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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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ID....EA [21 Sep 2001|09:50am]
[ mood | lonely ]

i got my ID for school yesterda...i put it in my pocket....but by the end of the day i lost it....which sucks cause it wasnt a bad picture.. so i'm sad...

i didnt goto sleep until like 5:30....then i slept until like 9:;20..which sucks....but i'm not tired....i wish to G-d i was 18 already.. a WHOLE lotta people are going down to this club tonight and i SO wanna go.. but whatever

no one ever wants to hang out anymore....hmm.....i dunno.....if anyone wants to come over and hang out its all good.... whatever....

so..... i might go up to the school to say whattup to people..i really wanna see ms ogaz.. i miss her...she rocks.. anyway

i guess thats it.....i'm home....more than likely not doing anything...call..whatever

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today [21 Sep 2001|05:02pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

i woke up at 9am....i played nintendo until about 1:30..i took a shower and went to school..being watkins mill....i wanted to see ms ogaz..which i did....and i saw mr sampselle.. who rocks....then i got bitten..by nicole, robbie, chad, audrey, i think bong, and mike.. which rocks.. mike got a tongue ring so i asked nicole if i could make out with him and i did...and it was cool.....i seriously want a tongue ring.. SERIOUSLY!!!!......i'm like determind to get one.. anyway....so i was hugged to death.....which i SO needed....and it was great..... Diane gave me and chris a ride to my house and then erica came over

and we decided to have a picnic tonight on my front lawn.. me, erica,chris,rob, scotty and probably ryan and maybe jordan and greg are goin to have like a picnic on my front lawn tonight and then hang out and watch movies and stuff...anyone can come.. we're probably going to order in subs and stuff.. and it will be cool..so around 7pm-ish.. 6:30-7pm....anyone who wants to come can.. its all good..call me at home if u know the number or my cell 301-254-5308

apperntly there was a bomb threat at the courthouse today in rockville.. so traffic is MAD bad! .. my mom is stuck in silver spring with my grandparents.. oh no.. boo hoo (sarcastic for anyone who didnt notice)..

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