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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Oct 2001|12:11am]
oh man.i just chugged half a bottle of 2 liter orange soda.....i shouldnt do that EVER..oh man..i love orange soda..that was sweet
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[10 Oct 2001|12:43am]
my right knee is very cold....but the other one is not....thats weird
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[10 Oct 2001|01:09am]
sunkist is by far better than minuete maid or crush.... oh man.... DO I!?!.....

orange soda is bad for me...i'm never gonna get to sleep
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a haiku by me on this very morning to describe my thoughts [10 Oct 2001|07:27am]
its early.. i'm up

being up early sucks ass

i want some more sleep
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[10 Oct 2001|07:29am]
i'mpossible dreams.. i get it..

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TMLE [10 Oct 2001|09:16am]
[ mood | aaaaahhhhhh ]

i finally downloaded more TMLE songs..

my favorite right now is a tie between curley brown hair love affair and fuck you i'm not PC..


i'm tired....

i had water in my ear from my shower but its not there anymore.. i'm tired

i'm probably gonna leave soon... maybe ..idunno

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list [10 Oct 2001|09:20am]
list of stuff i need/want: (not nessicarily in this order)

1) long sleeve shirts
4) toe socks.. (cause they are the coolest)
5) pants....well other pants..i have pants...
6) fruit.. cause i'm running out
7) TMLE cd
8) other CDs to rebuild my CD collection
9) local h tape
10) goonies on dvd (JUSTIN!!!)
11) willy wonka on dvd (ROB!!!)
12).. a hug
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ehhh [10 Oct 2001|06:23pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

i feel like absolute crap.. oh man....i feel horrible....not like sick....just like ungood.. i'm tired as balls after a fuckfest...dude.....i'm tired

i got to school at like 1pm....i fell asleep on a bench and at 1:50 tiha was like get up..we got class in like 10 min.. and i was like..SONOFA---

i'm so hungry.. i havent eating at all.... since like yesterday day.. ... i stole a dr pepper cause i didnt have any money and it was bad..i feel bad....cause it was just SO easy... i dont like steraling from MC......i just really wanted a dr pepper... wow...i feel guilty...weird

apperently its Yom Tov.. i completly forgot .. *bad jew...slap on the wrist*

i went to my Study class....EVERYONE was slackin..i was slackin more....i didnt take the quiz because i knew i didnt know anything on it....i SO wasnt prepared...so i think he's gonna let me take it next week.. maybe...... i didnt goto math...i felt like SUCH shit...oh man.....it was awful....i couldnt even deal with it

so i took the bus to the mall.... but like i stopped off to see if AC was there just hangin out and she wasnt.... i got mallrat necklaces from somewhere..the mallrats were just like giving them out.. so i got a few..... and i saw my 25 yr old bitch....he gave me a CD of his band.. "the negatives" ..its supposably some angry grunge music.. which is cool cause i like angry grunge music..i havent listened to it yet......i didnt even know he was in a band....

then i went home.... my mommy got me..like a case of icebreaker mints....which rocks....and like 2 long sleeve shirts.. to add to my list of stuff i want/need..i want new boxers...

oh chris and i are going to DC this weekend cause its free.....free metro..free buses...free..so we're going..making a dry run to the DCJCC

Cecile Goldman Theater at the DCJCC
October 16-21
16th & Q Streets NW
Washington DC 20009
Metro 3 blocks to the Q St exit, Dupont Circle, Red Line....Bus Lines All S buses; G2

i'm tired.....my stepdad is sick too....weird...i hope i dont get sick...and if i do....that sucks

i talked to chris today..i'm in some mad cravings for his psghettie..... like serious mad cravings....i'm gonna go nuts...he should make psghettie... for real

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music [10 Oct 2001|08:03pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

first off......shylittlemark-- HI!!!!!!!!


in all the music i listen to.. and thats a lot.... recently i've been listening to voices.. not nessicarily just like randomly hearing the music....but like really listening to voices.... like.in POD's- Alive....the guy singing...has a fantastic voice.. when he's singing.. and in the song "Shining happy people" by REM with the chick from b-52s.. there is a guy in the music video playing a bass (not guitar like an actual bass) and he has a REALLY awesome voice...its incredably sexy... but u gotta listen for it.. oh man...thats like my venture..recently.rock on..

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hc [10 Oct 2001|09:35pm]
[ mood | confused ]

diane asked Marc (canada) to homecoming?!?! what?!?!......has the world gone mad? i know i'm confused.... things i thought of for her reasons: 1)to make peter jealous 2)to get random marc ass 3)amusement 4)maybe she really enjoys getting really pissed off at him 5) huh?

what's up homes [10 Oct 2001|10:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i saw will at the mall today......i missed him.....i hadnt seen him in like a week and a half..... will rocks

the whole thing with homecoming..for me anyway ....i dont have any money...so i cant pay for a ticket..so whoever wants me to go real bad can pay for me....cause if they dont i'll just goto the afterparty and it will be all good.. no one loses money.. its like whatever.. me being broke all the time creates a problem.... and if i do go......whatever...bobby hasnt asked me....i doubt he will.... whatever...its not a big deal

this weekend...since metro is free.... maybe we can go up to college park.. since its free and all.. i might do that...whether chris comes or not.... but i might.. i kinda wanna see mark brill again..damnit i love that guy for some weird twisted reason... and marc..and etc

i'm still tired.. my back is really killing me....i think i need to see a chiropractor.. i have one, Brad Rosen.. single, jewish, dr..hehe... my mom's good friend....... my mom thinks he's gay....i wouldnt be suprised...he's so cool anyway.... i love him.. good man....i should talk to my mom about my back....maybe she'll use her stones on me..hehe..

OH my mom is no longer the president of the cranial sacral association of north america and canada...she resigned....it was too much for her.. as someone said...she is no longer the president of canada...hehe..... i dont know why thats funny

"i feel so alive, for the very first time, i cant deny you, i feel so alive, i feel so alive, for the very first time, and i think i can fly"--POD -alive

i cant remember the name of the ICP track i was singing for like a month..about a year ago....

"Jump outta bed and i head for the grapenuts, eat em quick or they soggy and that sucks.. tryin to find a clean pair of socks and shirt..still sportin the same drawers even though they hurt...."ICP--?

i want a hug

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[10 Oct 2001|11:25pm]
[ mood | restless ]

OHH!!!!!!!!! biggie and hannah randomly stopped by my house....i was upstairs and the doorbell rang...i was like...whoa my doorbell rang...and biggie was standing there...with hannah (who is SOOO CUTE!!!!) and i was like...what r u doin here.... biggie and hannah are going out now.. and apperently hannah lives in my neighborhood..which i SO DIDNT EVEN KNOW!!!!... so now there are 2 cool people... scotty and hannah... and john paulicen....if u can count him..hehe.... wait..he's not cool....crazy baptists..... anyway... so yeah.they came and hung out for like 10 min...

is anything going on friday?..anything?
i'll more than likely end up going to his party.. AC and twiggs will be there... so yeah. twiggs is so cool...i have to re-get his CD...i cant find it anywhere....and i want sinsematic's (twiggs's band) new cd too..... cause they SO KICK ASS!!

oh also today i picked up the MC newspaper...and mike joyce is in there....in one of the pictures...i was like..yeah i know him...hehe..... and the hot cofee guy , ryan, went to the army...thats why the coffee stand thing closed....i didnt know that... he's selling it...if anyone wants to buy it...anyway

the hot guy who juggles...was juggling bowling pins today....where the hell does one get bowling pins...that like werent stolen from a bowling alley....they looked like they were made out of silver...weird

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[10 Oct 2001|11:26pm]
a poem from Anna's info

I think I've finally decided
It wasn't easy, no no no
But now I think I know the college
To which I'd really like to go

I'm sure it's really quite expected
I've talked about it long enough
And everytime I mentioned Princeton
You all knew it was just a bluff

I think this college has great courses
And hopefully good-looking men
So that next year I will be proud
To say I'm goung to UPENN!
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[10 Oct 2001|11:27pm]
i'm gonna goto sleep soon.....really i will
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