September 7th, 2001


Kimi's Letter

Dear Viva,

Hey, how you doin? Well, this army life is definatly not my style. We have to wake up 4:30, do physical training till breakfast @ 6:30. Barrache maintanance for an hour, then more PT till lunch at 11:45: an hour break then more P.T till dinner. You get the idea. How's college life and stuff? I miss you guys so much. it's a lot of following rules and restrictions here, but it has its moments. The thing is i cannot have any sweets, soda, juice, or desserts. i can only drink water and white milk, but i should be able to gain some of my privelages later,
(other side)
Oh, there is a lot of sexual frustration around here. All the men here are bald and some of them look really good. Unfortunatly we are not allowed to talk, pass notes, touch or do anything. It sux and the same sex thing just wont work in the army. Women here are evil and will turn you in for something, anything, if it will get you in trouble. I miss home, coffee, chocolate, and you.


P.s Post this letter and my address on Livejournal


PVT Carter-Alfano, Kimberly, A
HHC 43rd AG Bn, FTU, 1st Plt
Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, 65473
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(no subject)

i saw mr frankel today..he rocks.. he's SO cool/// he's like my 3rd dad.....he bitched that i have to goto holiday services...i dunno......i love him...he's my baby (marc's) biological daddy..hehe not oreo.....

also this dude in my english class is a BAMA..he was wearin his Bama country club shirt.. brian winkler..hehe.
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i woke up....

at 9:30am...geezz........ it felt like i had slept for like 10 or 11 hours though....i dont know whats up with me... my throat hurts a little but other than that its all good..

today is my "obscene amount of work day"...i cannot procrastinate but will probably end up procrastinating anyway.. especially on my english.. i hate english..cause i suck at it.. but yeah.i have a bitchass lotta math work to do before monday.. hopefully i'll get a lot done today so i can go party tonight....i have an appt for something at like 7 i i'm probably gonna be late to Daria's.. which sucks..i hate being late and leaving early from places..

i'm thinking about going up to the school and hanging out with my friends during the pep rallys.. i hate them but i miss my yeah.. anyway..

i think thats it.. i read kimi's letter over and over like 10 times!........(chris, ... PRESSED much!).. maybe she does love me?!?.. but its alright..

i gotta get directions to daria's...i know she lives by Jordan.. and i have the address somewhere.. she lives right next to Jason Beach..even though he isnt there anymore.. but its all good..

i've been listening to Ithica College radio..cause my bud (who's hot) mike schaffer is the dj on it.. he's awesome

they play 80s music..i'm madly in love with this station!!!! a-ha--take on me..ROCK ON!!

anyway.. or if i'm not home then on my cell
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so yeah

i got a bank card.. new checking account.. good times.. i'm going to buy my book online...i found it but my mom's with a client so i need her credit card..

i'm about to head up to school..wm that is.. for no apparent reason.. just for amusement.. i'm goin in my rainbow suspenders.. and its gonna rock! unless i get bitched at..

so thats my story.. so call my cell ...lates

*procrastinates more on doing work*..but i have all weekend.. but knowing me..i'll wait till sunday..which is bad! *slap on the wrist*..anyway,...lates
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(no subject)

"from my top to my bottom,
from my bottom to my top,
from my middle to your middle..
come on wont you give me a little"--midnight in the garden of good and evil


erica and ryan came over after the peprally and named my ugly brown couch..RolaDex, the ugly brown couch.. hehe

which works for some strange reason...i still dont know how i'm gettin to Daria's tonight..

umm.. yeah.. heehee..i saw pat in the hat today..i'm madly in love with him..well no not really..i kinda want to hook up with him....he's SO hot! well no not really..but he's cool.. yeah.. and robbie's hair looks so good!!.. and just a dumbass.. and BOng is tight..she made me shoes.. if i wore shoes.. hehe.. Bong(nicole) so cool...and like NIcole(mike's nicole) i lost her shoes... but its all good

umm ... i didnt see ms ogaz and i wanted too.. maybe on friday's i'll go hang out with the clique during lunches.. i dunno..its all good

i saw my BABY!!!!!! marc frankel..he's my child..i love him to peices in more ways than 3... he's just SO adorable..he's my love child..i love him.. and i saw audrey (who's hot and kissed me..again) and Jaime Paige..who looked hot today.. she has cool jeans..

i didnt see my buff..but its alright.i love buff..she's hot!!!.... and like i didnt see chad (aka wesley...audrey's little brother).. i call him chad..he's cute.. and adorable...that littel fucker bites..hehe..crazy freshman

anyway..thats about it..i'm gonna do work now..maybe..yes.. i WILL do it.. grr..but i dont wanna.. but i gotta!!!!.. so yeah..i will..

the end

i'm madly in love with my suspenders...and i make out with girls..its true ya know!
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another letter from Kimo

Hi Viva,

Thanks for the update and I hope school is treating
you OK. Glad to hear you've heard from Ali and
McKenzie. So far you're the only one who has
acknowledged receipt of my E-mail. No biggy, people are busy.

I'm not sure when the next ride will be for me as I'm
unemployed and still need to find a job once we get to Chicago. Hopefully I'll be able to do the heartland

Take care,

my response:

hey Kimo,

School is great..except for english...cause i suck at it..stupid essays!..heartland is cool..hopefully i'll see u there.. hehe.. i'm SO siked! i'm gonna get my digital camcorder today!!! i'm so excited!! YAY! here check it out!! .. it kicks SO much!!.. its all good.. i think i start massage school in like 2 weeks or so.. my friday class..hehe.. i'm not exactly sure.. but then i can crew massage as opposed to just hanging there all the time!..good times.. i had the best day yesterday.. my friend Eshed got me Rainbow Suspenders!! They are the coolest things in the WORLD!!! they rock..i've been wearing them all day!..then when i got home..i got a letter from Kimi..from boot camp in Mossouri.. yesterday rocked!.. thats pretty much all for now..i got mad parties to goto tonight.. so i gotta do my work (no one told me there was gonna be reading in college--hehe..jk)



i got my camera!! welll i ordered it..and it rocks!!!!!! SWEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!..... good times..

i wish the lady would get here and do whatever it is she's doing to my i can goto Daria's!! i'm so impatient!!.. apparently its not a crash party... so i cant crash.. but i think AC and some random chick are gonna crash at my house.. depending on if i can get home!.. but yeah.. ROCK!!!!!

i got my camera...i got my camera *does happy dance*.. yay

anyway.. its all good

i'm happy and thats good

*does random happy dance*

i love this song by weezer--island in the SO rocks my world!
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i;m SO mad

like the lady was supposed to be here at like 7 and she's STILL not here..and i'm supposed to be at Daria's!!! and i'm gonna be all late and i HATE being late..and i probably have to walk and it SUCKS! i'm unbelievably pissed off

so i was watching spyder games.. apparently natalya is sahsa's mother..and she didnt kill boris..weird..hehe

whatever i'm SO mad

damnit i wanna leave already
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