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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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whahoo! [29 Sep 2001|08:53am]
[ mood | kinda tired ]

KICK OFF TONIGHT!!!!!! everyone go!..... 8-11:30..kehilat shalom..10$

anyway......i talked to Abbi Rubin this morning.....she's SO CUTE!!! i absolutely adore her in every way...hopefully she'll come to kick off..

tommy called at like 6:15 this mornin...cause he was bored...i was sleepin..... he's cool now.. he's great.. so sweet..

i'm SO debating on going to services.... i want to....but that involves changing..and walking a mile and a half ...and like sitting and standing..it kinda smacks of effort.....i wish i knew if ben and jon were going....then i would definatly go..but whatever...

i've been randomly sneezing and couching a lot....but like not in the "i'm sick" way.. like the random ones.. if u all even understand what i'm talking about...

what was Chris doin last night?? oh baby oh baby

i gotta see AC at some point to pick up my other present....

i had a dream that my mom went through my stuff and found like an ounce or something and like a bong.. (i dont have a bong or an ounce).. so it was weird... then she like was bitching.. or something

her friend Hilary from England.. stayed over last night...she's like a 57 yr old lesbian..she's the nicest woman ever... and i adore the accent..

call me...i'm home...

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laid back [29 Sep 2001|03:52pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

everything is cool with me and diane now....she sent me an email.....its all good..

i've such a lazy bitch....all i've done today is watch tv...like 5 hours straight.....oh man...i've never felt SO useless.... i'm still in my PJs.. how pathetic am i? (dont answer that)

so yeah....waiting for kickoff tonight.....its all good.....

i feel expanded....i dont think i've gained any weight or anything....but ya know sometimes you just get the feeing u look worse than u actually are...i feel that way....so i'm rethinking wearing the dress..... but its all good..

in other news.. people can be so stupid..

my stepdad got popsicles.. but not the cream filled kind..and those are good

anyway... i kinda want to have a relationship...but not really.. cause they smack of effort...i like the feeling of being in a relationship.. as opposed to just random hookups.. being in a relationship makes you feel loved.. like ur important and no one else..and i like that feeling.. i'm fine without one though.. but it was just a random thought

i would go to Fort Reno tonight..its just far away.. and i already promised some people i would goto the kick off thing..

i made some minor updates to my page

i wish i had the energy to run.. i just dont...but i wish i did...just run.. for a long time..and not stop.. but i cant do it.. stupid breathing problems.. it has to do when my mom broke my shoulder when i was a baby...but its all good

i'm gonna call AC and see what she's up to

she's not answering....whatever

my brother is supposably doing a whole bunch of drugs this weekend cause his hot friend dan is gonna be in three porn movies and got his gf pregnant... so my bro, hotguy dan, and like 3 other of his retard friends are going to get completly plasterd all weekend.....X,K,pot,acid..whatever they can get...losers

anyway... i'm bored....anyone wanna come hang out for a while

i miss kimi so much...oh man..de-nial

i wonder if stacey is gonna come to kick off...she was askin about it... (stacey--njg not MC stacey)


i havent done that in a while.

i miss mirabai..i wanna see her...and sleep over at her house....she should have a party....yeah

i guess thats it for now...... call me people....buh bye

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JEWBOY!!!!!! [29 Sep 2001|04:46pm]
[ mood | eeeeeeeepppppp ]

jewboy called me from nevada....(he goes to University of las vegas or somethin like that) .he's so cool....apparently we're supposed to have wild mad passionate sex.. but i doubt its gonna happen.....hehe.....he's in a frat now.......Sigma Alpha Mu............ punk.. i love that kid.. he's nuts.... he rocks.. despite what everyone says

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later [29 Sep 2001|05:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i might go up to the synagogue and help them set up....i really dont have anything better to do

i kinda wish et would call and ask me if i wanted to do somethin....but whatever....i'll see him monday

i think i'm gonna go take a shower.. and make sure the dress still looks ok..

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my poem [29 Sep 2001|05:28pm]
DivaVivaLF (5:26:18 PM): what?
DivaVivaLF (5:26:19 PM): oh
DivaVivaLF (5:26:20 PM): no
DivaVivaLF (5:26:21 PM): ah
DivaVivaLF (5:26:24 PM): go
DivaVivaLF (5:26:25 PM): peach
DivaVivaLF (5:26:27 PM): plum
DivaVivaLF (5:26:30 PM): ur
DivaVivaLF (5:26:32 PM): thumb
DivaVivaLF (5:27:26 PM): in
DivaVivaLF (5:27:28 PM): pie
DivaVivaLF (5:27:29 PM): no
DivaVivaLF (5:27:30 PM): lie
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[29 Sep 2001|06:16pm]
ok.....call my cel 254-5308...i'm out
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