October 7th, 2001



OH man..... my sides hurt so much.....could be from laughter..probably just random side pains.... aside from the pain in my foot...cause there was a splinter...i got it out ...but it still hurts.. my back hurts too..and my arm itches like a mofo.....scotty yelled at me for scratching my arm.....anyway....bowling was cool..me and jordan got a whole bunch of bouncy balls...like a lot.... oh man..that was funny.. bowling was cool...bit and steve came and hung out.....then we went to diane's and hung around..gave jordan a giant wedgie...hehe

then me , steve and brit went to steve's house and hung out..he gave me a REALLY big paper clip....its cool...and i have his hat.... uh oh....hehe....

i'm very very tired right now... oh man..i'm goin to sleep....i'm not goint to the orientationnt omarrow....so if u wanna hang out its all good


spponboy's revenge is the coolest song...TMLE rocks..(taken from Ricky's page www.envy.nu/ferry/tmle.html )

Spoonboy's Revenge. - Dont believe the lies, Your daddy doesnt love you anymore. And dont you compromise, Or Ill just have to show you out the door. A thousand loaded guns, With just an ounce of gunpowder between them. Conjugate the verbs, In Hebrew she is he and they are hem. And if theyd asked me, Then theyd asked me just the other day. But if theyd asked me, When theyd asked me then what would I say? And Id say No I dont wanna be the same, I dont wanna have to change, I dont wanna have to bear myself in public. No I dont wanna rearrange, Dont wanna play your stupid games, And Im wondering does anybody give a flying fuck? Dont give in to stress, Because you know its gonna bring you down. And dont you wear that dress, Wouldnt you prefer an evening gown? And dont compromise me, Because I know how easy it could be. With twenty four hours of a twelve hour day, You know Im ten times lamer than youll ever be. And if theyd asked me, Then theyd asked me just the other day. But if theyd asked me, When theyd asked me then what would I say? And Id say No I dont wanna be the same, I dont wanna have to change, I dont wanna have to bear myself in public. No I dont wanna rearrange, Dont wanna play your stupid games, And Im wondering does anybody give a flying fuck? I dont wanna be like you, Although I know you want me to. Theres nothing left for me to do, Theres nothing left at all. Fuck.
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i'm all kinds of proud of myself...i slept until like 11:30...yay me... i'm missing the orientation for the gay and lesbian film festivle...but i'll live..

i was thinking about like.....stuff.. in general.. i kinda dont want to deal with stuff anymore.. ET, School, drama, mallrats, parents,...i just dont.....but then i realized i cant not deal with it and that sucks... stupid everyday life

my class tomarrow is at 3:30..

hey chris.... u should come over today!...

other people can come over today and just chill...i think i'm ready to give rob back his movies...not the nintendo..but his movies.

i wanna get the max levine ensemble CD now... but i can never get to a show....i'm so busy in my life of doing nothing with no money.. they sent out an email of like sending money to someone's house with stamps.. and them sending me the CD which could be cool.. but yeah....they rock.. so now i want one

i hate bugbites...they really suck

i miss jeff...i wanna see jeff

my back and shoulders REALLY hurt...oh man...i'm in pain

i'm tired of my short hair...i want it to grow already....stupid hair....but thats what i get.....

i wish kimi could yell at me...i really wanna write her a letter.. but i wanna say things that could probably get her in trouble... and thats not good....so i'm rethinking stuff...i dont know...i hope she'll still like me when she gets back....all hot with the lost weight and everything.....but ten to one she wont...she'll get someone better...or go back to her rich german boyfriend who asked her to marry him.....asshole..i dont know that guy but i already hate him....and Oscar.....he just DOESNT shut up about prom......trying to make me jealous.... i dont care .....well i do care.. but not as much as u would think.....whatever....she went with him....not me....she gave him head.....so fuckin what?.....oscar can kiss my ass.....now i'm angry...look what he did....asshole


i'm probably not gonna do anythign all day

i'm afraid of my english class......cause i suck at english... and its bad...and he sees it too..and that sucks

so yeah...people come over....lots of people...or just chris

call me
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damnit...brit said some REALLY funny quotes last night......anyone remember them??...something with cabbage and porn....it was hilarious... no it was not the koala..... hey Jeff, diane has a koala on her wall next to the Giant SHOE!!...

what was so funny about cabbage last night?....thats not cool.....i cant remember......oh man

anyone remember the quotes? any of them?

nate signed my site

Mon Oct 1 20:24:17 2001
Nate The Great (and the fishy prize) psikotic_freak@hotmail.com
Abalamma Land Abalamma abrabammanammarama!!!!
Nice site, "...you sound like my mom."

he's so funny.......i love nate


MY HAIR: is wet cause i took a shower...and short
MY MAKEUP: consists of black nailpolish and purple nail polish which i'm not wearing at the moment
MY DREAM: doing things i want without consequences
MY OBSESSION: judy garland and the oh so sexy billy idol
MY MOST ATTRACTIVE FEATURE: other people say my breasts....i think my ability to make everything into a party
MY FAVORITE THING TO DO: TEH INTREWEB! more than likely livejournals which is sad
I'M WEARING:my glow in the dark moon and star PJ bottoms and my mom's crew captain montana aids vaccine ride shirt
I'M EATING: nothing
I'M DRINKING: nothing
I'M GOING TO: goto a corner and cry
I SEE: my computer screen
I NEED: a hug
I FIND: my arm itches
I WANT: someone to hold me
I HAVE: a pain in my side
I WISH: kimi was here
I LOVE: mint ice cream
I HATE: things that upset me
I MISS: kimi... and Naor
I FEAR: being invisable
I SMELL: strawberrrrry lotion
I WONDER: why people say "your mom" a lot
I REGRET: disliking my father
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i dont wanna be like you although i know u want me to there's nothing left for me to do, there's nothing left at all

How Do You Rate?

i havent doen anything all day....i watched tv for a really long time (by that i mean 2 hours)..... then i took a bath......the water turned cold really fast so that sucked..... i really want a hug

i dont wanna goto school...... i will go....but maybe not as early as i usually do....unless i actually goto the writing center and Struggle to do my english work.....it could happen

this couple matt and karen.. want to take me to the bahamas.. but its during christmas... and kimi is comign home during christmas...so yeah...i'm not going...even though i would...they are really cool people

anyway.. i'm tired...someone should come give me a hug....or a massage....hehe... my back hurts... but a hug would do nicely
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i HATE stupid people

especially ranom people that are like "oh your bi.. get ur girlfriends to have a 3some with me." how stupid is that.. all of you who do that are retarded and should be shot

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A member of Kibbutz Shluchot in the Beit She'an Valley was killed Sunday morning when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device next to his car, near to the entrance of the kibbutz. The bomber was also killed in the blast.
It appears that the vehicle, which had an Israeli license plate, had been driving on Road 669 to the kibbutz and was approximately 200 meters (600 feet) from the entrance to the kibbutz at the time of the explosion.
Police and military forces arrived at the scene and sealed off the area in order to check for other suicide bombers in the vicinity.

"There was an explosion," kibbutz driver Haim Perlstein told Israel Radio from the scene. "It looks as if it was a car bomb. The car is upside down and burned out... It was an Israeli in the car, who for some reason stopped and then the terrorist blew himself up."
Dotan Goldberg, who works in a nearby orchard, was standing close to the site of the explosion and said that the vehicle exploded as another car, containing a woman and her child, approached the kibbutz.

kibbutz ein harod is right by afula.. its so close to where this happend.. i hope my family is ok

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Someone once said to me, "get over it" And i realized that that was the worst advice i would ever receive.....there are some things that you are just not meant to get over.....

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i went out to dinner with my family at the chinese buffet place across from the mall.i ate very little but i'm about ready to explode.. its all kinds of bad..

i like brocoli

then i went to the mall cause i didnt want to be with my family (and their friends)..but i realized the mall closes at 6:30 and it was 6:50 ...so i called rob and asked to go over and naturally he said sure

its freezing outside.. oh man is it cold.. so i took the bus to rob's...i was standing outside in the freezing cold for like 20 min and then i finally went around back to his backdoor.. and he let me in and it was ok..he gave me a blanket..so now i'm not as cold..

daniel called...he was having dinner with Stephanie (the hot asian chick) and he said he'd call when he's done so we can hang out.. i miss him..he rocks.. so hopefully he'll come pick me up tonight.. and we'll hang out.. and not drink coffee

i ache .........all over

i'm tired..

roband i talked about everything thats been going on with each of us and its cool....i love rob.. he's great

i'd crash here...but i dont have my books for tomarrow or like clothes and i really dont wanna take a shower here..cause rob's house is kinda messy... but its all good.. rob's room= anime cave

so yeah..thats about it

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i'm home......and mad at daniel again cause he hasnt called to hang out...... i had to ask rob's mom for a ride home..i hate asking her for stuff cause she's so nice.. i love rob's mom.. she's great...

but yeah..

i have a headache.....

rob and i ended up watching this show about other peoples really really bad days..and it was sad.. this guy got a bull's horn up his ass and this other dude got stuck on a water tower and this other dude got pulled off a boat by a fish....and it was sad..

i have school tomarrow......yuch
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