October 11th, 2001


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FUCK EARLY!!!!!!.....why do they even have anything early.....i'm up and its early....early sucks my left nut (if i had one)......i'm tired....grrrrr



i'm cold.... i'll probably end up going to school early and like falling asleep on a bench.. my class is 12:30 to 2:45... longass classes...call me if u wanna hang out today 301-254-5308

i need new blankets....my blnkets are like broken i have 3 and i'm still not warm.....fuckin blankets....

time for showers..... showers are good...unless it runs out of hot water....assholes
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wow.....what a day

today i hung out until ET and kristen showed up.... me and ET went joyriding through his neighborhood in WHEATON!! its like literally 5 minuetes from JDS (upperschool)... i was like..WHOA that's jds....i know people there... we ended up at a playground in Silver Spring... we went on the swings....good times good times.... so yeah... i dont think what he has is mono..which is good....oh man....if i got sick that would suck... OH MAN>...i'm so annoyed.... i was gonna have me some sex today...but neither of us had any condoms....and so that just sucked..... and then i went to the second half of class (cause i got back to school atl like 1:30--my bad)... i was so bothered....i wrote a poem.....it sounds better as a song..to the tune in my head.. but no one else can hear the music in my head so its a poem...but i suck at writing so dont laugh at me

Am i being bad?
yeah, but it's ok
being bad is fun
especially today

There's a lot i wanna do
There's not much you need to say
Come on lets get this done
i wanna be on my way

Why do you keep asking me
if everything's ok
we'll do what you wanna do
this just might be your lucky day

I cant believe you're stalling now
are you having second thoughts this minuete
have you just been teasing me
come on, i want you to get right back in it

But no, there's all these complications
its just not gonna happen
damnit why do you do this to me
why couldnt we just get cracken

you and your damn morals
and all your bullshit
why start something you cant finish
why couldnt you just get with it

Now i'm all hot and bothered
was this your plan
if this is too difficlut for you
you'll never be my man

the end

see i suck at writing...but its ok...i dotn care

then i went to the mall afterclass... go figure.. i hung out with Greg (being my 25 yr old bitch)...apperently it was some kids day or something... weird..i talked to James for a while..apperently he has a gf..who he's dumping cause she's fat or some stupid reason... whatever...he's short..hehe...anyway.. i went up to suncoast and Mike got a new TV to replace the one that broke.. but he couldnt lift it so Rob and Jayson had to lift it and they struggled and it was funny.. and the neww tv works but one of the outter tvs blew out..and so mike got really pissed off and it was hilarious.,he turned purple..

then i went to AC's ...got my stuff...brett was there....i hate that bitch....granted i've known him forever..i dont hate him..i dislike him emensely.....stupid jew..hehe (its an inside joke--dont get offended)....

i called chris to see if he was home...i was gonna stop by to say hi.but he wasnt home..and heather (his sister) was just incredably annoying on the phone...oh man...she pissed me off

then i walked down blunt rd to go hom..i only almost got hit by like 6 cars..which is pretty good for me..

my stepdad is apperently really sick or something....

i called daniel.....he might come hang out tonight...i havent seen him in a while....

tomarrow i might go up to montgomery mall....i want to go there at some point this weekend.. cause ..yeah...

quote of the day:

"do you think i do the things i do to just conform or to look cool, do you know how easy it could be if i were patriotic?" spoonboy- jd vs dc

umm...yeah...call me if u wanna hang out tomarrow...or whenever
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bush is babbling on the tv...about like important stuff...i dont understand it..big words big words....i'm simple

he really does kinda look like a monkey

today me and ET were walking back to campus and this dude had a sticker of bin laden naked with the World trade center up his ass...and it said...something funny....i forgot and ET wrote a note on a peice of paper and said something funny in response to it... and it was all kinda funny...

umm.....i hope his speech thing doesnt interfere with will and grace.. cause that would suck
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apperently morpheus is getting sued....just like napster...... and so its beginning to suck ass.... so i wonder what will come out next

" MCPS...Montgomery County Prison System. Heh heh heh. "--adam soffrin

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will and grace was SO CUTE!!!!!........especially grace and jack at the end....

i ate 3 peices of pizza...i'm about to explode... oh man..



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Zack called me... he's having a party saturday.. from 6pm to whenever....he lives out by the airpark.. he wanted me to tell diane to call peter for directions.....everyone's invited..cause its zack.. he rocks

hopefully i can get a ride from someone cause i dont know where he lives.. i've never been to his house


for english i have to write an essay by next thursday (even though the prof isnt gonna be there.is till have to goto class) he said for at least like 20 min

my essay topic

describe a situation in which someone made an unfair assumption about me


describe a person who i regard as a "character"....

i was thinkin about doin the 2nd one... more than likely on Mark Brill...he's so facinating to me.. or maybe John David (my 43 yr old gay man who calls me chloe, who has a penis ring)..or possibly...hmm...i dunno.....

any ideas or volunteers to write it for me cause i suck at writing....

i passed my essay on how i suck at writing essays....i passed..but it sucked.... it had a lot of errors and stuff

i've been downloading music all night... like REM songs and Empire record songs...and the strawberry shortcake theme song..hehe.....80s carotoons.... gotta love'em
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