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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Sep 2001|08:50am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

what the fuck is up with everyone.... someone who isnt emotionally unstable or changing their emotions every two fuckin seconds and isnt mad at me for no fuckin reason..call me ......


i'm going to class i need coffee

if u all dont like my quotes..kiss my sweet sweet ass

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what the fuck kind of day [19 Sep 2001|08:38pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

first off i'm tired.. i'm so sick of classes..i actually love my study class (the one i get credit for).. the teacher is SO great.. my math class is alright.its just kinda hard keeping up with the lessons and work at the same time..i finished like 4 lessons today.. yay me.. i spent most of the day talking to Tihana and Stacey.. i smoked 5 cigarrettes...i know i know....dont give me shit.. it was either that or kill someone.. and you know goin to jail would be bad..i'm about to go nuts.. with the parents and the work and the everything.. i cant write essays.i suck at it..and i have one due tomarrow..two if u count the one i didnt turn in last week....adn with rosh hashana and everything.....why cant they just cancel classes for holidays...they cancel it for christian holidays.....whatever....i dont care.....i went to the mall today..and who should be there.....NATE!!!! i'm madly in love with Nate..well no..but i would like to rape him....oh man is he just so awesome.....yes....yes he is.. he's in town until friday... i might go hang with him tomarrow night with AC and twiggs.. or maybe friday..... or both......Jaime Paige's party got cancelled.. my back is SO tense...seriously....i need a massage...by like anyone....even james and he's HORRIBLE at it..... i'm goin insane...so yeah nate! mall....yay...i talked to rob for a bit.... OH this morning i went to KS and i got yelled at by the rent-a-cop cause i didnt have a ticket.....then i got yelled at by the cantor cause i couldnt go into the service..cause of what i was waring .. and then i got yelled at byt he rabbi..cause i didnt goto services like at all.. (i couldnt today cause i had to get to class)...i'm glad i didnt see mr frankel...he would have been so mad at me....and i hate the fact he thinks i'm a druggie....cause i'm not.... I'M NOT!!!!!.....and then i saw jeremy..i missed him so much...he's great...when he's not being an asshole...hehe....my other child.. hehe....anyway.. then i went to class..... OMG it sucks to be a woman....oh and the new president should be a black lesbian pagan woman...hehe.. just cause she would probably do everything right....i'm going to have to agree with tiha on that one.. i'm hoping to drink myself retarded soon cause i still havent done it yet... anyway.....i'm tired...adn i'd rather skip class again tomarrow....but i cant.....cause i already skipped yesterday and that would be bad

anyway......i feel like vomiting......bye

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[19 Sep 2001|08:44pm]
"The woman I'll marry will be my best friend, counselor, lover, playmate, a dynamic mother and my partner for life."--jackRyn
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[19 Sep 2001|08:51pm]
my mommy got me tapes for my digital camcorder.....SWEET

it WORKS!!!!!!!!.......its ALIVE!!!!!! i love it......i'm going to cause SO much trouble!!!
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updates [19 Sep 2001|09:10pm]
minor updates to the website


and to

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[19 Sep 2001|10:25pm]
njg00 (10:24:10 PM): "So there's this holiday where everyone is supposed to get a kiss at midnight - except it happens in the one month of the year that we're living with our parents. Thanks God. That was a good one. "
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