November 8th, 2001


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i like alien ant farm

the guy rocks...

uch interview interview interview!!!!!.. stupid nice clothes..

tonight the WM thing.. do i really want to go? am i going to miss W+G for this? uch..

hug me

call my cell 301-254-5308
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coffee house

Subject: The Bands info
The Bands are new who are playing (unfortnately, Lakadasies or the Lock 5 won't be playing). Two of them are playing called Almanium and DARE. Do you know Matt Hyson? He's playing in DARE. So far, I have ben assurd that the bands will kick ass and that they are playing for about 20 mins each.

its just like the movies

today was a good day with some bad news...

class was fine.. nothing interesting.. i hung out with Dre and Chris.. and kristen lost her virginity at like 8am to some HOT ASS HUNKA CHUNKA yummy black man... i mean its great for her.. but u know.. she missed class and thats not cool (that was me preaching)...

i saw tihannah twards the end of the day and she said that rob got a letter from kimi and that she was hurt.. so i've been worried ALL DAY!! and i just talked to rob

DivaVivaLF (10:25:59 PM): tiha said u got a letter from kimi and it said she got hurt?? what s that about?........... i've been freakin out like all day

RyuFoWong (10:26:35 PM): just some injuries, if the doctors get there way she'll be coming home early

so thats good...not that she got hurt....but that she's coming home.....i havent shut up about her for like 2 days straight.. like ET was like i dont wanna hear it...and greg was just like ooh stories.. i dont think he wants to hear how much i love her either..

after class i went to the mall.. i met up with AC and twiggs.. they rock.. then i see greg and i tell him about the show thing tonight at WM..and he was like cool i'll go...and i was like rock i went to my went all kinds of good...i need 2 more with Tim on saturday at 4..and then with Ricardo.. i dont know when, yet..

courtney is real sweet.. anyway

the show was GREAT.... well it coulda been better....but chris and stacey were great!!!! oh man...they rock....apperently greg knows ms peduska from high school..and apperently ms peduska and some guy had sex in some room where greg was in the high school.. so yeah ....thats all kinds of weird.. i knew it...and apperently she cheated on her boyfriend with gregs girlfriend...i knew it..i win the pool.....if there was a yeah greg thought u all were neat.... hannah was there with some cute boi named dominic (i LOVE THAT NAME) apperently he lives in my ood too....he's adorable..

will and grace was sad..

apperently mirabai got suspended for like 10 days which is retarded.... if she needs to leave she can stay here.. shes always welcome--julia .. if/when u talk to her..u can tell her that......whatever..i dunno..
apperently robert is having a party tomarrow....someone tell me where he lives....cause i dont know...

tomarrow i'm going to robs for ...i dont know how long....probably in the afternoon and i'll be there like all day..

ET called tonight...i like it when he calls me before he goes to sleep...cause he sounds all tired and cute.. he might skip class and come over in the morning..

oh the guy who is in scrubs was in the broken hearts club (if u havent seen that movie..u need to)

i talked to mike harab tonight...i wish he wasnt so sweet.....or he was more attractive....cause we'd be so cool together...but i'm just not attracted to him and thats sad..

on another greg note.. his gf, Amy, and him are soon to break up and she will probably move out in which he has a room for RENT
speaking of peopel needing rooms.....nate and AC are on good terms again....

speaking of RENT....i've been listenign to that all day....apperently its playing at the warner theatre....i've seen it twice...i could see it agian...hehe

OH my friend ashley (who has a livejournal--curleysuzzie69).. is BTS at walter johnsons play "romeo and juliet" this weekend and next weekend at 8pm i wanna go see it...i want people to come with me...either this weekend or next saturday its at 2pm..

i heard the ratchet boys broke up....thats sad!!!.... are they still gonna play on the 17th?...just curious. random though

my hand still hurts but not as much anymore.....i dont think i'm gonna wear the bandage anymore.. i tend to turn my hand blue and thats not good


At slow speed we all seem focused
In motion we seem wrong
In summer we can taste the rain

I want you to be free
Don't worry about me
And just like the movies
We play out our last scene

Two can play this game
We both want power
In winter we can taste the pain

In our short years, we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away


You won't cry, I won't scream

In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away
And if we make a little space
A science fiction showcase
In our short film, a love disgrace
Dream a scene to brighten face
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad, just to throw it away



the cute girl at school hugged me and kissed me on the cheek....she's so cute....i gave chris back his hat...he bought me a highlighter...rock on....i can highlight stuff

i miss kimi..... oh man...anyway
so me if anythings up this weekend
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