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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Nov 2001|12:18am]
oh yeah.. nicole bitme 3 times today and thatwas fun and orgasmic...i love nicole
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things i learned about myself [10 Nov 2001|05:45am]
[ mood | dirty ]

80s music makes me incredably hot and bothered..

eww eww eww (chris ask me later)

my eye hurts like a mother fucker.. i'm still at robs.. he and ryan are asleep.. ryan keeps touching my face and he smells like BBQ chicken..and its quite gross...

ET called..i absolutely adore him..

Artie and like 4 other rejects showed up at like 1:30..it was mad annoying.. dumbasses

iwanna go home.. i wanna shower..shower shower shower..

ryan snores

i have the most random urge to goto Dennys..i'm SO hungry..

i love 80s music

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[10 Nov 2001|05:58am]
kimi sent rob,like 7 letters..i got two..maybe she really doesnt love me like she said.. i figured as much.. oh man..
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[10 Nov 2001|12:18pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i think i'm allergic to rob's dogs... my nose is only stuffy when i go there... i mean.. i'm not allergic to chris's dog.. i'm confused...

apperently roberts party was lame.. but i dunno...i didnt go cause i dont know where he lived...

i got like 2 hours of sleep .. we were up ALL NIGHT watching 80s music..... OH man...i'm obbsessed...

my interview's at 4pm

i still like this song a whole lot...
i was thinking aobut having a party tonight.. but i dunno cause with evil bitching and what not..a nd i dunno..maybe chris will be free tonight.. hmm.. maybe..

i'm gonna leave soon..i dont like being in the house..

apperently WMHS chamber singers are performing at the white house.. oh man.. weird.... they are some hot shit... love them chambersingers... except blaine.. no wait..i even like blaine.. oh man.. gotta LOVE them chamber singers.. so hot, so sexy..oh yeah

wow..i really am permiscuous.without all the sex..... which i realized at like 3am... i dont have sex that often..but i do everything else..

oh yeah i kissed bobby... cause he had never been kissed and like after hugging for liek 2 hours straight.. u know its all good..i like bobby a whole lot.. crazy 17 yr olds..causing trouble

yeah i'm gonna go hang out at the mall and be like yeah i'm cool..even though i'm really not

i miss James (my lovely adopted bro in NJ).. i love my bois

call my cell..come hang out...

oh yeah i threw up this morning.. cause of stuff that happend last night..i didnt drink any alcohal even though rob's uncle Joe (who's neat) offered it..i didnt accept..i'm proud of myself....

anyway..yeah.. call me..

i'm kinda depressed about the whole kimi thing.....aaaahhhh...girls are so confusing!..

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[10 Nov 2001|12:20pm]
by the way..i read julia's blogger and i love her opinions and ideas and beliefs.. julia is the coolest ever!
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so yeah i almost died today [10 Nov 2001|05:37pm]
more on that later......i've had possibly the worse fucking day..

i'm goign to KS tonight.. call if u wanna do something else.....i just need to see marc frankel for a little bit.. i NEED to ..

oh fuck.......


call my cell 301-254-5308...... especially chris
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its not fair... [10 Nov 2001|05:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well today.....after last night and this mornign.. ya know.. whatever.. so i went to the mall..waitied around for liek2 hours..i saw dominic..thius adorable kid from my hood.he's so cute.. .. 4pm i go into spencers.. tim says "i have to reschedual!".. i swear ,, trying to get this job smacks of SO much fuckin effort.. i walked to the fuckin mall.i missed the bus..i WALKED the whole fuckin way.. there and then tim goes, i have to reschedual for tuesday......if i dont get this job i'm going to be severely pissed off.. so then i leave... i take the 55 to germantown cause its the first bus that came.. i stop by chris's house.. no one was home..i dont think....i didnt knock or anything i walked passed it....i went to clear spring.. i sat on a swing for an hour.. thinking about all the memories and my friends.. i went to Ranji's plaque thing.....i sat there for twenty minuets.. talking to her.. well myself.. but her.. crying.. bawling if you will.. the one thing that sticks in my head is that its not fair... its just not fair.. i was walking up blunt road..i slipped on a rock that was under leaves.....i fell into the road.. oh look a car.....i couldnt get up...i hit my head.. the car stopped like 2 feet away from me.. all i could think of was what if... what if... but i thought of chris and ryan and i couldnt do that to them.... i couldnt let them lose another one..so i got up and kept walking ..its not fair....then kimi.... i cant not think about kimi.. i'm not afraid of rejection.. except from her.. i feel like her opinion is the only one that matters.. i would so do anything i can to make her happy and i dont think i can do that.. i dont think she even knows how intense my feelings are for her.. i dont think she ever will.....i feel like the right thing to do is just give up..she deserves better....so much better than me.. i must be such a fucking joke or something.. to think that someone that wonderful could ever be in love with me.. and then my parents puting so much fuckin pressure on me....i have to get a job, i have to get my license, i have to pass my classes, i have to have to have to.. FUCK YOU!!!! i dont have to do shit.... they dont say anything to me anymore..except "are you coming home tonight"...hardley anything else.. unless they are bitching at me.... i wish i could be like chris and shut down and then not worry about catching up to what i missed.. but i cant.. tongiht marc frankel is gonna be at KS for some thing..i need to see him......i'm going nuts without him......so yeah call my cell if u want me.. whatever.....

i need to get outta here...

i really dont wanan walk anymore....i walked like 20 something miles today already..... i ache.. and my head hurts......stupid cars...

today really sucked.. really really sucked
i hope the punk show in takoma rocks.. have fun..

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[10 Nov 2001|07:48pm]
[ mood | pissed off and cold ]

i'm home....FUCK WALKING a mile and a half and then standing in the cold for like a fucking hour and having marc NOT show up.. jeremy did... he's here too.. fuck people.. my parents still arent home....i'm hungry... call me if u want to come over..or just come over..

i want chris to call

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[10 Nov 2001|09:51pm]
did i mention my ass HURTS!!!!!!!......fuck zach and his smaking of my ass...and rob and ryan for smacking my ass.....stupid fucking handprints...HANDPRINTS!!!!!!!! my ass hurts and its red cause people keep fuckin smacking it

on a side note.. Jeff's Jack..is REAL cute!
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[10 Nov 2001|10:14pm]
to double the shit intake... my grandparents are coming here tomarrow!!!for like a fuckin weeek..i SO dont need to deal with this right now.. especially after today!!!
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[10 Nov 2001|10:26pm]
[ mood | pissed off and in pain ]

i told my mom about how i almost died and she was like talkign to jeremy and stuff and then she fuckin hugs my head....like it doesnt fuckin hurt..like i didnt fuckin fall on my head today!!.WHAT THE FUCK!!!! apperently she doesnt take me fuckin seriously like i didnt have abd fuckin day..no i'm peachy fuckin keen right now.. ...OOOUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i so dont wanna deal with my grandparents.. FUCK THEM!!!! they piss me off SO much....i dislike my grandma emensly...FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ......and they have to stay here too... oh fuckin great..... thats exactly what i fuckin need.....

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