September 17th, 2001


my father sent me a letter

Hello Sahars Martins and Orenbers,

Thanks a lot for your quick respond to my email, everybody was asking me where and how you are. Such a terrible thing to be exploded or shot just going about your business, that's what going on in Israel right now.
We're all o.k living our life as peaceful as possible, Tair turned 4 and moved up to kinder garden, Dor is 11 and Tomer is 9. I just turned 43 and my father will be 70 in January, so life goes on.
I recently got my diploma (b.a.) in electric engineering, so that was exiting, after studying in such later age. Tzippi has finished her first year in criminology and she got two more years to go.

I wish us all a much better year, good health and good luck to everyone.

Best regards Chen & family

i honestly didnt know my dad was 43..or my brother was 11.i swear he was sisters are 9 and're growin up so fast....

anyway.......i got class at 3:30 today

an email from Brian (my daddy--oh yeah)

Hey guys, I wanted to just send out an e-mail to all of those who may have heard what the Reverend Jerry Faulwell and Pat Robertson had said on the show, The 700 Club. In case you didn't hear them, I will summarize what they said: the actions of Americans including homosexuality, feminism, etc angered God and made him take protection off of the US, allowing terrorism into the country.

I am proud to be a Christian in America, but I am also proud to be Gay as well. It pains my heart so much to hear such hateful things from those who claim to be Christians on television. Like the extremists who claim Islam that pulled terrorist attacks on the US this past week, Jerry Faulwell and Pat Robertson are extremists that claim Christianity. Do not allow thier hateful and misguiding messages to even go through your minds. Whether you are a Christian, a Jew, a Moslem, or of any other personal faith- my message to you is that the God who I believe and trust in loves you with an everlasting love and would never condemn you because of your sexual orientation. He put that in you when you were born and unfortunately, our generation and many before us have believed a lie and have therefor condemned our people. I don't want to get any e-mails from people telling me "But the Bible says..." because whatever message that may be taken from the Bible against loving and dedicated homosexual relationships has been mistranslated or misunderstood as a result of homophobia. I wish that I could appoligize on behalf of the whole Christian body, but that can only come from all of them. So it is my challenge to you that though it's hard not to see Christians sometimes as judgemental, etc- just remember that bigotry and hatred is many times just what people have been taught and they just haven't been taught the true loving message that should replace it. I vision so much for the future, and acceptance of the Gay community is one of my main focuses. Thanks for reading this- I hope I haven't invaded your personal faith, but I felt that this was a message that I had to dispense for the good of peace. You guys are awesome! Take care, I love ya'll :)


PS- Feel free to pass this on to those who have been hurt or confused.


my camera came......and it is OH SO SWEET!!! i'm madly in love..with my camera...oh man...i'm in like complete AWE of it.... OH GEEZ!!! its amazing.....its like the 2nd best thing in the world! (kimi being the first).. oh man

oh everyone is on their way.....


tonight is gonna be mad interesting

today i talked to tiha for a while.....then left...then i saw stacey and talked to her for a while....

i cant stop thinking about my camera....oh man...

*happy dance*

i look slammin in this dress
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