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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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uch [06 Sep 2001|08:29am]
[ mood | tired ]

i woke up all early..

my eye REALLY hurts..if feels like there is a bump there.. but i cant see one..so i'm like weird..my eye hurts!

my classes (For angela):
monday-math-3:30-4:45pm--humanities r 302
tuesday-english-12:30-2:45-humanities r 111
wenesday-study habits-2pm-3:15-humanities r 1-6
wednesday-math-3:30-4:45pm r 302
thursday-english-12:30-2:45 r 111

the end..

i've had weezer's "island in the sun" in my head all day (by day i mean morning)

no classes tomarrow!....yay!!... tomarrow is daria's party.. hopefully i can get a ride..
anyone want to give me a ride?......(shut up..perverts)..hehe

umm.....i guess thats it..i'm gonna leave earlier so i can get there before 2 min before class.. having time to breathe is good..

michael jackson 10 years ago..ROCKS!!!

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[06 Sep 2001|08:32am]
i'm madly in love with my silk bathrobe
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[06 Sep 2001|10:31pm]
ok i so plan on raping andrew tomarrow.. he's got such a hot bod.. and i SO dont care that he's a druggie asshole now.. really..i'm that pathetic!

today was cool..i hate english..only cause i suck at it

i've been hangin out with Twiggs and AC and Mike(soph) all day..twiggs got me RAINBOW SUSPENDERS!!!!! I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!! they are the coolest.. then when i got home.. i got a Letter from
Kimi!!!!!..i'll post it later

this has been the best day like ever aside from school and stuff

i saw Stacey there (anime)..she's cool

dude so yeah and fedeli and andrew came over..and we chilled.. i'm definatly gonna rape andrew...he's So my bitch.. no one elses

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