October 5th, 2001



i got new bras today......i'm sure thats what EVERYONE wanted to hear...hehe.... do u know how much of a bitch it is to find 38D.. and i'm SO Mad.. apperently i have to pay more for a bra bcasue i have bigger breasts..all the As and Bs cost less....society fuckin sucks..

thats my rant..

i'm thinking about going up to school today WM that is....but like after school

i gotta ask audrey a ques about her party and i dont know when she'll be home

i slept until 11..i'm proud of myself for not getting up at like 8..


i met a hot chick named becky yesterday.. she went to the MxPx and the weezer concerts.. she's cool. . hehe...straight though.. damn straight people....always in the way....hehe...jk

so yeah.. tonight i'll more than likely sleep at Mirabai's house.. i'm gonna try and see AC today...get my stuff back..

i'm thinking about changing my hotmail email.. DVLF just gets SO MUCH spam..its like ALL i get now..excluding the jewsnews..anyway

my neck really hurts

call my cell.. lates
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"i love the way you look at me, i love the way you smack my ass, i love the dirty things you do, i have control of you"

so i went up to school.. and i hung out...saw chris ryan.. bobby.. bobby hugged me and he fell on his ass and it was funny.. i love bobby.. he didnt aske me anything inparticular but its ok.. i saw justin..he rocks.. where's my goonies DVD!?!..hehe... tyler..so sexy..daria..so sexy... mike, nicole (bite me oh baby), bong.. bong rocks.. i didnt see chad.. i saw sammy george though (like from karate like 2years ago).. i saw.. fran, peter, marc (my baby), biggie (dumbass).. and others..

audrey said i could invite people to her party so i was gonna invite ET.. but i called him and he was like busy.. so ..yeah...i dunno...

i really hope i get a chance to see AC today...at some point...i think i'm gonna go up to the mall to see if she's working...she said she was from like 3-10.. but she also said she was sick and is trying to get out of working.. so i dunno

anyone else wanna come to audrey's party with me?

i can go bowling tomarrow i just dont have a ride......anyone think they could give me a ride?

Oh i was walking up to the school.. and fedeli stopped and gave me a ride.. apperently he's getting a new car (dodge neon).. and he's giving up his car.. which is cool.. good for him.. fedeli is no longer an asshole.. until further notice....hehe..... i love fedeli..he rocks..

i'm staying at mirabai's tonight with Julia.. oh baby oh baby

so yeah.....call my cell if u want me2545308
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i think i'm gonna goto the mall..depepdning on how long i'm there i might go straight to audrey's house.. so call my cell if u want me 301-254-5308

u know u want me..hehehe..... yeah right
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