October 4th, 2001


oh man

i'm going to MC buttfuckin early.. cause its the only time i can get a ride....when in doubt....get a ride......dont walk 4 miles then take the bus.... get a ride....rock on..

Oscar apperently goes to MC-rockville campus...but he's only in the music building..so thats why we never see him..

my grandparents LEAVE tomarrow.. as in be-gone.. as in NOT HERE! for florida.. WHAHOO!!!!!!... i wont have to see them anymore.....at least until thanxgiving..oh man.... thats sweet

the 2 buttons on my phone still dont work..

i miss jon snow.. he rocks.


i need new boxers.. and new bras... but boxers are cheaper than bras.. so i'll goto Khols and get new boxers.. hehe.... damn avi and his khols

chris...how old's the pizza guy???? hehe.. what girlfriend...he's lying.. when did u see his dog?.. so ur the hot pizza guy's buddy...hehe... score.....btw....i need to come over...so stop being busy damnit....

so bowling on saturday.. bowl america--clopper road...discussing hc shizzat (dont mind me...i'm tired)


in the words of melissa .." AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"


call my cell 301-254-5308
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what a LONG day

i was at MC from like 10am to 2pm.. i left in the break of my class.i COULD NOT sit through another hour..i'll make up an excuse..my grandpa had a stroke..there ya go.. i went on the 46 bus with kristen..then i went on the 56 not remembering that it goes by wooten and quince orchard.. i'm SO tired...i ended up going to the village.. i saw Jennifer, she gave me a ride home.she drives like fedeli...hehe... she rocks....she works at denny's in the village

anyway...i got like a family shit thing tonight....call my cell...PLEASE keep me from complete bordom 301-254-5308...my grandparents like 5th farwell dinner....supposably their leaving..i'll believe it when i see it..

i'm SO tired and i ache..... i was hangin out with Kristen and ET and this crazy lesbian named Jackie.. she's alright....ET kept messing with her head...it was SO funny...but then they started this thing with this hot peruvian chick..and ET ended up getting her number and is supposably gonna call her.. and i'm kinda jealous.. but whatever.....we're not going out.... then Jackie (the lesbian) went to the bathroom and was like supposably crying or throwing up...she really wants a girlfriend.. kristen wants me bad....crazy straight chicks...hehe..

oh man..fuckin family shit...i gotta go soon....call me..dont forget

THANK THE LORD and JEBUS.. hehe.. that i dont have class toamrrow.... oh man..... yeah

tomarrow is Audrey's party...i'm pretty sure.. i'll be there.... this sunday is orientation for the gay and lesbian film festival volunteers..i dont know if i'll go

i'm tired... bye
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family dinners suck

my brother is retarded

my uncle wants me to be friends with his dog..
i'm not that big of a fan of dogs cause mine died.. (excluding cybill cause she's cool..sometimes)

i'm still tired

will and grace could have been funnier

i miss kimi

i'm sexually frusterated

my parents are now giving me shit about ET

speaking of ET...i cant turn my neck cause he bit it...like not oh baby bit it...but like CHOMP bit it and it hurts like an M-Fin MOOK!.. ouch.. he pissed me off....getting some other girls number....whatever

i saw ryan logue at the mall.... he doesnt remember me..as i thought...whatever he can kiss my ass

October 19th -5:00pm-8:30pm i'm working at the gay and lesbian film festival..and on the 20th.... 12:00pm-3:00pm

tomarrow night is audrey's party....i really have the urge to go see a movie during the day....anyone want to go see a movie? regal..rio?..kentlands.. regal is easiest to get to.. whatever.. anyone....call me

saturday is like bowling and stuff .. fun

in conclusion i want sex.. but like not with just anyone.. with someone i really care about and/or love (ie kimi, Naor, chris (yeah right, like that would eer happen...i actually dont want to have sex with chris..i just wanted to say it), charlie, possibly daniel--but not really, umm.. kimi..yeah.. kimi)
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all my love to David

David.. out of John david and David.. is really sick...he has HIV and is now in a hospital in california.. John David and my mom said that he probably wont live through the year.. which is sad.. i love him..he has blood clots in his liver.. i really dont want david to die..he's such a nice person.. and john david would be so sad without him...they're partners.. they've been together for 6 years.. practically married.....anyway...just wanted to update on that situation..
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