October 29th, 2001



i'm very really cold....i slept on the couch in the computer room again......my neck hurts like a mofo.. i'm really cold.....i already said that......

my math midterm is today.....i so have to study at least a little bit...

i miss ET.....i havent hung out with him in a while..yeah i saw him a few times....but we havent hung out... whatever

daniel didnt come over last night and if he did i was asleep.....

yesterday i watched a vh1 special on the mamas and the papas..... michelle was definatly the hottest.... and mama cass died of a heart attack not of a ham sandwich..... it was kinda interesting...i like them a whole lot.....

i've been reflecting on the weekend..... yeah i did some really REALLY retarded things this weekend.. i guess i felt kind of empty or something and thought that drinking on friday and smoking up (a lot) on saturday would fill it..... whatever....i apoligize if i hurt anyone in my stupidity....

i'm still cold...

i dont know what to wear...... i cant find my long sleep shirt....

my hair is getting long... time to bust out the hat..
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i'm too fuckin tired today....

i woke up.went to school....hung out with ET by the pond for like half an hour....he gets his cast off tomarrow.... apperently some drunk old woman kept groping him this weeking and her boyfriend or husband or something who was supossably big, bald and like 6'9.,... was like "get away from my woman"....and whatever

i played gin with tihanna for a while....

i went to class....took my midterm.....i really hope i did well...

i have a lot of pain in my right ear ......its weird

i went to the mall.....on the bus..this random dude was like hitting on me..i was listening to my cd player and he was asking me about my music...he's apperently never heard of a new found glory or manic street preachers.. whatever....his name is mel......and the only reason i talked to him at all is cause he had nice eyes.....that was my only reason....he looked about 15 or so... whatever ever ever

aperently jeremy and angela got in some huge fight and angela wasnt at school today and that was sad....

apperently james has a gf now.....whatever

i talked to greg for a while.i didnt even go up to suncoast.....i was way too tired...

i told my mom i probably failed my study class...and she started bitching.....supoosably i have to take 4 classes next semester as opposed to 3.. whatever.....i think i can deal...i'll see about the photography classes

not so much my back....but my neck is killing me..

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no, i did NOT escape, i bribed the guards

"I just wanna be a rock star, yea, i just wanna be the king i wannna be on top"

"Government! Two parts parasitic and the rest stupid fumbling"

" ' If i ever meet myself,' said Zaphod, 'I'll hit myself in the head so hard i won't know what hit me'"

"border: and imaginary line between two nations, separating the imaginary rights of one nation with the imaginary rights of the other"

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i saw frankie at the bus stop this morning.....she was skippin class...she's so funny....she thinks i'm like the cutest thing.....i dont know why.....i totally dont see it

Mirabai is having a thing on wednesday....to have people come over and watch like horror movies and stuff until like 10pm......i might go...cause no one else has mentioned anything to do....so whatever.....if anything is going on....someone should call me!!! DAMNIT!

I scored 7 on the pervertedlogic.com CyberWhore Poll!


Since you've finally gotten yourself on this new-fangled internet thingy, you've gone out of your way to avoid anything that might sully the pure image you hold of yourself. You're simply above all that, right? Hmmm... what's this here in your history folder? http://www.goatse.cx?

i dont get it.....weird
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boston public was cool.....ally is funnily retarded

my convo with chris about it all

DivaVivaLF (9:12:59 PM): are u watching ally?

Blue02Dude (9:13:05 PM): no

DivaVivaLF (9:13:14 PM): u should......its so retardidly funny

Blue02Dude (9:13:25 PM): ok

DivaVivaLF (9:13:28 PM): boston public was great.....what do u think the mother is up to?

Blue02Dude (9:14:34 PM): i don't know. i missed half of it because i was filling out towson's application.

DivaVivaLF (9:15:02 PM): oh....she like went to the school and told the principal for the teachers to stop harrassing her at home

Blue02Dude (9:15:28 PM): oh
Blue02Dude (9:15:35 PM): was the hand hers?
Blue02Dude (9:15:39 PM): the one they dissected?

DivaVivaLF (9:16:06 PM): yeah it was.....she says its a gardining accident....and the hot blonde dude apoligzed to marla
DivaVivaLF (9:16:14 PM): for calling her fat
DivaVivaLF (9:16:33 PM): and the blonde chick applied for a teaching job there and guber and princeipal were like huh?

Blue02Dude (9:16:55 PM): yeah, i knew that was going to happen


a quote stolen from efreedenberg's lj

E: Stop being such a womanizer!

David: Telling me to stop being a womanizer is like telling a bird not to fly. Unless of course it's a penguin. But if it's a female penguin give her my number.

i'm retarded.....i'm probably gonna start watching ally mcbeal now......... that boy on it is SO cute!!!!
diet cranberry gingerale sucks.....i want regular cranberry gingerale

my friend Ali (the actress from nash bridges)...her number is IMATOOL.....how funny is that

kimo sent out an email today.... i sent one out too...

i have class at 12:30 tomarrow