November 6th, 2001


ho hum day

first off... happy birthday Eitan..i dont know u all that well...but happy bday anyway......u rock!

next..weird dream last was me, et, keira, a whole bunch of other people in a class room..... me and ET were talking about how hot keira is...cause she is...and it was on the lines of him u mind if me and keira hooked up.. and i said something like no its all good..and he said something about being my boyfriend and i was like..well you're not my boyfriend so its ok.. and then they hooked up in my dream and that was odd....i dont even know keira was in it...i havent heard from or talked to her in like 2 and a half to 3 months.. i should call her.....

i told ET about the dream...he was just like....whatever ever......bread crumbs..he mad some like bracelt thing like 2 years ago.. like sew it together and stuff......he gave it to me..that was nice
before class we went to montgomery spencers some chick was working and her daughter , who is like 2, had one of those random gift bags with a picture of a fat lady on them..and was like taking shot glasses and putting them in the bag and then like walking twards the door of the store.. it was the funniest thing.....this 2 year old little girl was like stealing shot glasses....starten young....hehe it was so funny...then ET picked her up and brought her back to her mom... oh man.. ET holding that kid was SO CUTE!!!....i was like awww....

i went to class.. my english paper on process... didnt didnt make sense to me. but i got a p- and not an X.. so rock on....but i had to wre-write the WHOLE FUCKIN THING.. with the revisions.. and my wrist re-hurt like a bitch.. also today this chick..kristy or christine or soemthing like that (the chick i gave the "hug me i wanna cookie" sign to.) she ws like hitting on me....she's really cute.. i might try to hook up with that..i kissed her on the cheek.. it was cute.. i hung out with Tiha and Chris(long haired white boy)..i stole chris's hat..its real nice..but i have to give it i completly forgot i was wearing it until i got on the bus.. so yeah i went to the mall...greg bought a fugazi CD...cause his guitarist told him too..., i'm so proud of him.. ..talked to Rene in suncoast..saw peter.. saw Ryan and Justin!!! i love them...we chatted.. the idea for a gift for Kimi is the best thing i've EVER heard... oh man...i'm SO in!!!....hehehehe... for the 22nd. if u want to have a party at my house..for imidiate clique members (aka festivus goers) its all good..

i called rob to see if he was coming over tonight.. apperently his (deaf) aunt.. who was in the hospital..the doctors said there was nothing they could do.. so they took her off life support and she died and its SO SAD!!! she was neat..i cried.. its very very sad....there is a memorial service thing at rob's house all day on friday.. i'm gonna go..

greg gave me a ride home.. straight up..nothing bad was done..which is good..

i'm taping buffy in like an hour....musical fun

that is all..
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i dont know why becca thinks everyone doesnt like her..i like becca..i think she's nice.. i've thought that for years now.. just my thought..doesnt amount to anything probably..

jews news

Rel/Ed Weekly (Volume 3, Issue 18)
Parsha: Chayei Sarah
Date: November 5, 2001
D'var Torah:

In this weeks parsha, we witness the death of Sarah. Avraham while burying his wife sends his
servant Eliezer to there native land to find a wife for Yitzchak. Why would he want to find a
wife for his son at that time? Shouldn't it be a time of mourning not of celebration. I guess they
wanted to move on with there lives.

The parsha says that there are strict requirements that are put out for his wife. Eliezer picks out
Rivka and she does not know but she does meet the requirements. The family must give
approval and they do.

What do you suppose these requirements were? Well, suppose she must be Jewish and she
must have beauty. she also maybe, must want to have children so that the heritage would

I don't know what they were. In this time, the only requirement that anyone has is that they love
the person. Your partner may be ugly and stupid, but as long as your in love, it should not ever

So what can we learn. Well, remember to move on when you are down. It is the only way you
could continue. Shabbat Shalom.

Parsha Summary:

Sarah dies in Kiryat Arba at the age of one hundred and twenty seven. After Avraham finishes
mourning for her, he buys the
cave of Machpela from Efron the Hittite, and buries her there.

Avraham sends his servant, Eliezer, to find a wife for Yitzhak (Isaac) in Haran. Eliezer prays to
G-d for guidance and Rivka
(Rebecca) arrives, showing through her actions that she is the woman he is seeking. After giving
Eliezer and his camels water,
she invites them back to her father's house. Eliezer bargains with her family to be able to take
her back to Yitzhak as a wife and
Rivka agrees to go with him. Rivka meets Yitzhak and he brings her into his mother's tent
and takes her as his wife.

Avraham remarries and has six more sons, but gives everything to Yitzhak, while sending
away his other sons with gifts.
Avraham dies at the age of one hundred and seventy five and Yitzhak and Yishmael bury him
in the cave of Machpela. The
Parsha ends by detailing the generations of Yishmael.

Courtesay of the Edinburgh Torah Weekly

Web Site of the Week:
Jewish Theological Seminary

Quote of the Week:

"I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you
do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you."
-- Colin Raye

random jokes

A kid goes up to his father and says, "Hey, Pop, know how old I am today?"
His father says, " old?"
He says, "I'm eleven!"
He goes into the kitchen and says to his grandmother,
"Hey, Grandma, know how old I am today?"
She says, "Come closer..."
She unzips his jeans and reaches her thin, spotted arm down into his underwear.
She fondles his genitals for a few minutes and then she says, "You're eleven."
He says, "How could you tell?"
She says, "I heard you tell your father."

A Woman walks into a supermarket and buys the following:
1 bar of soap
1 toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste
1 loaf of bread
1 pint of milk
1 single serving cereal
1 single serving frozen dinner
The guy at the checkout looks at her and says..
"hehe,So youre single i take it?"
The woman replies very sarcastically, "How did you guess?"
He replies, "Because you're fucking ugly".

Mike's wife was furiously humping away with her husband's
best mate Jack when suddenly the phone rang.
She hopped out of bed and returned to the sweaty sheets
after a brief conversation.
"Who was it? The back stabbing buddy asked.
"Oh, that was Mike." She replied calmly.
"Oh shit, I'd better be going then!" he said. "Did Mike say where he was?"
"Relax, he's down at the bar, playing a few games of pool with you."

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musical buffy was neato.. the demon guy had a GREAT voice.. spike is hot.. he and buffy kissed...i wonder if they did the breath off thing like the last time they had to kiss...giles has a suprisingly good voice..i was like wow.... i'm also taping NYPD blue cause i know chris likes that too....and if there is room i'll tape the episode of QAF.. even though i have it on another tape soemwhere.. sunflower seed s are good.. root beer is good too.. my wrist hurts a lot..

i'm tired.. but not really..but yeah kinda..if u understand at all.

hey isnt that USY fall convention this weekend or next weekend or something.. whenever.. to my JewCrew.. have fun.. take pictures.. get points..etc
in other USY convention is in DC this year so i'm planning on stopping by on some of the days to cause trouble.. and piss off daniel rosenthal and janna schuster cause they really hate me.. or dislike me emensly.. whichever.. i enjoy causing trouble.. especially to people who dont like me

anyway..... 3:30 class tomarrow......uch.... stupid math

i have a headache

John david and David called. my mom said David is probably not gonna live through the year.. which is really really REALLY REALLY sad.. they are my gay love fathers.. except when JD is trying to make out with me.. crazy homosexual middle aged folk who i absolutely adore in every sense of the word....i love them.. i'm so sad.. aww

" I WANT TO BE INDESTRUCTABLE!!!"--miri newman-paul

question of the day: (brought to you by my dirty dinker's AIM info)

What happened to the first 6 ups?

i serve my head up on a plate, its only comfort calling late, cause there's nothign else to do, every me and every you
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i got a job interview......randomly!! ROCK ON!!!!

i have a job interview tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!!
at spencers at Lakeforest.. go figure..
this random chick Imed me..she's the coolest

Singing forever [9:54 PM]: what's up VIva? 18/f G-burg

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:55 PM]: hey

Singing forever [9:55 PM]: how are you

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:55 PM]: i'm ok you?

Singing forever [9:56 PM]: doing alright. just got off of work, trying to relax before my roomate gets home and begs for the phone

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:56 PM]: thats cool

Singing forever [9:56 PM]: i suppose. she annoys the hell outta me

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:57 PM]: why not get a new roomate?

Singing forever [9:57 PM]: i live at her house. I am moving out in January with my coworker and his gf. so I'll like it a lot better

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:57 PM]: awesome..sounds like fun

Singing forever [9:57 PM]: oh yeah. most def

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:58 PM]: rock on

Singing forever [9:58 PM]: i see that your profile says you are job searching

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:58 PM]: yeah i am

Singing forever [9:58 PM]: you should come work at Spencer's in Lakeforest Mall. We need more people asap

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:59 PM]: really.. i'll apply....i'm at lakeforest everyday....i'm a mallrat

Singing forever [9:59 PM]: oh gawd. lol. not another one.
Singing forever [9:59 PM]: i'm there everyday too only because I work everyday

DivaVivaLeFreek [9:59 PM]: i dont hang out with the other mallrats really.. well i'm there cause its on my way home from classes

Singing forever [9:59 PM]: gotcha
Singing forever [10:00 PM]: do you go into Spencer's often?

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:00 PM]: not particularly..i go in every now and then.....i hang out in Suncoast (cause i used to work there) and EBX.. cause i can.. a lot

Singing forever [10:00 PM]: my assistant manager used to work there

Singing forever [10:01 PM]: Soula

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:01 PM]: soula's pretty.. i know who she is

Singing forever [10:01 PM]: yeah she is

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:02 PM]: cool....i know people at the spencers at montgomery... but i know everyone else everywhere else at lakeforest

Singing forever [10:02 PM]: tomorrow is her last day at this Spencer's because she is gonna be manager at the Wheaton Plaza Spencer's, then in January she is coming back to this one and will be manager then i will be asst. manager

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:02 PM]: awesome

Singing forever [10:03 PM]: yeah, I'm gonna miss her =(

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:03 PM]: yeah

Singing forever [10:03 PM]: i gotta work 4-10 tomorrow. you should seriously drop by and get an application

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:04 PM]: i have class from 3:30 to 4:45.. so i'll more than likely stop by..its all good

Singing forever [10:04 PM]: that's cool
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:05 PM]: rock on

Singing forever [10:06 PM]: ah i think it's about time for me to go soak myself in the shower. I am so extremely sore

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:06 PM]: u should get a massage then... they are useful

Singing forever [10:07 PM]: yea, well for some reason I am always the one giving them
Singing forever [10:07 PM]: i never get one because everyone sucks at it that tries
Singing forever [10:07 PM]: i guess the only way I will get a good one is if I pay for it. lol

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:07 PM]: well, i'm pretty good with my hands.. my mom is a massage therapist and i start massage school in january.. so if ur nice to me i might give u one if u ask

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:08 PM]: ;)

Singing forever [10:08 PM]: i am nice to everyone =)
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:08 PM]: rock on

Singing forever [10:09 PM]: ah i'm gonna wait on the shower
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:10 PM]: showers are good..i like showers

Singing forever [10:11 PM]: yeah me too, but i don't even think i can stand to take one right now. i am too incredibly sore.

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:11 PM]: thats sad
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:11 PM]: i hope u feel thing that u can do is alternate ice and heat on whatever hurts....its underrated but it helps a lot

Singing forever [10:12 PM]: how about you come do that for me while i sleep. lol. j/p

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:13 PM]: i walk like a whole lotta miles a day.. i'm so not leaving my house again tonight

Singing forever [10:13 PM]: lol. i'll come there. i love to walk

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:13 PM]: where do u live?
Singing forever [10:14 PM]: right next to the mall
Singing forever [10:14 PM]: 5 minute walk from the mall

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:14 PM]: thats like a 10 mile walk right there...i live right by watkins mill hs.. ..well a mile and a half in the direction of germantown

Singing forever [10:15 PM]: oh dayum
Singing forever [10:15 PM]: lol
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:15 PM]: its all good
Singing forever [10:15 PM]: that's a hike and a half
DivaVivaLeFreek [10:15 PM]: yeah

Singing forever [10:18 PM]: it's extremely difficult to massage your own back. lol
Singing forever [10:18 PM]: yes...I am attempting to

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:18 PM]: yeah i know..but u can do straches to help.. its just hard to describe them

Singing forever [10:18 PM]: oh well

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:19 PM]: i'll give u a massage tomarrow.. depending on the timing and stuff

Singing forever [10:19 PM]: sounds like a deal
Singing forever [10:20 PM]: but seriously..we need more peeps there. and you would get like 25 hours a week depending on how much you can work, and what hours you can work

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:22 PM]: that rocks..i'll definatly apply..

Singing forever [10:22 PM]: cool cool

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:23 PM]: do u guys do on the spot interviews or do i have to wait an obscene amount of time for you guys to call or somethign?

Singing forever [10:23 PM]: can probably do on the spot. i can actually interview you tomorrow

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:23 PM]: cool.. that would kick ass
Singing forever [10:24 PM]: yeah...i'll do that then

DivaVivaLeFreek [10:24 PM]: thanks a lot.. you are great

Singing forever [10:24 PM]: i try
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