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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Nov 2001|08:25am]
why do i ALWAYS wake up at like eight o'clock?????

uch i was so bored last night...no one called.....all my friends weer fuckin OUT not calling me..having fun......whatever....i dont care... i'm not important.....it doesnt matter....whatever.....

i went to sleep at like 12:30 (all kinds of early)......i wasnt really tired so i ended up laying there for like 2 hours before i actually fell asleep.....

people suck....

hopefully my grandparents will be GONE tomarrow....but i doubt it... GRR.......LEAVE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

whatever.....i got nothign to do today.... the corner kick concert isnt until like 5:30

angela's new icon is SO cute!! look how cute!
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[17 Nov 2001|11:32am]
[ mood | rejected ]

wow i still feel incredably rejected... ten to one i'll turn into9 some huge druggie or something....or clinicly depressed alcohalic.. my best friends rejected me....so i turn to my other friends.. they are all druggies.. hmm go figure.. wow.... you all suck!......do u hate me or something.....whatever it doesnt matter....its not like any of you have any kind of worth explanation.. its not like it matters or that you would care anyway.... yeah..fuck you

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[17 Nov 2001|12:21pm]
you should try not to be so couragous......remind me..... these dismal moods have become contagious......remind me
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[17 Nov 2001|12:46pm]
i'm gonna try and get people to come with me tonight..mayeb i can crash at someone's house...i'm talking to julia now..she and mirabai might come with me....i hope i hope..i should hang out with julia more..even though i saw her twice last week i dont really see her enough..well any of them.. nicole,mirabai, mike, all of them..i should hang out with them more..they rock
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[17 Nov 2001|12:58pm]
i think i'm gonna go make some mac and cheese.. mm hmm!
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[17 Nov 2001|04:28pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

i'm going to go walk around the village.. possibly take the bus to the mall to catch the 55 as opposed to wakling all the way to corner kick....i wish rob was back so i could crash at his house tonight....Mirabai and Julia are gonna come with me tonight..and/or meet me there.. so rock on...i wonder what mirabai is gonna wear..she's always so stylish.. hehe..

maybe i'll make friends tonight.. or sit in a corner and cry cause no one will talk to me..

one thing i wanna do tonight is give Shara a hug..so she can feel better and cause i havent seen her in a superlong time... she's so neat

well i'm out.. call my cell if u wanna talk 301-254-5308

yeah ET finally called me back...he's working until 10pm.. EVERYONE is working until 10! you all suck.. (by you all i mean ET and greg)...whatever..

i'm out

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