there... apparetnly diane's gonna hook up with daria..which isnt a big suprise.. everyone's hooked up with daria.. whatever.. maybe i'll hook up with tyler again.. and the same time...hehe..rock.. anyway.. its all good

anyway..thats all for now

tomarrow i have english again.. 12:30-2:45...

its all good

Peace out
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max levine ensemble is playing::

sept 8 benefit show at Landon school with the Bowlcuts, Nothing Squad, AKs and more

sept 15 Corner Kick, Eastern Standard Time, Hipnotix, Gamma Rays, Barrister Rocksteady

oct 7 Kaffa House with the Manic, Daycare Swindlers, SFU, and Hudson Falcons

nov 15 and 17 prolly"--to quote spoonboy's info..hehe


i had something to talk about.. but i forgot

really i had something to talk about.. but i forgot.. DAMNIT....

10 min later


ok september 17th.. we are having this big rosh hashanah dinner thing here..with like 17-20 people.. and i get to bring someone or two... if i'm good.. hehe.. i want charlie to come..but he probably wont be able to..stupid commute(excuses excuses).. i want jeff to come.. i think he'd have the best time.. hehe (causing trouble)..i want chris to come..cause my family loves him.. but he probably wont be able to.. :(... well John David (who also calls me chloe) and David are gonna be here!! YAY.. and hopefully Jonah will come ( I LOVE JONAH!!)... and then the usual family..mike,lori,rui, nina bruce, eli, the grandparents, possibly Liron, ..its all good..

i have to get up all early tomarrow to catch the buss.. in my commute planning time i forgot to add the time it takes to walk there..i should plan better.. stupid commute


*causing trouble*

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