October 12th, 2001


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i just woke up... interuptions during sleep piss me off...

daniel didnt come over last night to hang out...whatever.....i was tired....i ended up watching tv until like 2am anyway.. apperently Kathryn wants to meet me..... Kathryn as in Daniel's ex-girlfriend, then one who looked like me.. she doesnt anymore.. but yeah..so monday or tuesday i'll go introduce myself to her.. i think its gonna be amusing

biggie's party is tonight...since i havent heard anything from the clique in like forever i'll assume nothing is going on.. or they just havent told me..whatever..

at least i'll get to hang out with AC, Twiggs and Zach tonight.. and like all the random juniors and sophs.. i hope to G-d chad isnt there...or the other kid....i dont want to deal with that

JULIA!!!!---you have my necklace

there is a good chance chris cant go with me to DC this weekend....anyone wanna go with me?....if not i'll probably go alone.. i just wanna goto DC>...free metro.. free ride on... it works...if i do go alone, i'll more than likely end up going to college park as well.. since zach is having a party on saturday i'll probably go on sunday now...

i want a hug.... i havent had a hug in like forever.... i mean i got one yesterday... but it wasnt a good one..

my stepdad said 3 of my friends stopped by yesterday....he didnt know who though.. so i was like...ooo....kk..... who stopped by?

i'm not doing anything today..if u wanna do soemthing..call me at home or on my cell...i'll answer it unless i'm in the shower or somethin...in which case leave a message
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i got a letter!!!!

i got a letter from kimi.....my mom comes in withthe mail and is like you got a letter and i was like from who..and she was like your girlfriend!..... and i JUMPED up!.... i LOVE her!!!! i cant wait until christmas!

kimi's address changed

i'll give it later.....i'm gonna goto Biggie's before it gets dark.....zach's over now

someone just let me know whats up for homecoming.. well for me... ticket/no ticket? dinner? whatever

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"evan's not a punk rocker,evan's not a punk rocker,evan's not a punk rocker now"
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