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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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youngins cover your eyes.i can hardly walk....OMG [10 Sep 2001|03:12am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

so daniel came over and hung out..he tried to pull stuff..i said no..it worked..whatever one...hehe.. ok so Jason calls.. and he's like yeah i'll come over.. so Jason comes over..we are all lying under a blanket..doing..stuff.. and like daniel suspects but doesnt really know..so he tries to like do stuff and i give him a really evil look.. and i felt bad..well no not really..but i did for like 5 min.. cause daniel tends to get insanely jealous.. but whatever.. so me and jason were just like..yeah.. i broke the rule of no hooking up in the first hour..hehe..... granted it was more than an hour..but it felt like less..so like at 1:30am daniel leaves.. i secretly wanted him to go before.. me and jason both did...but you cant really ask him to leave..cause thats mean.. but it all worked out... so he left..me and Jason has a wild mad passionate time....i absolutely love his voice..its So incredably sexy...plus he's like really hot.. oh damn is he hot!.. so yeah... daniel left, me and jason started.. like 2 hours later..jason left..hehe.. i could hardly wallk.....OMG...that was amazing..tomarrw should be a good day... tuesday is gonna suck..but tomarrow is gonna be a good day..hehe......he has a 9:30am class i hope i didnt keep him too long...heheh *evil laugh*.....i told you i was evil..but did u listen oh no...i'm not sure if i can classify that as an attemped to corrupt u....hehe.......i'm tired....i'm gonna goto sleep now...hehe

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[10 Sep 2001|03:16am]
oh..chris--20 yrs old.
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:) [10 Sep 2001|09:57am]
[ mood | chipper ]

i'm in the best mood this morning!....hehe.. go figure...
i realized something..avi is gonna be mad at me.. he's not jewish.. too bad!..hehe

anyway,... kim's mom sent out her address....if u all didnt get it ......the email goes as such:




i love kim's mom..she rocks.. nice lady

anyway..i have class at 3:30 today.....so i'll be out of the house by like 1... u can call my cell.. hopefully my book and camera will come today!


to quote melissa... "WEEJIE!!!!!!"

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so.....yeah [10 Sep 2001|07:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

this mornign was a good morning.aside from like waking up at like 9am..which was annoyin cause i went to sleep at like 4am.. hehe.. ... so it was like pouring rain as i walked to the bus stop....so aside from being completly soaked...i was.....completly soaked..

i got to school and hug out..i realized i have to do a BITCHASS lotta math hw per week.. i'm used to doing it by class periods.. so i didnt do anymore except for like all of last weeks..then i realized that i have to do like 8 more pages by wednesday....uch.....i still havent done my english.i really need to.....i'm going to do it in like 5-10 minuets.. if my grandma will just LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!....she insists on taking me to school tomarrow..which is retarded cause she doesnt know where it is.. so i was like if u insist on helping me..teke me to the metro or the bus stop..she's like NO..pisses me the fuck off...

i was having a pretty good day until like the last 10 minuets of class... word problems...the hot guy wasnt there today..which is sad.. but jana's bf andy was..he's alright..didnt say anything to eachother but we did the whole..whats up thing....

my grandpa needs help cause we gotta get a whole bunch of heavy shit out on the curb..and i cant do it..so he was like.....well call some of your boyfriends to come help you...i was thinking (i didnt say, cause i didnt need to deal with THAT) why the fuck do i have to do it.. you may be old but ur not fuckin broken.. its not my shit....so will someone come help me at some point tomarrow afternoon??? please...i realy cant do it alone..i'm not as strong as i used to be

. i hate that they put everything on me....tonight.. they "made" dinner..by made i mean brought home from giant.. a chicken...i dont really eat chicken and they were bitching at me to eat it..THEN they broguth out this salad with nasty brown lettice...eat it.. they say.....fuck no!....i'll make some mac and cheese later

jon snow pissed me off today.. he was like

"ben said you goto college, i said u goto MK"
me-MK is a college..montgomery college
him-"oh really i just thought it was a place for retarded people"

that pissed me off SO much....i bitched the crap out of him

my grandparents are bitching at me to do stuff......its not like i'm doing work or anything..or goto college....i just sit at home all day and do nothing (that was really sarcastic for all of you who couldnt tell)

dont forget about the 17th..jonah cant come to dinner..i'm SO sad..i miss him SO much!!...i really hope jeff is able to come..or at least chris.. cause Charlie cant.. the commutes a bitch and he doesnt want to drive for 5 hours..which is understandable but sad for me.. but whatever.....if anyone is interested at all in coming over for dinner that night.. just let me know..maybe rob will come over.. he's cool..hehe..

i'm madly in love with Jordan Knight from New Kids......new kids on the block rocks my world to no extent!.. but anyway

the bus drivers know me now..they were like yo whats up..i was like hey how u doin.. this mornin at Shady grove.. Gini was there.. like waitin for the metro..and so we were like yo whats up over the barbed wire fence.. that was funny... i was showin off my suspenders today...that fuckin rocked..

on the way home i saw Billy Bob (justin sumner)..apparently he works at the mcdonalds by the mall....what happend to college?? he was there..hehe.. he's in denial he has no friends.. "DONT THROW THAT SPONGE AT ME!!!!"-tech crew

thats about it......call me...come over....something...

.i hate it here

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[10 Sep 2001|07:44pm]
i hate that chris is sleeping....especially when i wanna talk to him
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[10 Sep 2001|07:55pm]

i dont know why that is just so funny
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[10 Sep 2001|08:11pm]
i wish i was a great writer..but i suck at writing and i hate it because i suck at it..so thats not going to happen....i could blame myself.. but i dont...i blame my father..i got my attention deficiency from him.. he should write these fuckin essays..and then re-write them over and over again

if only plagerism was legal and available to me..


i have a headache
stupid thinking
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i hate english.. [10 Sep 2001|08:32pm]
i'm writing my teacher a letter..trying to explain myself.. which i always suck at.. but maybe it will help... i still have to type out my essay..which i did wrong because i'm retarded..i really dont wanna goto class tomarrow

this is what i have so far:

Dear Mr. Collins,

I'm more than likely going to have a lot of trouble with this class. I'm horrible at writing. I can read fine, I can copy things fine, I can't write to save my life. When and if I do write things, I can only write about things that interest me. If something doesn't interest me, I don't know about it and if I don't know about it, I can't write about it. I'm typing this to try and explain myself to you and to ask your patience with me, because I will need a lot of patience. My attention deficiency causes me to take an extended amount of time to do certain things, an even longer time to do things I tend to suck at. With the essay that I wrote about the play, it was for the most part on topic, I wrote what I liked about it, just in detail because I didn't really have anything else to say and my essay would have been like ten sentences. It takes me a while to understand things,

on another story i'm talking to Jeremy, who's up at massinutten military acadamy...aparently his roomate tried to commit suicide..which is sad

DivaVivaLF (8:22:02 PM): whats up with you?

Jashirvan1 (8:22:28 PM): my roommate tried to commit suicide yesturday

DivaVivaLF (8:22:42 PM): aww....that kinda sucks....what happend?

Jashirvan1 (8:23:05 PM): he was being an asshole while i was tring to sleep : and i politly asked him to stop... so he hit me with a chair

DivaVivaLF (8:23:47 PM): are u ok???

Jashirvan1 (8:24:06 PM): hence i got up and pinned him to the ground and said "CHILL!!"....: yea im fine

DivaVivaLF (8:24:16 PM): good.

Jashirvan1 (8:24:39 PM): when i got off of him he put his coat on and i asked him where he's going

Jashirvan1 (8:24:45 PM): he said "HOME".... then i said fine call me when u get there and got back in bed

Jashirvan1 (8:26:18 PM): he then took a belt put it around his neck, tied it around a staircase railing and almoost jumped off but i stopped him

DivaVivaLF (8:26:44 PM): is he ok?

Jashirvan1 (8:27:11 PM): he is going to a mental institution as we speak, his parents are here......: he should come back on friday, just like last time
DivaVivaLF (8:27:38 PM): thats good....well no.. but better than dying i guess

anyway.. yeah
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