October 27th, 2001


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i'm drunk very drunk, i'm drunk very drunk, i'm drunk very drunk, i'm drunk very drunk, i'm drunk very drunk, i'm drunk very drunk, i'm drunk very drunk,


i went to rob's...with AC and ryan and rob.. and me and AC drank a whole lot out of the worlds biggest shotglass...but i think it was lying......MWUAHAHAHA

peaches come from a can , they were put there by a man in a factory down town

i'm annoyed at the clique..cause they didnt tell me that they were doing homecomign shit..not like it matters to me..but its not like they were doing anything i couldnt be a part of..i could help decorate and whatever.. but no.. no one loves me.. so my option is to get really drunk in which i am at this very point in time...

at least i am punk as sid!.. cause he's fuckin sweet.....

i dont wanna work, i just wanna play on my drums all day

oragne vodka is good..justin's rum sucks.. so we mixed it with stuff and stuff.. and then it was ok....and all was drunkin out of a very tall shotglass... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i'm hungry.......i'm not waring a shirt.. whered my shirt go??

i'm lost..

i love you

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today is Shara's birthday


you rock cause you're the coolest ever!

i have a bday poem to shara

shara rules
shara's cool
shara like's spoons
what? huh? i dont know
shara knows

the end

rock on!

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today i think i'm going to montgomery mall with my stepsister and my mom...

i'm tired as fuck

i completly overlooked the whole "if i drink now i'll get a hangover later" thing....

oh man.. but yeah.. i dunno

so yeah...

call my cell today

rock on!
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a warning from Jaime Paige

Don't go to the bathroom on October 30th. CIA intelligence reports that a major plot is planned for that day. Anyone who takes a poop on the 30th will be bitten on the ass by an alligator. Reports indicate that organized groups of alligators are planning to rise up into unsuspecting American's toliet bowls and bite them when they are doing their dirty business.

I usually don't send emails like this, but I got this information from a reliable source. It came from a friend of a friend whose cousin is dating this girl whose brother knows this guy whose wife has a hairdresser whose husband buys hotdogs from this guy who knows a shoeshine guy who shines the shoes of a mailroom worker who has a friend who's drug dealer sells drugs to another mailroom worker who works in the CIA building. He apparently overheard two guys talking in the bathroom about alligators and came to the
conclusion that we are going to be attacked. So it must be true.

lol very important, no? heeheehee thats by Audrey

montgomery mall

i went to MM with my mom and step sister..

we went to the california pizza place..it was REALLY good.. everyone should go there... a whole lot..

i applied for a job at the ice scream store..i always wanted to work at an ice cream store for some reason so i applied...i doubt i'll get it ..but whatever...

i stopped by spencers saw ET for like 2 seconds (literally) and left.. the stroe was crowded..i'm gonna call him later and see if he wants to come party with me

robbie's party is tonight.. rock on.. then erica's is tongiht.. double the rock on!..

i'm so sleeping with jeff tonight.. and we are gonna be all kinds of cool together and not have wild mad passionate sex.. cause he's gay.. but yeah... *CHOMP*


ROCK ON!!!!! he's so cool


so yeah..call my cell tonight.. come to hang out at whatever party i am at..cause party;s are cool

and i too dislike cathan franklin
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