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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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whatever [13 Oct 2001|12:37am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

to me, biggie's party was lame.....zach, biggie and robbie pissed me off before it even started....they wouldnt stop poking me..and i felt like crap and i was like stop and they didnt....so i was mad at zach for like an hour....robbie would not shut up about me not having eyelashes....so i'm just like this eyelashless freak with no friends and audrey is some transexual who smells like ricecakes.. dont ask.. biggie's mom pissed me off...she was like you cant go out front..cause you just cant....which pissed me off cause i'm able to make my own decisions....i'm in college for fucks sake.... i dont need someone ELSES mom telling me what to do..i can take care of myself....and the fact was she just pissed me off.... and biggies sister is the most annoying thing in the world.....so people who were there.. tyler, daria, lelani, mirabai,julia,robert (random dude), robbie, audrey, marc frankel, zach, hannah, hannah's friend becca, some dude i went to middle school with named Ronaldo, and like i think some other people.i ate 3 peices of pizza...i threw up.... it wasnt pretty....oh man...people have this insane thought to just jump on me all at once.....like wherever i was sitting or laying down..like 4 people would come and sit ON me.. thats annoying....oh and then the whole hannah and biggie making out thing on top of me....i was lying down and they were just making out on top of me....thats always pleasent.. at some point we went to robbie's house...before everyone got there....he lives across the street...he has a very cool room....with a waterbed ..hehe..... his room rocks and his speakers are kickin... umm....yeah...so i did not have the best of times tonight...

i'm bored and aggitated

whatever my mom is still up aand for some reason that bothers me emensley......

oh robbie is having a party on october 27th.so instead of going to homecomign (since i'm broke) i might just goto his party and then goto erica's or soemthing like that.....

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[13 Oct 2001|12:53am]
ac and twiggs didnt even show up tonight
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[13 Oct 2001|08:22am]
[ mood | irritated ]

michael stipe is so cool...he's got an amazing voice

i woke up at 8am....i still feel like crap......i dont know if i wanna goto DC today with Nick (not chris).... it completly smacks of effort and i'm sure everyone is gonna be there because metro and buses are free...... so maybe i'll just go tomarrow....

mcnugget is online.... i'm not talking to him cause i'm still mad at him for stealing my picture.... whatever

i dont really wanna talk to my parents at all today...but i know i'll have to and that sucks....

call me at home if you feel like it

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oh man [13 Oct 2001|06:02pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

so i didnt goto DC..i'll probably do that tomarrow.... my mom and i spent the day together..cause she had to go shopping and stuff for some random clothes.....

so she got a dress for a wedding tomarrow.... then we went to see Bandits... it was funny...its a good movie.. great..it rocks.. then we went to spencers cause ET was working... and aside frommy mom getting costumes for her random party she's going to on the 27th with my stepdad.. i introduce her to ET.. and its funny cause ET was just randomly shkin his tongue ring at me and my mom was all like eww and disgusted...and it was hilarious....but ET was very nice.. he's a nice boy.... my mom is still kirkin out about it..its great.....so we leave....she calls John David who apperently said that i cant make out with him again until he does (which isnt gonna happen)...and so my mom was telling him about ET and he was like...awww....hehe.... i love him....my second father.... well my queen of a father...my mom's gay boyfriend and i'm apperently some love child..hehe...funny....

Zach's party is tonight.... Diane is supposably giving me a ride.. i dont have a ride home...but i can get one...

i've had some stupid smirk on my face ever since i left spencers....so i guess the highlight of my day was seeing ET...which is cute

anyway...i dont know if/when diane is actually gonna pick me up.....zach's party is starting like....now

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[13 Oct 2001|06:10pm]
call my cell 301-254-5308
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[13 Oct 2001|06:50pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

waiting .......waiting......waiting

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