November 12th, 2001


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i'm calm....for now anyway
everyone is asleep
ET called and made me feel a little better.....i almost smiled.....almost
i watched the wood..thats a good movie..
i watched QAF..
i watched ms congeiniality
i'm not tired.....well i am...but i cant sleep...
i ate a potatoe roll but i threw it up... as i thought i would...
i stopped crying for a while...then i started again...
wow..the only thing i have to look forward to is going to school pathetic is that....
i still need a hug
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i love jeff

hornyrabbit17 (1:17:59 AM): pst
hornyrabbit17 (1:17:59 AM): night
DivaVivaLF (1:18:04 AM): night

Auto response from hornyrabbit17 (1:18:05 AM): Dreaming .. but if you yeah YOU need to call (the one that dates gay guys that aren't gay that remind me of mice.. Chloe!) need to call- I love you, and you should. so yeah, do it if you need

DivaVivaLF (1:18:19 AM): i love you

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i fell into a restless sleep for like an hour....i had a dream that random scary looking troll dolls were stabbing me in the chest with peices of corn.... i think that could have been the weirdest dream i've ever had in my life.. it twas very strange

this too is a good song....

i was going through random boxes in my room and i found a card from like 2 years ago it had 50$ in i now have 50$...i'm either gonna save people back...or buy CDs...ten to one i'll end up by CDs and then be regretful about it

i'm very tense......i cant even move without aching....
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today sucked... for the most part

i got up to find that the first thing i see is my grandpa's teeth in a cup by my sink.....gross...

i leave all kinds of early..the bus takes fuckin FOREVER!!!! liek i was standing at the fuckin bussstops for like 45 min..each stop... damn...
i get to school...

the ducks had babies.... little baby fuckin ducks.. there were two.. supossably there were 7 babies but some fell in the drain thing and some got eaten by the big fuckin albino fish pulled their little legs in and ate them.. thats sad.. but fuckin hilarious actually.. if u think about it.. the fish ate the duck..go ffigure...

speakin of kids.. Kristen might be pregnant..cause she fucked that hot black dude.. and they didnt use protection......thats fuckin smart (sarcasm).. so yeah but he was apperently all like" well i have a low sperm count..cause of all the weed i smoke".. whatever.....she's being stupid
i hadnt smiled in like 2 days.....ET made me smile.... i adore him.. then jpaul and angela came..angela's hair looks SO pretty..its like blonde-ish and shiny..... japul meakes me fuckin laugh.....he's SO fuckin funny....apperently i want to have his children.. he bought me a pack..i'm not addicted yet....i guess i do it cause its something to do...

i skipped class.i DID NOT want to go...i went tot he mall with Jpaul..he made me go into clothes stores.. uch i hate clothes stores.. jpaul left...i talked to james, greg, JEREMY!! (as in my military bitch) came into EBX... i was like what the fuck are u doin here...and he was like nothing .......seein if u were here...i love that kid...

my heads been hurtin for like 2 days straight perminant migrain......

greg gave me a ride home.. tehre are a whole lotta cars outside......apperetnly its some fuckin family night thing...or step sis..step bro in law.. aunt and uncle.. are here.....why ....i dont fuckin know..... and my grandma is like come sit with us..and i'm thinking...why so you all can talk about shit that i dont understand and doesnt interest me!......hell no...... i said why and she got all fuckin hurt or something...she can just fuckin beat me ......whatever

i fuckin hate it when they all get together like this... stupid family

i'm avoiding........ if u want to know what.. pretty much everything....friends, life, family...i'm just avoiding

apperently in December.. Ac and like a group of people are going to the rob zombie concert.. i might save up and go

apperently AC isnt gonna be the middle person for my mom and dad transaction of rid.. so i have to call mom which is fine..
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tommarrow ....i get 54.80$
rock on...but then i have no more rid.. but its ok..
oh man .....i'm a dealer.. but its to it still wrong?.. dont answer that..1045mgs.. go fuckin figure

anyway.. yeah

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bostin public is such a great show.. as for tomarrows schedual

i have class...12:30.. my spencers interview at 4pm.. and then i have to stop by moms house(crystal's mom) to drop off and pick up.. then home to watch buffy

hopefully tomarrow will be better than today

i dislike my grandma..she asks if i'm upset.and i say no because if i say yes..she'll ask me why...and i dont want to talk to her..... grr...she upsets me a whole lot

i still cant eat....i havent eaten since saturday night...but i threw that up too so i dont know if that counts.. so i guess friday..i'm hungry..but if i eat i'll throw up and i know it....i can feel it and it sucks....this cant be good...

i got the alien ant farm cd and the empire records soundtrack today.. i'm content with that..i want the linkin park cd but i dont know if i'll have enough for that
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convo with pretty much goes for how i feel for now

Blue02Dude (7:50:31 PM): hey

Auto response from DivaVivaLF (7:50:32 PM): you (Blue02Dude) have no friends..... shut up

Blue02Dude (7:50:47 PM): ouch. ok.
DivaVivaLF (7:52:05 PM): what?
Blue02Dude (7:52:48 PM): that you say i have no friends.
DivaVivaLF (7:53:31 PM): yeah well that was directed to everyone
Blue02Dude (7:54:13 PM): ok
Blue02Dude (7:56:11 PM): i can understand you being angry for the past 2 or 3 days now, but why are you letting it carry over into other things that have nothing to do with your original anger?
DivaVivaLF (7:56:53 PM): just leave me alone...i really dotn want to talk about it have no idea what i'm going through so whatever
Blue02Dude (7:58:13 PM): the reason i have no idea is because you don't want to talk about it. and i understand because i know i do the same thing. but don't be angry at other things that have no bearing on the original problem. i'll be around if you feel the urge to cuss me out.

Auto response from DivaVivaLF (7:58:15 PM): you (Blue02Dude) have no friends..... shut up

DivaVivaLF (8:00:03 PM): i hoenstly just dont want to talk about it with you or anyone in the clique.. so bes tot just leave me be for a few days...if i want to talk to u ....i'll talk to you....

Auto response from Blue02Dude (8:00:04 PM):
Off adding another entry into my LiveJournal. Check it out, along with my homepage.

Blue02Dude (8:05:21 PM): fine.

Auto response from DivaVivaLF (8:05:24 PM): boston public
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ok ryan randomly showed up at my house...which was really fuckin weird....apperently he's been looking for me all at hte mall too and he came to my house earlier... thats all kinds of obbsessive weird.... uch i kind of dont like him....i mean he's a nice guy and all