November 4th, 2001


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so yeah.....tonight was lame

today peter and zack randomly rang my doorbell and was like yeah we got nuthin to do...i was like can u give me a lift to the mall.....they were like yeah... so we went to the mall..i hung out with AC and twiggs...i bought SHREK....cause its the cutest movie ever..i talked to greg..... then ET called

bum bum bum..

not actually...he came to pick me up and we went back to my house.. caused a whole lotta trouble upstairs while my stepdad was sex involved.. i felt bad cause at random points i kept thinking of greg.... and i was like oh shit... dude.. its not cool.... ET is completly amazing

so then he dropped me back at the mall...i saw brian(my daddy) and Dennis (who i adore)....AC bought me a sandwich cause i hadent eatin in like 2 days.. then i cought the 59 to the village cause the 58 stopped running...then walked a mile to crystal's.... it was lame.. everyone was fucked up except for audrey.....i was there hangin for liek an hour..then i left.. cause i didnt want to be around all that..and wahtnot..and the cockroaches bother me... just a little...peter,kevin,pat in the hat, audrey, duby, andrew, melissa(mallrat), ghost(mallrat), alan (random dude--i took his hat), crystal(cause she lives there), frankie (who's as cute as a mushroom), ac and tweiggs, and tyler, and robert.. i think thats it..then a whole lotta random people.... patrick (crystal's brother) was about to beat some guy down with a stick or something..i left crystals early..walked like a mile.then diane and gini drive by and are like "yeah we're going to crystals" and i'm liek can i get a ride home then....yeah i walked all that way for nothing..... we went to crystals..diane and gini got hit on a whole lot.... then they gave me a ride home.... i'm bored......i just took a shower.... i'm SO naked!!!...*(buff)...... under my PJs....anyone wanna come hang out.....yes right now
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i woke up at 8something...fell back asleep woke up at 10:;30-something.. which is cool....i went to sleep at like 3-ish..

no one came over.... although i called greg just to be like whats up.. and then he was going to sleep (this is all around midnight), then Daniel called to see if he could go get stephanie(the hot asian chick) and come over--i told him sure--but does he ever show up.. no, then ET called--high as shit.. apperently he was smokin a whole lot with the other dude at spencers..

et gave me a massage yesterday...oh man it felt so back still hurts though...but anything helps

today... nothing.. go figure.. my mom comes back today.. in the afternoon

my hair is getting superlong with a MAD POOF attached.. curl much.....stupid israeli hair

speaking of israel, my Aunt Nili called.. she she doesnt live across from the yeshiva house.. fuckin yeshiva boys.. oh shoulda seen the look on their faces when i flashed them....stupid obscene assholes, they should be shot.. just the ones in israel.. so yeah..her and her boyfriend (yossi or shlomi) one of those.. they moved.. he owns a drum/music store..he's so cool..
i miss her...she's gotta be my coolest aunt she's REAL pretty and has cool friends.. she too is a massage therapist (like my mom).. i have her card in my wallet or in my room ...i have it soemwhere....but its all in hebrew so tend to one you couldnt read it anyway...unless you read the JDS folk..or people like them.. hehe.. anyway

i'm bored and/or tired..

call me at home/ccell....whatever...u can come over...but i hair is frighteningly curley and poofy

anyway.. lates
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so yeah...i've been watching tv literally all day...slacker much? yes i am..... greg called....said he might stop by....but that was like at 1-ish... so mom came home and brought me a shirt from "the road kill cafe" .. its pretty funny.. i'm sure some of my friends will appriciate it...

in the end is SUCH a pretty song....

my mom is SO annoying...she came home and went to MY computer...not her laptop....MY computer!!!!! and then she leaves it on!..... my computer cant stay on a whole lot cause it will the fan is still broken and so it gets LOUD!..... motherfucker!.... anyway...... whatever.....she doesnt shut all...she needs too.....stupid parents....whatever

i hope jeff is ok......i'm really worried.... really really worried..

i've been in my PJs all yeah.....all day.... slacker much.....yeah i am
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