October 17th, 2001



yeah...so daniel called me last night....

i watched buffy.... it was cool.... james marsters is still really really hot...i also watched Queer as folk and i realized that Justin has an odd resemblence to Linus (from Charlie Brown).... its adorable..... and debbie is still my favorite character...

i think i'm gonna go get a chocolate chip waffle.....

i kinda feel sick...but not really...but a little.. (if any of you understand me)

so yeah....i get to see my chiropractor tomarrow... brad rosen...he's so cute.. he came over for shabbat dinner a few times..he's a good friend of my moms....

tomarrow night is my party....dont forget....u all can just show up. ..its all good...."hehe....you live off of blunt rd"--jason (random hookup from a while ago)

i've been listening to billy idol a whole lot again......i love billy idol... et's flaw..he doesnt like billy idol all that much... grr.... i'll deal

let me know how much HC tickets are..i think i may be able to bust it outta my mom...hehe

"this year for xmas, there's something i'd really like, so if your up there somewhere santa, please dont bring me another bike, i dont need any ugly sweaters and i dont play much basketball, there's something kinda special that i want most of all, i want an alien for xmas i want an alien for xmas this year, i want a little green guy with 17 eyes that knows how to fly , i want an alien for xmmas this year"--Fountains of wayne, i want an alien for xmas

ok .....call my cell if u want me today ...i got class from 2-3:15....then from 3:30- 4:45
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"its manic monday, ooh ooh ohh, i wish it were sunday ooh ooh ohh"--bangles

today i took the bus to school.....fell asleep on a bench... met ETs hot friend Emily.. and some random guy named michael who i'll more than likely never see again..i hung out with Angela and J-Paul ..they will come to my party..yay.. then i went to class.. my study habits class....i'm so not gonna pass that class..... he wants us to take 10 pages of notes...using some method.... first off i dont have anything worth 10 pages of notes.... what the fuck am i gonna do?.... anyway... i skipped math today... i so couldnt deal with it... i met tiha after class and we went to the mall...on the bus to the mall i sat across from Adam Geiger.. but he didnt remember me... and i was like...hey that's adam geiger.... i thought he was off in some college somewhere... but i guess not.. OH also the other day i saw avi guzman...which i thought was kinda funny.. hehe..he owes me 35 cents.. whatever...so me and tiha got to the mall.... talked to james for a while...played cards..played chess.... I WON DAMNIT!.... and then went to rob's house..and watched cats and dogs.. which is a funny but stupid movie....but sean hayes is the coolest...so yeah....then i went home....i SO need to write this essay by tomarrow...... i only have to be in class for like 20 min tomarrow..... Tiha is supposed to bring me a cape with a really huge collar and blue lipstick... so i wanna wear the cool dress...or my gold lamei gown..hehe... i think i'll bring the dress with me ..seperatly just in case tiha doesnt remember it... and she's suposed to introduce me to her new (supposably hot) friend dre.. who is suposably incredably disturbed...

i dont have school from like dec 21st to january 20-something... i get like a month off....rock on

i think i'm about to go back into my mamas and the papas phase again....

for my party tomarrow...feel free to bring drinks and food and stuff..i mean i'll make stuff but i dont know how much soda i have.. and stuff...i plan on going on a random baking binge when i get home..i'm gonna bake a cake and brownies and stuff (none with drugs in them--sorry)

i'm tired...i'm never gonna get this essay done...grr

quote of the day:
"stopped into a church, i passed along the way, well i got down on my knees and i began to pray..you know the preacher locked the door.he knows i'm gonna stay, california dreamin..on such a winters day"--M+P --california dreamin
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some essay i found in my files that i didnt write and have no clue how i got

For years people have tried to better their figure. It's the same anywhere you go. Women looking for a tight toned body or men looking for that more muscular look. For the people looking for those results you can achieve them with the right advice and guidance. The results you are looking for depend on the time you put in. With my guidance you can achieve your desired figure.
The first step to getting your dream shape is a good sound diet. I know when people think of diets they think of starving themselves and eating bad tasting foods. My diet is the totally opposite. All you have to do is stay away from fatty foods, foods with high sodium and watch your carbohydrate intake. The reason why you should stay away from salts is because it makes you retain fluids. Now that we know what to stay away from, here is a good meal plan. In the morning you should eat either a bowl of puff rice cereal or oatmeal. You should also eat two egg whites with a piece of toast with non-salted butter or no butter at all. On the side I recommend about a cup of fruit. To wash those down drink a glass of OJ. For lunch you can have a sandwich. I recommend turkey, lettuce and a sliced tomato on whole wheat bread. You could also substitute the turkey with tuna fish. On the side eat one cup of fruit and one cup of vegetables. Wash that meal down with a glass of water. Now for dinner eat a 8 to 10 oz piece of fish chicken or steak. For a side dish eat rice with vegetables and a baked potato. For a beverage drink a glass of water. For snacks throughout the day or with your meals you can eat fruits or low fat unsalted pretzels with a protein shake. It is also a good idea to drink a gallon of water a day or more. This flushes your body to get rid of toxins. It is also a good idea to buy a multi vitamin pack. These are sold in most food and nutrition stores. I also recommend getting a protein supplement (shakes or bars). Depending on how serious you are you can buy other supplements such as meal replacement programs hydro cut and other supplements recommended by nutritionist.
Most men want that big muscular look. They want to be big but not so big they could run in the Mr. Universe competition. But whatever it is you're looking for here is a work out routine that could get you there. First you want to have a membership at your local gym. Depending on you, you're going to need to go 5 or 6 times a week. Once you've decided on how many days a week your going to go than you'll be on your way to getting in the best shape of your life. First off you're going to want to jog one mile every morning before breakfast. For what ever time period you have set aside for going to the gym here is a good workout program. You are to work on a different body part each day. Chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs are the five body parts to work on. If you choose to go a 6th day you can ride a bike, run or any other cardio machines. First when getting to the gym, stretch out till you feel nice and loose. Then say you choose chest to work out for the day; here is some exercises to do. First start off with the bench press then do decline bench press, incline bench press, flies, decline flies, incline flies and flies with the cable machine. When going to the gym ask the on-duty trainer how to do the exercises correctly. Now you are going to want to do 3 or 4 sets per exercise. You are going to want to do anywhere from 8 - 10 reps per set. Depending on what you're looking for, a toned, cut, or a stock body, you are going to want to do less weight more reps or more weight and less reps. For that toned look your going to want to do 18 reps for the 1st set, 14 reps for the 2nd set, 10 reps for the 3rd set and the same as the first set for the 4th. For that stocky look you want to do 10 reps for the 1st set 8 reps for the 2nd and 6 reps for the 3rd set. Now here are the following exercises for the other body parts. For the back you do pull downs, lat. pulls, lat. pull downs, back pulls and inverted flies. For shoulders you should do military press, military flies, arm raises, side arm raises straight bar surges, dumbbell surges and straight bar arm pull-ups. For arms do curls, isolated curls, preacher bench curls, 21's, Tri extensions, over head tri extensions, kick backs and dumb bell extensions for tri's. For the legs do leg press, squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises and step ins. Refer to the sets, reps and weight descriptions earlier in essay for all exercises. You are also going to want to do abdominal exercises every other day. You should do sit ups, leg crunches and any other abdominal machines your local gym has. I recommend you doing 3 or more exercises with 4 sets and as many reps till it burns.
Women have always been searching for that way to get a slim sexy body. With the following program that can easily be achieved. First you are going to have to jog every morning before breakfast about one mile a day. You are going to want to go to the gym about 5 times a week. While going to the gym you are going to want to do an aerobics programs that your gym offers. Each day you are going to want to jog on the treadmill for about 20-min. Then after that you are going to want to use the stair stepper for about 15-min. After that ride the bike for about 10-min. You can also do any of the other cadio machines in place of the others.After doing all that cardio you are going to want to do either an upper body or lower body Nautilus machines. If you decide to workout the upper body here are some exercises to do; flies, curls, tri push downs, back pulls and lower back pushes. On lower body days do leg extensions, leg curls, leg flies, leg squeezes and leg press. You are also going to want to do abdominal exercises every other day. You should do sit ups, leg crunches and any other abdominal machines your local gym has. I recommend you doing 3 or more exercises with 4 sets and as many reps till it burns.
The following programs for men and women work if you stick to them and go each day not missing a day the programs describes.

a random essay i wrote for my OJT class in hs

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to receive a massage. Stress changes the way you feel. It gives us headaches; stomach aches, and makes us bitter and unpleasant to be around. What stress does, is effect the nervous system. Our nervous system has two parts. The first part is the sympathetic part, which regulates our "fight or flight" response. The second part is called the parasympathetic. This is the part of our nervous system that is responsible for relaxation. It is important for us when we are under stress to do things that trigger the parasympathetic or relaxation part of the nervous system. This enables our bodies or physiology to deal with the stress. Massage helps us to trigger the relaxation response. Massage for relaxation and for healing purposes is centuries old. In this country, massage is done in spas, health clubs, doctor's offices, private practices, etc. Massage helps to decrease restrictions in muscles and pain in fascia. Massage helps to increase the range of motion and the flexibility of the muscles. I personally have received massage work for my neck and back due to stress that I have acquired from school, the weight of the backpack, work, and other activities. I found the massage work has helped me relieve some pain and sleep better at night.
The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) currently has close to 50,000 massage therapists registered. You can study massage therapy all over the country. Most states require a 500-hour training program. Therapists are expected to continue their education after their initial training program. In the state of Maryland, a massage therapist must have taken a 500-hour training program; get sixty credits of higher education (two years of college); and pass the National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCTMB. There are two schools in the Maryland/DC area to train to become professional massage therapists, The Baltimore School of Massage and The Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI). If you are just looking to learn some basic massage techniques, or techniques to practice on your friends and family, you can take the six-week "Heart of Touch" program from PMTI and have my mother as your teacher!


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from chris's away message

I'm sexy. I'm cute. I'm popular to boot.
I'm bitchin. Great hair. The boys all love to stare.
I'm wanted. I'm hot. I'm everything you're not.
I'm pretty. I'm cool. I dominate this school.
Who am I? Just guess. Guys wanna touch my chest.
I'm rockin. I smile. And many think I'm vile.
I'm flyin. I jump. You can look but don't you hump.
I'm major. I roar. I swear I'm not a whore.
We cheer and we lead. We act like we're on speed.
Hate us cause we're beautiful.
Well we don't like you either. We're cheerleaders! We are cheerleaders!

i feel like a dumbass just reading it.....do people actually think like this?

mark brill

i cant believe i'm actually writing this essay for tomarrow.....yes it will probably suck.. but i'm doing homework.....who'd a thunk it.

wow i finished.....and it sucks..my opinion

There are two words that comes to mind when I think of him, "Strange" and "Interesting". Mark Brill is the most peculiar man I've met in my entire life. His thoughts, feelings, actions, and goals that he's shared have intrigued me to a certain extent. I always want to find out more. I'm very glad I know Mark, he's definitely someone special.
I met Mark when I was about five years old. He was in my brother's Boy Scout troupe. But I really got to know him my freshman year of high school. Ever since I was little, I've always had a fascination with him. When I was little, he was the " adorable strange kid who always had his face in a book". In high school he was "the dork with bad acne who always had his face in a book". It's funny, when I met him again in high school he was almost the same as he was when we were smaller except taller and more informative. Mark is two years older than I so he was always a lot smarter than I was. I never minded, I always enjoyed listening to him speak useless facts of knowledge.
One thing that stands out in my mind about Mark the most would have to be that he wore the same thing almost every day. Blue Jeans, a black or gray shirt, a blue denim button down over shirt, and his black boots are what he wore all the time. I always wondered whether he owned any other clothes or if he had a whole bunch of the same clothes in his dresser. It always boggled my mind. Another thing that Mark always had was a toothbrush in his right, chest pocket of his button-down shirt. I know he had toothpaste in his backpack. The toothpaste was never of much interest to me, but the toothbrush was for some reason. I'm not sure why. Then there is his locker. Mark kept about four or five boxes of Cheese-Its in his locker, yet I never saw him eat any. So I always wondered why he kept them there.
I was on Tech Crew with Mark. He has always been good with his hands, using tools and whatnot. We had the best time together and there was always laughter, not just from us two, but from Billy Joe and the rest of the "Techies" as well. Freshman year on tech crew was the best, I guess cause Mark was there and every so often Mark's dad would come in and tell us stories about when he was on tech crew. Mark always knew the exact angle of everything and what to use. His skills are amazing.
Mark Brill is now at University of Maryland, College Park, studying engineering, which I think he'd be great in. I've gone up to visit him a few times. he's now switched to black jeans and a black shirt. He also no longer keeps a toothbrush in his shirt, but he's still just as fascinating as he was when i first met him. With all of his knowledge and skills, I know Mark will go far in life. He may not believe it, but I do.
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sorry to spoil ur little plans

i'm now kind of upset with justin because of his little plan or whatnot.... whatever...its retarded...i've been there... i know its stupid...u dont need it...no one needs it... whatever...

JBIRD8479 (9:51:26 PM): no im gonna get shit faced
JBIRD8479 (9:51:32 PM): like drunk, and high

DivaVivaLF (9:51:38 PM): why?

JBIRD8479 (9:51:42 PM): if i can find some other stuff im gonna do it too

DivaVivaLF (9:51:43 PM): whats that gonna prove?

JBIRD8479 (9:51:54 PM): because i want to go to all fucked up

DivaVivaLF (9:52:00 PM): oh yeah....thats smart

JBIRD8479 (9:52:07 PM): i know it is

DivaVivaLF (9:52:12 PM): i was sarcastic

JBIRD8479 (9:52:19 PM): i knew that

DivaVivaLF (9:52:39 PM): i dont think its such a good idea... gettin shitfaced and all

DivaVivaLF (9:54:18 PM): but whatever....ur decision.....but be warned you will get kicked out of the afterparty and whatnot

JBIRD8479 (9:54:28 PM): whatever
JBIRD8479 (9:54:34 PM): i wont be loud

DivaVivaLF (9:55:27 PM): being loud isnt the point

JBIRD8479 (9:55:45 PM): just dont tell anyone that im gonna be smoking up

DivaVivaLF (9:56:02 PM): why should i
DivaVivaLF (9:56:06 PM): dude its not cool

JBIRD8479 (9:56:25 PM): i think that erica already know s

DivaVivaLF (9:56:28 PM): i think you should respect erica and ryan's wishes
DivaVivaLF (9:56:36 PM): what did she say about it

JBIRD8479 (9:56:42 PM): whatever
JBIRD8479 (9:56:58 PM): i think she said that she didn't have a problem if we did before hand
JBIRD8479 (9:57:10 PM): ill ask her tomorrow
DivaVivaLF (9:57:21 PM): right...whatever...

DivaVivaLF (9:57:52 PM): i think its a really stupid idea to begin with...u dont need it..what do u think its gonna make u feel special or somethign.....it doesnt

JBIRD8479 (9:58:01 PM): i know

DivaVivaLF (9:58:32 PM): so what then? whats the point?

JBIRD8479 (9:58:39 PM): i dunno
JBIRD8479 (9:58:45 PM): i just feel like doin it

DivaVivaLF (9:58:54 PM): well u should think about it before u do something retarded like that

JBIRD8479 (9:59:07 PM): what the fuck you talking about?
JBIRD8479 (9:59:13 PM): you smoke up more than i do

DivaVivaLF (10:00:06 PM): what's your point....i think about what i'm doing....and the consequences....i know exactly what i'm doing when i do it.. you obviously havent thought about it much... and i dont smoke up that often...

JBIRD8479 (10:00:44 PM): you have smoked up more than i have, and i know what i am going to be doin, i just wanna chill

DivaVivaLF (10:01:31 PM): and u think its gonna help you...well ur wrong.. because i have smoked up more than you i know what i'm talking about.... i really think you should rethink your plan

JBIRD8479 (10:03:12 PM): whatever, i might smoke up a bit
JBIRD8479 (10:03:21 PM): or just drink, i dunno

DivaVivaLF (10:03:54 PM): whatever as i said....its ur decision.. whatever....
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i'm going to sleep.....i got my chiro- apt in the am....at liek 8:30...then i gotta haul ass to school and turn in my paper...then i gotta meet tiha at 1.. and then i gotta come home and bake stuff...

call my cell tomarrow 301-254-5308....

oh if peter doesnt....someone tell kevin McCarthy to come to my party....cause he's funny

umm....yeah tomarrow night...come over.... 6pm to whenever u wanna leave...spend the night if u want...

whatever works....

night ya'll
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