September 16th, 2001



last night i went to sleep at like 11...i was SO tired!!!.. daniel randomly called at like 11:;45..which was cool..cause i missed him.. umm.. my grandparents were supposed to wake me up and take me with them cause i told them i would help them today with their yard sale but i guess they forgot about me..oh well.....i have to do an extreme amount of hw that i didnt do last week and all mommy called...they will be home in like 5 or 6 hours
my eye doesnt hurt anymore but the bump on it is really annoying...its like an afterthefact bothers the crap outta me.... today i'm doing homework.unless someone calls and wants to do something or come over or next door neighbors put their house up for sale.... people should buy of my friends come live next door to me

"i'm rockin the suburbs just like michael jackson did, i'm rockin the suburbs except he was talented"--ben folds


umm... i have class tomarrow at like 3:30...smacks of effort... i really gotta do math.... so i'm gonna go try and like concentrate which i probably wont be able to do...hmm...i'm hungry

i feel like i need a hug..
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i had a dream... ok i was at my grandparents and for some reason everything was in its place..the couches.. tv..everything.. and i was watching showgirls.. go figure.. then Jason (as in the dude i got ass from like last week or the week before) pulled up in an explorer.. with like 2 guys and this superhot chick with neon multicolored they pulled up and was like "yo can we wanna hang".. and i was like yeah sure.. so they all came in one of the other guys was like "nice digs"..and Jason sat in the chair.. the chick sat on the couch and started shaving her head with an electric razor.. so she kind of looked like shannon.. i was like "''can u not get hair ll over the couch": she was like "its goin in my backpack , dont worry about it"....and i was like....ok cool.. then like i was just like sitttin on Jasons lap..and it was cool.then everyone left and i was alone again.. and then i looked at the tv and ti was Soccer.. hehe... then i was like SWEET soccer.. the end
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i'm thinkin i might goto the mall and do my work there..... cause no tv.. no computer distractions.. and its all good....and maybe, JUST maybe i'll see some people and get some hugs..

so yeah i might do that..

call my cell 301-254-5308
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wowies viva got as in reading?!?!

so i went to the mall..i talked to rene for a little.. then i went to walden books and i got the Complete works of Oscar Wilde.. it was on sale for 7.99.. G-d i love that man! he's the coolest dead dude in the world!.. and i got Anne Heche's new book "call me crazy" i heard its really good and it seems interesting about her going insane.. and i bought a SPIN magazine..cause i love that magazine.. its all about music.. i also actually bought stuff from record town..i got a WHAM tape..cause WHAM rocks..and the wizard of oz soundtrack..cause i didnt have it...and i also got a billy idol tape cause it was 3.99.. and the cruel intentions soundtrack on CD cause it was 9.99

then i went into the halloween store to see how much that Purple Crush-velvet tophat was...its like 14.99.. or something.. i want it...i might get it....its SO cool...

i got home and there was a message from John David.. they will be here in like an hour and a half or so!..i love them.. i need to know who's coming to dinner tomarrow night.. Jeff???!?!?!....i'm pretty sure chris is.. jeff hasnt given me an anser.. Brad rosen isnt, Jonah has other plans.i'm sad.. if anyone else wants to come then its all good...

ok next friday (being the 21st) Jaime Paige is having a bday party at Audrey's house.. so i'm probably gonna end up going to that.. saturday my grandparents are having their going away party

on the way home i took the 55 to germantown chris wasnt home..i called i didnt stop by...i walked pass Daly elem. all i could think about was Ranji.. i sat in front of her little plaque thing for like half an hour to 45min.. just thinking of everything she would be doing.. how great she would be doing in school how she wouldnt be freakin out and how she would be trying to help people in need.. cause u know she would.. she would being doing everything she could to help in any situation.. i remember she told me once that she was gonna get her lisence just so she could take her brother , DJ, places..i think of what she would be doing now.. getting straight As, wearing her highwater pants with those pink socks and those horrible mismatching shirts.. hehe.. how she would be keeping scotty safe from corruption..hehe.. how she would always tell me what i was doing wrong and how i could fix whatever i did.. i think about all this almost every there something wrong with me? i feel like after she died, she turned into my concience..letting me know whether whatever i do is a good idea or not.. i think she's always been kind of my concience.. but i never realized it until now.. i cant believe its been 5 years.. i still cant believe she was only 12 years old.. i cant believe that she lied to me... she promised me she would come back from India.. she promised...its alright..well no its not.. but i'll get over it...i always end up wonder how my life would be changed if she were still she would react with my new i would be with my old friends.. how things would be different...if we all wouldnt be as close as we are now.. almost everyday i think of these things.. almost every day i think.. "what would Ranji be doing today if she was here?"..would we be hanging out.. would she have a job.. would she have new friends.. would she have forgotten about us and found a new crew... then the big question that comes to my mind if she were alive.. what happens now?

so yeah...thats what i did all morning/afternoon

anyway....i have nothing really else to do today....execept clean and stuff and do essays.. so if anyone wants to docme over and hang.its all me at home
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KIMI just called!!!!

she's doing fine!...everything is all good...she wants people to write her...she misses you all and loves you all!.. i love her so much

John David and David just arrived.....he's eating my cocopuffs! me and/or come over

John David..OY VEH!

so me and John david were in the backseat and david and my mom were in front.. john david says to me.. "you should masturbate more..your so tense" my mother gets a priceless look on her face...i swear....he says the most obscene things in front of my mother..things that will give her a heart attack! funny.....hehe good times....

so chris is definatly coming tomarrow....jeff is a maybe.. but that would be AWESOME!...hopefully he will come and then i can have the only two people in the world who call me chloe at the same table!...hehe

anyway..... thats all for now.....class tomarrow is at 3:30.. i might goto services tomarrow...and tuesday....cause mr frankel told me too.....definatly tuesday cause jeremy will be there.....

at least i dont have to deal with my grandparents alone anymore....they bitched at me today!....UCH.....i'm so mad at them....they piss me off....but its ok now..... my mom gets to deal with it now... MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!

so me tonight.... know u need ass when u have a 43 yr old gay man telling you , you need ass! sad is that...

kimi called today...and said i'm not allowed to go out with JT..that she'll come down from mousourri and kick my ass.....if it will get her to come home..ya know...hehe.....i'm so glad she called...that was like the high point of my day.i LOVE hearing her voice....she's so amazing
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its early....i know......but i'm goin to sleep anyway.....maybe i'll start a trent for myself of goin to sleep early.....weird