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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[08 Oct 2001|12:21am]
G0ku 82 (12:19:42 AM): and how do I get you to be my ho? =)

DivaVivaLF (12:19:53 AM): u cant

G0ku 82 (12:20:08 AM): but I still get to have sex with you right?
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[08 Oct 2001|01:04am]
[ mood | cold ]

i'm really cold......burr

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i'm tttiiiiiireeeeeeeeeddddd [08 Oct 2001|06:31pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i woke up at like 10:30....got to school at exactly 12:30..aso i didnt see ET beofre class like i usually do.. i hung out with Jeremy and Angela.. Jeremy named the ducks...the girl duck is weewee.. the guy duck is Punani.. he's a funny tub of love.. hehe..... i talked to their friend tommy who apperently had sex with some hot guy named noah..and i talked to him for a while.. and he's cool..he sounds hot.. he supposably doesnt wear underwear...hehe..

i first get onto campus and i'm wearing my longsleeve Montana Aids Ride shirt and Jeremy goes "where are ur breasts" and i had a tank top under my shirt so i was like under my shirt and showed him my tank top.. apperently i'm just the crazy jew with big breasts now.. whatever

i went to class... math.. did 2 lessons.. took a paper/pencil quiz.. left at 4..which is bad.(my class ends at 4:45). but i was all mathed out.. i couldnt take it..... whatever i was there.....i got shit done......i'm ahead of people.....i rule.......i'm so not in favor of english class tomarrow though

i went to the mall...i saw james, and AC..and one of the 14 yr old's who was molesting me at audrey's party.. he was with this cool dude Ilya (from Adrenalyn --a local band that rocks)..and he was like.yeah i made out with her on friday..to like the entire mall.....and i was like well i was under the influence of stuff and u took advantage....so whatever

i went up tio see AC.. i talked to her.. she's gonna call me tomarrow to give me my stuff .. so its all good..

i wa waiting for the bus this morning and Nicole and Mike (my sophs).. came up adn talked to me until my bus came.. mike looked hot in a fishnet shirt..hehe... nicole showed me her pictures she drew.. she's SO talented...oh man.....i took her hat.....i forgot to give it back....so yeah i have her hat.. mike had his tongue ring in..the one i picked out for him....hehe....

chris and i are going to DC this weekend to make a dry run to the gay and lesbian film place.. DCJCC....

i'm tired.. i've had SPoonboy's revenge in my head all day.... oh man

i saw ET for like literally 2 min today...and then he like had to go..whatever..no making out for me...which is ok.... whatever

chris might come to class with me on wednesday.. cause they dont have class.....call me if u want me

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[08 Oct 2001|07:14pm]
biggie's birthday is tomarrow.....i love biggie
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[08 Oct 2001|08:31pm]
my mom got put on some new drug for something and its made her all hyped up ...so she took up crocheting (its like knitting).. and she's like crochet'd like half a sweater and its funny....she's all like hyped up..like she's on speed...hehe....
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[08 Oct 2001|08:43pm]
From the comic strip Pickles:
Grandpa: Today, Nelson, we're going to study philosiphy. Let's start by asking ourselves the question 'Do we really exist?' Can you feel your underwear?
Nelson: (Nods) Uh huh.
Grandpa: Me too. And that is how we know that we really do exist.

It speaks for itself
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[08 Oct 2001|09:47pm]
taken from Max Levine's LJ

"if you download porno on your computer and you get a virus, is that considered an STD?"
-Tucker Peck
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[08 Oct 2001|09:55pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i'm all in favor of sleep...... call me if u want me.. but i'm up early tomarrow....by early i mean 8:30

damn school...hehe..


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