October 23rd, 2001


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"Come alive with the Pepsi generation" translates into Japanese 'Pepsi will make your ancestors rise from the grave"--nate

Oh, and Perdue's "it takes a strong man to make a tender chicken" translates in Italian into "it takes an aroused man to make a chicken affecitonate"--nate too

kelli is the coolest person ever!

Name: Kelli Marie Cooper

Name you wish you had: I met this girl named Kellilla. I thought that was a cool name. Dont know why !?!?!. My fav name used to be Angela.

B-day: December 4th 1983

Today's Date: October 23rd

Random Date: March 22nd, 6969

Random Number: 18 ( gonna be 18 soon .. FINALLY!

Random person: E.T. ... this guy in my english class.. very random guy.

Most disgusting food: brustel sprouts ( is that how you spell it ? )

Which super hero (ANY super hero) is the coolest and why: Me. Because I'm God, and you just cant get cooler than that.

How would you torture, maim, and/or dismember someone you really don't like?: Hvae them fill out 1 MILLION surveys, THEN make them listen to hot 99.5 untill they pass out, THEN make them unpack a million tiny plastic packages, then deal with STUPID preteens who ask, " How much is this 12.00
item when it's half off? i'm stupid and dont know how to do fucking easy math" then make them try to sell stupid boyband cd's that nobody wants even
if they are only 99 cents ...

You're in a boring, pointless class and don't want to pay attention. What do you do? draw cartoons of the perfessor in akward situations.

If you had an infinite supply of Jello, what would you do with it?: Lots of things. Hey! that wounld be an interesting way to kill someone !

What sucks? I mean, REALLY sucks: Guys... dont get me wrong I still want guys, they just suck sometimes.

What is the worst part about living at home with your parents?: EVERYTHING. the questions, and them telling me when I should go to bed. And hearing
everyones 'away at college FUN stories' ..actully I like hearing those.

What would you do with a million dollars and a day to live?: buy a bunch of sporks and through them at people off a tall building. & buy a bunch of lisol ( sp? ) cans follow someone around and spray everything they touch while saying ' damnit! ' each time.

Which of the following would you prefer?
~The power to make anybody enjoy being with you
~The power to make anybody suffer miserably
~The power to make anybody fall in love with you
~The power to make anybody logically (not emotionally) agree with you:
all of them ! i want them all. That would be awesome.

Of the following, which was the greatest
invention?~Microwave,~Toothbrush,~Condoms,~Television : I think condoms were
a really good invention, but my microwave isn't working and I'm going CRAZY... so thats a hard one. oh yea. and i like toothbruchs too.

Which of the following is the worst to watch on television?
~Golf, ~MacNeil Lehrer, ~Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, ~Jerry Springer:

Which of the following is the most annoying?
~Hearing one of your friends give away the ending to a movie you were going
to see?
~When your alarm is set for 9:00am, waking up at 8:59am due to some noise outside
~When you say you hate a rock group, getting asked by everyone else "You hate [rockgroup's name]?!
~Getting all excited to check you e-mail and then finding out it's nothing but annoying stuff from newsletters, or junkmail or those surveys:
The last one ... about the surveys and the junkmail. happens every day.

Which of the following is the more mysterious?
-How they get shrink wrap on things:
-How black lights work:
-Why some shoes squeek:
How DO blacklights work ??

what would be a cool survey question to ask?( the person you send this to has to answer it ): How many times have you done Michelle's mom? OR What will you get Kelli for her birthday ( just kidding ) ( kidding )

i had the best day

today was cool..i was on the bus and i saw Ryan walk by.. Ryan as in random weird dude who has an odd resemblence to tom green...then later i saw him at the mall....i was like whoa...i got in a fight with Tiha.. like a physical fight....i blocked like 5 kicks and then i kicked her in the ass..and it was great.....i win...... i went to class..today was my midterm!!!! i SO thought it was thursday!...but i wrote a kickass 6 paragraph essay about myself.. i'm a great product...i know enough about me...so yeah i have one over the absent thing but he said if i wasnt absent for like the rest of the semester and i turn in an essay by thursday , then i still have a chance at passing the class.... rock on!!!..... after class it was like 1:40-something.. ause i finished my midterm essay.. i went to the Writing center to see if ET was there (he didnt goto class cause he had a paper to do or somethign) he was there....typing with his one good hand... hehe... it was amusing to watch him struggle...then i helped him out... so he owes me for like 3 times now....whatever shall i make him do for me???..MWUAHAHAHAHA!.....then i went to the mall.. as usual.. i talked to greg for a while...i'm like an EBX ho now....i'm always there or at suncoast.... then i talked to Rob..and ryan was there...and he was like lets go get some food..and i was like "i cant cause i'm goin to a friends house for dinner" and he was like lets go anyway...and i was like no...cause i dont know him all that well...i actually never talked to him except for today......which is odd....then i went and talked to greg again.....then i went to chris's house..and he made psghettie and it was orgasmically good...oh man.....SO GOOD.... oh man....i cant even get over it.... oh man. yum.... adn we watched buffy...and spike is still OH so hot...and the trio....3 evil dudes are adorable cause they are all dorks and i'm a big dork lover...its great....i think its because Jonathan on Buffy is so much like MIchael on QAF..i dont know why...odd resemblence.. no physical though...anyway..now i'm home...i'm gonna go play some more ducktales cause i can...my class is at 3:30 tomarrow... but i have a dentist apt toamrrow morning at like 9:30.UCH...thats what i wanna do in the am..get up early and have my teeth drilled... wow... not....uch....i was thinkin about having another party friday night... not a big one.. just a random one.. what do you all think?

homecoming is saturday night....i'm going to robbie's house......then erica's..
maybe i'll sneek into the dance if i get bored at robbie's......

quote of the day:
" i was watchign the weekest link and i never knew kato kalin was so hot"--chris aka bluedude (whatever)

i wanna go see monsters inc.. cause its so cute...i ususally hate cutsie movies like that.....but that one just looks SO funny!

i was listening to NFG like all day in my CD player....i like them a whole lot..

my paper that i wrote on mark brill...i passed it.....i dont need to re-write it!! ROCK ON!!!!
i know i'm not gonna pass my study habits class...i'm going to math tomarrow..i have to.....i gotta do my last 3 lessons...i'm going...i'm NOT gonna miss it.....

ok today i wore a bra (go me right).. but it was a 36 and i'm a 38 and i didnt think it would be as uncomftorble as it was and so i was very very annoyed...like all day...and i would have just taken it off but then i would have had to heard another one of Tihanna's boring speaches....so whatever


umm....today was a good day....tomarrow will suck though
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i'm very upset with my ducktales game...it keeps freezing....grr..... i'm sad......i did however beet the amazon level thing but not like it matters cause it keeps FREEZING
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