September 13th, 2001


hello world

I'M not all blech anymore, still a little though ...which is good, i'm VERY tired.. and my eye hurts a LOT!.it was twitching nd now just like really really hurts..i cant really tell if there is a bump there or not.. but i dunno.. today i spent like 2 hours talking to Tihanna before class....i met one of her friends, E.T (thats his name), he's hot..he's cool..i like him.. nice guy.. then i went to class..i didnt turn in the thing, cause i didnt do it.. but i will..and our new assignment is another essay on why we went to college..i can do that...i know i can.. i will.. then i left.. i smoked a ciggarette today... i SERIOUSLY needed dont bitch at me about it.. after class i went to the synagogue to see Judy and Debbie and the Cantor.. the cantor has a new baby and its cute.. naturally he gave me shit..but thats him.. the new teachers are like all hot young guys.. so its like whoa.. judy is cool.. the new janitor sucks ass..i miss felix..he rocked.. i'm hungry.. anyway.. then i went home.. and yeah... i'm home..i dont have class tomarrow.. but i might have to goto silver spring.. uch.. grr.. there is a good chance i wont be able to make it to Corner Kick on saturday..which sucks cause i really wanna go..

me and chris are goin up to college park on saturday ..and i'm goin to visit people and if anyone has a problem..kiss my ass....i talked to mark brill online.. i might go say hi to him on saturday if he's not too busy

on sept 29th at Kehilat Shalom..there is a MAD ASS USY kick off dance.. from 8:30pm-11:30pm..its supposably gonna rock..everyone should go..i know i'm not in USY anymore but i dont care.. i'm goin..its liek dowwn the street from my house so if it sucks we can party at my house..i think it costs like 7$ or 10 or somewhere in the middle..

the first song for the day is "on your own" from RENT..

"i'm livin in america at the end of the millenium......etc"

the second song for the day is "life of my own" by 3 doors down

"Kiss me while Im still alive
Kill me while I kiss the sky
Let me die on my own terms,
Let me live and let me learn
Now Ill follow my own way, and
Ill Live on to another damn day
Freedom carries sacrifice,
Remember when this was my life"

the third song of the day is "how you remind me" by nickleback

" never made it as a wise man, couldnt cut it as a poor man stealin, tired of livin like a black man, i'm sick of singin without a sense of feelin and this is how you remind me,this is how you remind me of what i really am......"
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(no subject)

Od yavoh Shalom Aleynu,
Od yavoh Shalom Aleynu,
Od yavoh Shalom Aleynu, v'al kulam.
Salaam, aleynu v'al kol haolam. Salaam..Salaam.

Soon Peace will come to us, and to everyone.
Pease, on us and on all the world. Peace....Peace

i love this song, "brick" by ben folds five.. they rock.. now there is only one so its ben folds..
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i may have a job this guy Ims me and is like..i have an animation company and i need workers... so i ask him all kinds of questions and supposably he needs like models or something or office orkers and it pays 500$ an hour.. i'm honestly considering it.. but i wanna make sure he's not full of shit..

cause i have a tiny feeling he might be

but he said he has 8 other workers and he's trying to build a staff.. and he's 25.. the company's in Glen Burnie.. ...

any opinions?
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this is what i sent him...full of shit is he? yes he its ok for me to be a bitch

any thoughts?....or is this one of those jobs where i have to fuck you? or are u just full of shit alltogether?

Mmikecoop4 [8:23 PM]: didn't expect a rude ass e-mail
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:23 PM]: from my standpoint it seems like youd be full of shit thats all
Mmikecoop4 [8:23 PM]: well okay then
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:23 PM]: i was just askin
Mmikecoop4 [8:23 PM]: well if you learn to ask more politely
Mmikecoop4 [8:23 PM]: you will go farther
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:24 PM]: being polite never got me much of anywhere.. getting to the point did.. i really dislike bullshit and thats the way i put it
Mmikecoop4 [8:24 PM]: well it would have gotten you a modeling job
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:25 PM]: for the better..there are hotter people then me anyway.. i'm sure you'll find good people
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:25 PM]: nice meetin you
Mmikecoop4 [8:25 PM]: not about hotter people you are perfect for the spider queen
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:27 PM]: so what then....i can be nice.. i can be sweet.. but i need to know whether ur full of shit... so if u still want me as a model or whatever.. then let me know.. but this is how i am.. if u dont accept me.. i'll deal with it
Mmikecoop4 [8:27 PM]: Well I pay 1000 an hour for topless
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:27 PM]: i can do that...the question is do u still want me as your employee?
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:28 PM]: do u pay cash or checks? and if u pay checks ..can u cash them?
Mmikecoop4 [8:28 PM]: I would have to interview you
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:28 PM]: thats fine
Mmikecoop4 [8:28 PM]: you know what
Mmikecoop4 [8:28 PM]: never mind
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:28 PM]: alright bye
Mmikecoop4 [8:28 PM]: see you
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:28 PM]: if u change ur mind..i'm here
Mmikecoop4 [8:28 PM]: I won't don't worry
DivaVivaLeFreek [8:28 PM]: ok..bye
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tomarrow i have to goto silver spring and help my grandparents which is ok cause i'm not goin saturday...

so call my cell..

tonight.. i'm bored..anyone wanna come over???

anyone at all
call me at home..
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