September 18th, 2001


it just feels like one completely LONG DAY.. being yesterday and today

last night.. was... umm.....interesting.. hehe...... dinner was good.. chris didnt eat his food.. he ate before he came.. he did that at passover too..that pisses me off..if he's comign for dinner and him KNOWING that there are jewish mothers present.. he expects there not to be any food.. what?? whatever..its probably just his mom.. i dunno..... jeff was great.. John David and David behaved.. i got my camera.. i dont have any tapes for it though.. Lori (my step sister) said that she and Rui were gonna get them for me as a present.. after people left... jeff and i were on pork and goat in the other stepbrother was on roladex untill about 7am.. then he went right upstairs to my computer room and slept on the floor.. in FRONT of the door.. so i couldnt get my phone or books.. grr..... last night me and jeff were talking and i fell asleep on him.. and it was cute.. and apparently (from what he told me)... he was on the phone talking to this dude named Jack and he was talking and i was like replying to whatever he was saying ..but i was asleep so it was funny....apparently jeff thought it was really cute..

today i blew off class.. which wasnt the smartest thing to do...but its rosh hashana.. i was tired.. etc etc etc.. so i went to Jeff's house..and we basically hung out all day.. we played like some james bond game and i got to kill guys..which was fun.. but it made me dizzy.the whole 3d room thing.. mad nausia.. anyway..then jeff played some like insane cab game..where he had to race to get the people to where they needed to go...we watched Veronica's closet on was SO funny.. read jeff's page .. there's a link on my website.. we fell asleep together on his random wannabe was really sweet... then we were awoken by my phone ringing.. it was rob..looking for AC.. anyway..becca szymkowicz has some issue where she had to call jeff like every 20 ALL DAY!!!...becca is great...she's got a beautiful voice.....shea's a really nice person and her sister is goin out with one of my best friends....i'm just sayin it was a little strange.. apparently she's obbsessed or something.. then we ate chinese was good and we watched "to wong foo thanx for everything Julie Newmar"...i bought i have it now.. then i went home....and againw ith the grandparents..and the parents........ my mom isnt going to boston the first week in october.. i missed services..i feel REALLY horrible about it...i really wanted to see jeremy and marc.. .....and i just feel so horrible........i'm talking to jeremy on the phone...there are services tomarrwo at like 9am..i might go.. seriously.. i want to see jeremy.....

anyway.....yeah......i dunno......whats up with me....i feel like weird......if anyone wants to come give me a hug..i'm all for it..

tomarrow i have class from 2pm-4:45......cause i have 2 classes.. and toamrrow morning i'll more than likely goto services at like 9am..
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i made chocolate cheesecake marble brownies......they are orgasmically good!
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The holidays are coming,
The joy they bring,
whenever there's a thirst
there's always the real thing.
Coca Coca Classic is always the one,
Whenever there's a party coca cola is fun!
- Coca Cola Propaganda

What says Shana Tova quite like a Coca Cola add? I think nothing.

(no subject) i need more people mad at me...... whatever

whatever.....i'm not dealing with anymore bullshit me if u want me