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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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just got home [30 Sep 2001|02:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

so yeah.the dance was kinda boring...i really didnt want to see anyone except my friends.. everyone else just kinda sucks.. excluding a few people.. marc,cheryl,ben,marissa,ashley,chana, miriam, isabelle (so hot), ari cohen (who's hair is weird), dirty dinker (who's no longer a dinker..and i did NOT hook up with him!), jocelyn, josh rabin, .geoff bender, rachel flammenbaum... and i met people....steven....random 13 yr old.... who's cool....looks 15 or 16 even....gabe.who is hot.hehe....16 goes to BCC......crazy bamas...this random chick who gave me her number....she's like 17 but looked 20 something except really short....and she was wearing WAY too much makeup.. she gave me her number....it was weird.... and Miriam... chana's sister..... kept hitting on me..THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!!!!!....i swear that is the only girl i would NEVER hook up with....she just frightens me... a lot!...... oh man is she scary.....she's like bitch meets..JDS Sped.. but anyway.....there was a hot guy who goes to JDS named Jaime...he's hot.. umm.....chana and i are apparently getting married at some point....janna schuster gave me the most EVIL look ever!! she hates me and i dont know why....daniel was nice to me though.... Rachel geiger just rocks...danny weiss rocks.....matt green showed up for no reason...hercshel was there..he rocks...i spent the first hour and a half talking to robin froehlich and the rent-a-cop.... the rentacop was cool.....he's a chef...hehe
zach schreiber wasnt there..len wasnt there.....and shara and becca werent there cause they were in fort reno...which is understandable....i should have gone there... i bet it was better than this crappy usy dance....i'm jealous of ricky cause he got to make out with someone....but its all good.

after the dance....me,marc,rachel,ben,cheryl and geoff and marc's parents went to IHOP.....i got mashed potatoes.....mmmmmm...good......anyway.... it was SO funny.....the dinner/whatever it was.....eating at ihop....just SO FUNNY!!!!!!......i just realized i talked about kimi a lot tonight....and et....weird...

i dont got anything to do tomarrow.....i dont neccisarliy want to goto the K house

i'm tired right neeeeeeeeee tired

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UMCP [30 Sep 2001|10:57am]

pictures of UMD ripped apart by the tornado

poor lot 2
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hmm [30 Sep 2001|11:06am]
[ mood | worried ]

i feel there is something wrong with me.... not outerphysical that everyone can see.. but like internally...not like feelings or emotions.. but like ionside my body..something just doesnt feel right..

NO I'M NOT PREGNANT....for all of you who think i'm am....dumbasses......

i'm going to try and sleep all day....i doubt it will work though

i called mirabai last night....she said something was wrong but wouldnt tell me what it is.. i might sleep over at her house after audrey's party


if anyone wants to come over and hang out today/tonight.. they can


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slackin [30 Sep 2001|03:05pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

i have yet again.. been slackin it all day long.....still in my PJs.. i dont feel all too well as i said earlier.. but its alright......there are supposably some good movies on the tube tonight.. and my 'rents are going out into the mountains or something today/tonight.. at some point...so i get to chill

the highlight of my day was ET calling.. someone called my cell while i was downstairs and and i didnt recognize the number so i called back and was like "yeah someone called me from this number" and he was like "snoogins, you dont know who it is?" and i was like " ET!!" and he was like "yeah".. so that was cool

oh man, i'm so bored..not nessicarily tired..... but somewhere around that

apperntly chris went to montgomery mall....i wanna talk to him....i miss him..

ari cohen's apperence just kinda bothered me last night....i was trying to analyze it this morning and i just couldnt.. he just has the potential to look SO much better.. oh man.. yeah.. anyway

" i wanna be just like you, except without the whole permiscuous thing"--cheryl gottlieb


cheryl's great.....she has a crush on josh rabin....its SO CUTE!!!!..... she's in love with the president...hehe...

jocelyn looked really hot last night for the 12 seconds i saw her and gave her a hug..

so yeah....me......slackin....anyone wanna come hang out....chill in ur Pjs with me.....cause i'm chillin in myPJs....and its all good

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[30 Sep 2001|03:56pm]
i still have bobby's watch....i just rememberd
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bakin [30 Sep 2001|04:08pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

kristen just called......she rocks..

i feel like absolute crap... oh man......i dont even know how this happend.... i wish someone would come over and like hold me...just hold me.. but anyway...

i dont know why i feel like crap.....i think i'm gonna go on a baking springe...and bake like a whole lotta stuff...i think i'm gonna bake a cake... i dont particularly want cake...but i might bake it..... i dunno......i'm gonna go like take a bath or shower and rethink the whole baking thing

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[30 Sep 2001|04:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

oh man......et called....he wants to come over..... which is cool...but that means i have to like change and stuff and not look so slackish..which isnt cool... cause it smacks of effort....oh man.....waitin for him to call back and tell me whether he can...... come over that is

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oh man [30 Sep 2001|08:19pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i still feel like crap..ET didnt come over....he was going to ....but he thought i lived closer to rockville than i do... so he didnt have the time....i'll see him tomarrow

apparently stacey is moving to virginia...which is retarded...she has no plans whatsoever..i think she's being completly retarded...she has no money..cant drive.. she doesnt even have a real plan and she's leaving school....its not a good idea in my opinion.....whatever my opinions dont matter

Sairys SkyeWind (8:04:51 PM): guess what???

DivaVivaLF (8:04:55 PM): what?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:04:57 PM): I'm moving out of my parents house

DivaVivaLF (8:05:02 PM): where are u moving?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:05:18 PM): Virgina

DivaVivaLF (8:05:25 PM): thats so far away
DivaVivaLF (8:06:01 PM): what part are u moving to?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:06:23 PM): ::shrugs::

DivaVivaLF (8:06:33 PM): ok
DivaVivaLF (8:06:38 PM): when are u moving?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:06:52 PM): Tuesday

DivaVivaLF (8:07:03 PM): this tuesday?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:07:10 PM): yes

DivaVivaLF (8:07:24 PM): are u still gonna go to Mk?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:07:35 PM): MC?

DivaVivaLF (8:07:41 PM): yeah

Sairys SkyeWind (8:07:43 PM): hell no

DivaVivaLF (8:07:53 PM): so ur just droppng all ur classes?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:08:05 PM): if I'm moving yeah
DivaVivaLF (8:08:16 PM): thats not cool
Sairys SkyeWind (8:08:19 PM): I'm leaving whether my parents like it or not

DivaVivaLF (8:08:32 PM): where are u moving to? and with who?
DivaVivaLF (8:08:39 PM): have u even planned this out at all?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:08:42 PM): I'm sick of hearing my dad bitch about everything
Sairys SkyeWind (8:08:51 PM): yeah
Sairys SkyeWind (8:09:02 PM): I've wanting to move for a long time

DivaVivaLF (8:09:37 PM): yeah but i mean u cant just like move without a plan...without money or people to stay with and whatnot.... u dont even know what part of VA ur moving to
DivaVivaLF (8:09:52 PM): and it cost money to drop ur classes....did ya know that?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:10:03 PM): no I'm moving in with one of my friends friend
Sairys SkyeWind (8:10:12 PM): really

DivaVivaLF (8:10:27 PM): what are u gonna do once u get there?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:10:33 PM): I didn't know that
Sairys SkyeWind (8:10:42 PM): I'm going to look for a job
Sairys SkyeWind (8:11:01 PM): and once I get the money I'll go back to school

DivaVivaLF (8:11:32 PM): i honestly.. as a friend... think you should reconsider what ur doing..

Sairys SkyeWind (8:11:42 PM): no

DivaVivaLF (8:11:47 PM): but thats just my opionion
DivaVivaLF (8:11:48 PM): so whatever

Sairys SkyeWind (8:11:50 PM): I need to leave

DivaVivaLF (8:12:06 PM): and virginia's the right choice?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:12:12 PM): I getting sick of hearing my dad bitch
Sairys SkyeWind (8:12:21 PM): at everything I do

DivaVivaLF (8:12:31 PM): why dont u just tell him to shut up
DivaVivaLF (8:12:36 PM): as opposed to just

Sairys SkyeWind (8:12:50 PM): that won't work

DivaVivaLF (8:12:56 PM): why is that

Sairys SkyeWind (8:12:58 PM): I've already tried it
anything he says

DivaVivaLF (8:13:26 PM): will he kick u out?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:13:32 PM): yeah

DivaVivaLF (8:13:43 PM): well then it doesnt matter

Sairys SkyeWind (8:13:56 PM): thats why I'm leaving

DivaVivaLF (8:14:16 PM): whatever....i just think u should rethink what ur doing.. think of the consequences....what you'll need.. etc.. thats my opinion...... will u at least be at school tomarrow?

Sairys SkyeWind (8:14:30 PM): yeah
Sairys SkyeWind (8:14:33 PM): I'll be there

DivaVivaLF (8:14:37 PM): so i'll see u tomarrow....lates

i still feel like crap.....

"i'm bleeding internally"--hehe...funny

umm...... batman is on....the one with alicia silverstone..she's so hot..anyway

i'm waiting for 10pm.QAF.. that show rocks.. i still gotta find that tape for angela.. i'll do it if i remember...

i ended up not baking anything..

i plan on doing my whole "i dont match" thing tomarrow....not matching is cool

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[30 Sep 2001|08:53pm]
oh man......i dont even particularly want to be online....so i'm going offline..call me if u want me
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