September 14th, 2001



ok..yeah i woke up and i could hardly open my eye..... its better now....and doesnt hurt like as much.. my left eye is on constant cry-mode..just the left one.. it wont stop tearing up.. my eye has gone retarded

i was so bored last night i watched the brady bunch movie.. that has got to be the stupidest movie ever.. but thats my opinion..

so today i'm going to Silver SPring.. people should call my cellphone so i wont have to deal with my grandparents ALL DAY..

someone called my cell at like 2am and i dont know who it was.. weird..


the go-gos rock!!

tonight i'm not having a party but people can come over..i just dont know what time i'll be home..

OH.. i found my keys!!!!! YAY!!!

anyway....thats to you later
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work work work

so today i went to my grandparents house and help them set up for their yard sale at 412 branch drive on saturday and sunday..*hint hint* go to stuff..i'll most likely be there on sunday

saturday i'm goin to college park..

my grand ma had the audacity to bitch at me about chris or any other of my friends not going to help at their yard sale.. why should my friends help HER? it pissed me off so much i bitched at her..whatever i helped today and probably going to on sunday..she shoudnt bitch..

chris is comin over tonight..i cant get ahold of ryan to see if she'll come..i'm gonna call scotty in a little bit.. apparently ericas at work.. so i dunno......i wanna do somethin...

hey Ryan, if u need to vent..i'm all ya babe

my grandma took my blanket..well the grey one.. to HER house for my brother to use..which is fucked up..its my moms favorite thing from HER best friend.. and my brother has all kinds of FUNK to him and smells like shit..i dont want him all up in my blanket.. thats nasty yeah people come over tonight....seriously.....i'm all about goin to denny's if ur all up to it.. or just hangin out..i have movies... different ones..hehe

my eye still hurts.....i want hugs

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apparently in iran.. the iranians blame israelis for the bombings.......they can kiss my offence to Kourosh cause he rocks...but all the others.. you all suck

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jordan, greg, ryan, chris and scotty came over.. jordan and greg and scotty now its just me, chris and ryan... i want other people to come over.. like cool people or people who will give me ass...hehe.....

anyway......i cant believe all that crazy porn jordan made us watch.....its crazy..and greg was all tryin to get some and i was all like no... hehe... cause u know..gregs not all that great.....anyway

people come over.....lots of people.....people who give ass
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