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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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you have no friends....shut up.....mutha fucka! [28 Oct 2001|02:07pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so yeah.. i went to robbie's....HANNAH!!!! she gave me a neckalace of safety pins!! ROCK ON!!.. i was really mad for some reason so i layed in the middle of robbie's floor for at least 3 hours.. and i made RObert lye there with me.. and then Zach, bong, mirabai, robbie, julia, and some others decided to fall on us a whole lot......and jump on us.....and ya know.. breathing is all kinds of good and when u cant do it it really sucks!>. assholes.. whatever....then i pretty much wasted the night away..... and then at like 11--something i started walking to ericas.....it was COLD AS ANYTHING!!!!!! oh man...and they sent someone to come pick me up..after i was waiting for like 45 fuckin min in the cold......i got to Ericas....i pretty much stayed upstairs the entire night...and hung out.... i had henry the eight in my head all night and i was singing..but i was singing it wrong.. and then suposably i turned into some 14 yr old black kid..and was like mutha fucka every second word...i SO dont remember a whole lot from last night....whatever.....i love jeff...... this mornign was better..... aside from the whole sick thing....we went bowling.. and i got more bouncy balls..... and everyone took pictures of everyone holding blue bowling balls and it was funny....then we watched movies and everyone else played scrabble.. or something...... at robbie;s...the little 15 yr olds were like lets goto Corner kick ....and i was so up for it....but then they ended up fucking kevin and some other guy and mirabai got pist.. or they didnt fuck them but they were going to or something..i dunno....i was laying on the floor... and so i couldnt goto corner kick....which sucks.......ET did call me at like 3am or somewhere around there......twice...... i SO dont remember what he said though....i really hope it wasnt important...... he's so cool.... apperently he got groped by some 30 yr old woman..... whatever......

"viva, you're so cute, u remind me of a mushroom..... I MEAN MARSHMELLOW!!!!!"--frankie

that was so funny
i'm tired......i'm home.....call me if u want me.....whatever....

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dream symbols--from julia [28 Oct 2001|03:14pm]
You need to be firm about refusing plans which don't really appeal to you.

Hey.. dude... I think my dream was trying to tell me not to go to Robbie's party, heh.

You can expect an astonishing turn of events and/or some really astounding news if your dream involved wearing or observing fancy dress. The omen is especially fortunate if the costumes were worn by children or very young people.

Palm Pilot; Palm Computer
A hand-sized computer offers a smaller, less engulfing version of a regular computer dream. In this case, the symbolic compulsion for complete control is balanced with the object's portability, so that a palm device is actually a positive indicator of your practical and outgoing nature.

Putting food in predicts continued (or increasing) prosperity; taking food out is a forecast of unexpected guests.

The meaning of money in a dream is as variable as its meaning in conscious life, and although there is some disagreement among authorities, the great majority concur that to pay, give, or lend money augurs well for all that concerns you. Receiving money is also a good omen, providing it was honestly come by; it signifies security through development of your own resources. To dream of finding money is a sign of mixed blessings; your financial success will be accompanied by disappointment in its effect. Losing money in a dream is an omen of contrary; you are likely to have a windfall. To change money (as paper for coins or large denominations for small, etc.) indicates problems created by your own carelessness in the handling of your affairs; a dream of exchanging money (as for foreign currency) means an increase in material wealth; to borrow money signifies a need to retrench and a warning against extravagance. To spend money prophesies an unexpected profit, and to steal it predicts an unexpected stroke of luck. To dream of counting or saving money promises personal happiness providing it was NOT done in a miserly way.

If the coins were counterfeit, the dream foretells a minor illness; otherwise it is a fortunate omen of unexpected gain. However, this is, in a way, a peculiar dream of contrary in that the smaller or less valuable the coins are in the dream the greater will be your gain.

To dream of meat, as such, is a fortunate omen for business affairs; a dream of buying meat suggests an auspicious time for a risk or even a gamble; cutting meat in a dream indicates a coming increase in material wealth, possibly a legacy or inheritance. Cooking meat predicts a change of circumstances; throwing meat away is a warning against extravagance, unless it was spoiled, in which case it indicates a lucky escape from a potential danger or obstacle.

The meaning of this dream depends on its aspect and your relation to it. As a general guide if it was daylight and the structure was in good repair and you crossed it without difficulty, it signifies a satisfactory change and prosperity. If the structure was damaged in any way, you are warned against making any changes for the time being.

Obstacles and delays are the keynote of this dream, but the interpretation should be modified by the prevailing conditions. The clearness of the night, any moonlight, stars or sign of dawn reduces the adverse aspect.

To dream of using a telephone is a warning that you have rivalry where you least expect it. If your dream featured a telephone which was out of order, it portends sad news.
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[28 Oct 2001|03:33pm]
[ mood | sad ]

apperently marc doesnt goto Watkins mill anymore...some newport private school......jeremy is home for 2 weeks on med leave.what? i dont know......what?

whatever i dont know......


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[28 Oct 2001|03:35pm]
[ mood | sad ]

apperently marc doesnt goto Watkins mill anymore...some newport private school......jeremy is home for 2 weeks on med leave.what? i dont know......what?

whatever i dont know......


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[28 Oct 2001|08:23pm]
[ mood | eh ]

i talked to jeremy on the phone for about 3 hours or so..... i love him......we're gonna hang out cause he's home for two weeks...

i basically watched TV all night...

my 'rents went to my uncle's..on their way back the car broke down...so they were late.........

daniel calls..... he's gonna be somewhere up here tonight....he might stop by to say hi........ he's taking a road trip to Tampa Fl to see some girl..... i told him about how much i wanted to have sex with ET and he got all jealous and it was funny as shit......i love daniel......crazy mofo

my ear itches

Angela-- maybe he's bi.. hehe..... or just wants to tap that ass

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julia [28 Oct 2001|08:43pm]
julia---i wasnt making fun of you or trying to hurt you....its just that i couldnt breath and even when mirabai was sitting on us..she was sitting on robert and like robert's ass not on his back which was on my chest and the only reason i was bitching is because i couldnt breathe.....like i was seriously choking..and you know after zach, kevin, mirabai, and other peopel sitting on us and having trouble breatheing..and then robbie like fuckin JUMPING on us and body slamming us on the ground.. like we could go down any fuckin further, like more people sitting on us just was not pleasent at all.....so i apoligize for hurting your feelings or whatever.....but being alive is good right now...and not breathing is bad
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today's stars [28 Oct 2001|10:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Justin Timberlake, of N*Sync, will come out of the closet, with much rejoicing of gay men around the world. Meanwhile, Britney Spears will hide in her mansion for 3 months, embarrassed that she ever dated one of those men. Eminem will then chase after her, thinking that they are destined to be together.

Britney Spears will file bankruptcy after losing a lawsuit against her plastic surgeon, not realizing that extreme gravity can occur after having a child while having implants. By the way, no one knows if the baby is Justin Timberlakes or Eminems, and will remain a mystery until all three die.

Christina Aguilera goes after Ricky Martin, and then discovers that Ricky and Justin Timberlake have been having an affair. She later gets tested HIV positive, and reveals that during the time that she discovered the Ricky/Justin thing, she decided to earn more money, and walked the streets of Reno, Nevada, under the name Chrissy, wearing clothes from Moulin Rouge

While horseback riding on her father, John Voights, horse farm in Virginia, the world is astonished when Angelina Jolie bounces off of her collagen-injected lips after falling off her horse. The vial of her husbands blood breaks and she decides that if it broke, then they werent meant to be together. A divorce occurs soon thereafter, and she goes into a mental institution and befriends Mariah Carey.

Deciding that she had revealed too much skin, J.Lo enters a nunnery. What she didnt realize was that she wanted to enter a convent, not a whorehouse, but remains happy nonetheless.

Ellen Degeneres and Melissa Etheridge become partners and live in Salem, Massachusetts. After a huge breakup, Melissa explains that a being from the Macedonian era had possessed her. Ellen is then tried for witchcraft and is burned at the stake. Guess there are still Puritans, after all.

After discovering that Heather Graham was found giving a blowjob to a fourteen-year-old boy, Heath Ledger dumps her and begins to date Liz Hurley. It is reported by a neighbor that they play dress-up often, Hurley portraying the devil.

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[28 Oct 2001|10:52pm]
QAF was great tonight..... it was the one with the lesbian sex and the hung jury thing (chris knows what i'm talkin about)
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