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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 Oct 2001|07:58am]
my shirt says pinwheel

hehe (USY shirt)
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[09 Oct 2001|08:05am]
[ mood | cold ]

i'm freezing......and i woke up at 7:30 and that sucks......

i have the most unbearable pain in my back.. like my lower right side of my back just feels like randomg stabbings.. i feel like my back is going to break.. just randomly snap and i'll be like ouchies.. that hurt

i'm supposed to see AC today at somepoint.. hmm

i dont wanna goto school..... and when i do goto school......i dont wanna get bitched at.....by anyone (being teachers or random assholes)

i'm still listening to TMLE.. the same song... i need to get the CD so i can change the song.. cause no one has it on morpheus.. so... i will eventually get it.. when i have money....being broke sucks....

i want a dr pepper.. oh man..that stuff is good

its biggie's birthday..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGGIE!...he's what.. 16 now.... dumbass.. he's a big tub of love too.. i've known him since 7th grade....and no i did not make out with him either.. kimi did though.....grr.... but whatever

anyway.....i might as well go take a shower and get my lazy ass to school...... my class is at 12:30.. i cant stand it ....its like almost a 3 hour class... what kind of person does that?!...... assholes.. anyway

call my cell if u want me....lates

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oh man [09 Oct 2001|05:52pm]
[ mood | weird ]

so today......i left.... i made sleeves out of Purple tights and i closed the back with safety pins and it was mad stylin yo.. rock on

i was at the metro and i saw John fuentes (or something like that).. this hot dude from school ..he was on his way to work.. he rocks..

then i took the bus to school and sat next to this really old guy who smelled like weed and that was funny.. cause he's old..

ET called me and was like "where are u" and i was like "i'm on my way..cause he needed help typing his english paper.. so i helped him.. i'm pretty sure i have some kind of hearing problem.. i might be going deaf.. or something.. WHAT?!?!?!....so yeah then we still had like a half an hour till class... so we went to his car and chilled.. if i get sick....oh well....i say that becasue he was sick at oe point last week.. or had some random thing wrong in his mouth or something... i forget..

i went to class... and like my essay and how much i suck at writing essay's didnt particularly suck.. but there was still a LOT wrong with it.. but like it didnt completly suck..which was cool...so today i made rivisions.. and yeah...i got out at 2 today.. apperently if i dont have at least 10 essays in by the end of the semester..i fail..which sucks.. so far....there have been 2 i turned in.. ....and 1 i know i havent written...

so who wants to come hang with me at MC tomarrow.. i got class from 2:00-3:15.. and 3:30-4:45..but i probably wont stay throughout the math class....u can come to my classes and chill with me.. or just come and hang out and stuff..call me .. today or at somepoint tomarrow...


Mathematical formula for success:

You know all those people who want more than 100% effort? Well, if
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

8 1 18 4 23 15 18 11 = is only 98 %

11 14 15 23 12 5 4 7 5 = is only 96 %

1 20 20 9 20 21 4 5 = is only 100 %

2 21 12 12 19 8 9 20 = 103%

hehe...funny.... ummm...

i'm tired.. QAF is on tonight...i missed it on sunday....granted its a repeat..

chris is sad...and i dont know why.... *HUGS* and good vibes to him.. cause i love him

today is biggie's bday..... so i called him.. and he's apperently having a party friday at his house.... 8pm to whenever.... he's cool.. for a dumbass.. i love him... so i might goto that....if nothign better comes up..

still got TMLE in my head.. damn good music.. since i always have music in my head or listening to it...people ask me all the time what i'm listening to ..and for the past week i've said TMLE.. and they are just like get a new song already.. so its amusing.. MWUAHAHAHA

hi tommy!

i found my wannabe skater hat.. the one with the blue stripe.....i love that hat.. hehe... i have steve's smashing pumkin's hat...and nicole's random purple hat..

i still miss jeff.... come visit!

i hate that everyone else doesnt have class tomarrow.(everyone being high schoolers)

anyway....thats all for now...bye

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andrew called [09 Oct 2001|06:41pm]
[ mood | lalalalalala ]

andrew called me to see if i was mad at him or something....apperently someone told him i was mad at him.. weird.....i've been talking to him for like the past 20 min...he has a drinking problem....hes really bored... he might come hang out and make me like a virgin daquri.. hehe.. his brother drank all his alcohal...hehe...

he probably wont.. maybe he will....

wow andrew is actually coming over..weird.....

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da da da da da da da da [09 Oct 2001|10:45pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

andrew just left.. oh man.... he made some GOOD daquri's.. no i'm not drunk....nor is he....oh man...those were good... strawberry...we watched meet the paretns cause it was on HBO...and i made him sit through buffy.. hehe.... yeah i ended up hooking up with andrew....again... its ok....he's hot..... my mom walked in like 2 min after we stopped and it was funny.. hehe....whatever...he's wanted me ever since i beat the shit out of him....how does that work?... apperently my mom's phone broke....sucks for her

i'm now taping Super Mario Bros....i love that movie...so i'm taping it...its the first movie i ever saw with John Leguizamo...he just rocks my world completly...oh man....yum.. i miss the cartoon..i used to watch it everyday

chris..sorry to dissapoint you but it doesnt suck to be a woman...but if it does soon...i'm blaming you...hehe..... i love you...dont worry...you'll get all ur names back

So ET calls me tonight right....and i'm chillen with Andrew... and he was like...yeah i dont have strep....apperently its mono...and i was like Oh shit.... but i already got mono..so i cant get it again...right?.. so i'm ok..... and if i can get it again.....first ...it sucks for me.....second.....it sucks for andrew...hehe..he's supposed to call me back....but i dont think he will

people went to denny's????......no one told me.....i'm sad... i'll live

MWUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!!!!!! i feel evil......heheheheheh

umm...yeah....i'm nuts....

i dont wanna goto school..... my classes are at 2. and 3:30.. but ten to one i'll end up leaving my math class early.. so call my cell....its all good

my finger itches...... thats not good

my blender sucks...

umm...... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! i'm going to explode.i had like 4 meatballs.... like they are kosher....and not all that big... but it felt like a lot.... weird... i'm so full.....granted i had like 2 potatoe rolls..... oh man...thats so not gonna stay down.... hehe.... daquri's are good


i love primitive radio gods

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[09 Oct 2001|10:47pm]
"But then it gives me some cockamamie (yes, I actually said cockamamie) excuse ...."-eitan
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[09 Oct 2001|10:51pm]
in my opinion:

1)cheerios (regular cheerios) are undeappriciated

2)max levine is hot

3)potatoe rolls are good

4)super mario bros is SUPERCOOL!

5)my side hurts
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[09 Oct 2001|11:44pm]
"no self respecting southerner uses instant grits"-my cousin vinney

"its a good idea, but it wont work"--will rodgers

"if you were happy everyday of your life, you wouldnt be human, you'd be a gameshow host"-heathers
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