November 18th, 2001


tonight HAD to be the best night ever

first off....i love scotty..he's the best....we talk about fruit

second....i had THE BEST night ever!!!!..yeah i just got done having wild mad passionate sex (more on that later)

i went to corner kick...with Mirabai and was SO fuckin AWESOME!!!!!! i saw ricky ferry and gave him a hug..he's still so cute! and becca...and i gave shara a hug!! i felt all kinds of better.i kinda wish Max levine was there.. cause i woulda given him a hug too for no apperent reason.. he's my hero..hehe....i also saw yanni marcus and ben margulies and gabi sprecher (wow she looked good) and then some other JDS folk.. who i know but dont know me.... the lead singer from the ratchet boys asked me for a mint.. so i gave him one.. and when they went up and were throwing out donuts.. he was like "this one goes to the girl who gave me a mint-all you mother fuckers put your hands down" (cause i was in the back on a chair)..that was fuckin AWESOME....i got hit in the head with 3 donuts, i cought 4 including the one that was directed to me.. and i got kicked a few tiomes by crowd surfers..but it was cool..TMLE rocked SO much...i heard a lot of people say they were the best band there tonight.. which rocks..i bought the CD.. they gave me a free button!! ROCK!!.. mirabai bought me a Ratchet Boys shirt!! KICK ASS!!!...we got there right when Atomic Mosquitos got on.. they rocked..mirabai called it "beach music".. rock.. then TMLE.. then i think the Devil's Electric, and then ratchet boys (minus Erik) and then Nothing Squad..i think i missed one inbetween..i missed the gamma rays and alphabet bombers..this one punk kid with SPIKEY purple hair was following Mirabai all night..she grabbed his ass a few was funny.. OH i got hugged by half naked sweaty guys.. some were hot.. one hugged me.....then i hugged one.. and i was gonna make out with him but he went home.. i also kissed him on the cheek...i dont even know his name.. hehe...he was the halfnaked guy with boobs.. (not big boobs)..he was cute!!..during TMLE set, Rejy (ari jacobavitz who i went to camp with..hehehe)..threw out tooth brushes to the crowd..and also squirted peopel with his supersoaker thingie..which was kind of refreshing. and Bepstein threw out Bubble Wrap.. which SO kicks ass..... and then like a random roll of TP.. which also was funny..... ratchet boys threw out donuts.. and like dumped water on people.....the show was comepletly AWESOME!! i'm in like awe of how great it was..... i think i saw eitan but i wasnt really sure if it was him.. so i didnt talk to the dude..i but its all yeah..after the show.. me, mirabia, and julia are like left without a ride.....i call everyone.. daniel went to Florida (what??),... rob JUST got he couldnt... angela and jeremey were like goin out or something and they broke up cause they went under a tunnel.. i called ET.. he was in a bitchty mood.. so i was just like come hang out with us anyway.. and he was like we hugn out after the show ended..helped take the stage down and stuff.... the dude from ratchet boys used MY duct tape..i felt privlaged.. hehe.. like an honor or somethign.....i hugged him earlier.. he's ET came..he played video games for a while...then he took Julia and mirabai home...i was pumped up like some shit tonight.. hyper i mean.. he was randomly like wanna have sex now? and i was like Hell YEah!.. so we went back to my house and got it on! wild mad passionate hardcore sex.. it was SO great....exactly what we both needed... at one point the condom broke so i had to go get another one..and it was somewhat funny.. i was all safe and stuff... i'm proud of myself..ET just called....he thinks he left his bracelet here... he might have....i'll look for it.... my step dad is all up and downstairs..which is odd... i didnt do something entirely stupid.... i think the only stupid thing i did tonight was smoked like 3 ciggarettes..

oh Mirabai is comeing to school with me on monday!!!...yay.....she's so neat..since she's suspended she has like nothing to do.. so she's gonna come with me monday....maybe tuesday too....neato.....greg (my 24 yr old bitch) is gonna be working at hagarstown all next i'll like never see him which is sad!

ROB"S HOME!!!!!! i talked to rob...i love rob..he's neat


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oh man i'm sore...... i got to go get food....i'm fuckin starvin......oh man

tongiht was the best night ever...good music, good people, donuts!!, bubble wrap, toothbrushes, sex, friends, Jews.. hehe..tonight was the best..

all u people who made it possible (being Rude in DC productions and all the bands and the fans)..thank you a WHOLE lot!
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to top off the morning (i woke up at like 11:30-something..after going to sleep at 4am--there was no meteor shower...well not here anyway).. my stepdad got me chocolate chip waffles!!!!!! SWEET!!!!

ok.. i propose for thanxgiving/festivus..more thanxgiving.. we have a like big dinner.. like everyone brings something.. and we can have it at my house.. like all our friends.. just put bullshit aside for now.. and break out the turkey and mashed potatoes and stuff.... i can cook.. you all can bring stuff.. it will be fun.. any thoughts? if not for thanksgiving..we should do it for festivus.. but i think its a better thing for thanxgiving.. what do ya say??

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! i feel SO good....this weekend rocked much..except for friday.. but yesterday rocked and this morning so far rocks!

so yeah.. call me if u wanna do something..or hang out or something
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apperently i was standing next to Eitan for the majority of the show.. which is funny.. cause i didnt even know it..haha.. he's neat..i want a TMLE shirt..i'm jealous

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weird.. i always thought it would be something else

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! my grandparents are gone!!!!!!......they went back to FLORIDA!!!! i swear ...this just couldnt get much better!!..oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

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today i majorly slacked it!.. allday..spent in front of the tube.. and thinkin about sex with ET.. hahaha.. yeah..thats it.. my back is fuckin killin me..

my hair is getting long....i either want it long or short..i want to put it back but its not quite long enough yet.. and its annoying....

chana keeps raggin me about the USY dance on wednesday.. i'll try to go.. i got to talk to jeremy..he's pretty much my ride..

i'm tired......tomarrow mirbai is coming to school with me.. which means i got to get to her house all kinds of early and then we leave for school.. mirabai is so cool..

i have a new online friend..he's in japan right now studying or something or hawaii ....whatever....he's really neat.. we talk about music and stuff and the scene there.. he's a skinhead.. but he's a dj it a contradiction???

AlphaJacks0331 [7:55 PM]: But I'm a DJ to which is weird. Everyone looks at me funny lol

DivaVivaLeFreek [7:55 PM]: it considered a contradiction?

AlphaJacks0331 [7:56 PM]: Some people think so. We'll my friends who listen to oi and punk don't really listen to what I spin and dance to. But who gives a fuck really.

he's funny

my head hurts

i'm hungry.. i have no food.. and i already had chocolate chip waffles.. grr.. hmm.... anyone wanna goto dennys? haha

i'm home.. call me or whatever
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the Lakadaisies and Sev!

BJ imed me.. (as in BJ from the Lakadaisies)..he's neat.. the lakadaisies are opening for Sev next friday.. EVERYONE SHOULD GO!!...the lakadaisies rock!

Aeroze9lin [8:21 PM]: rock are 14 bucks....I know its alot but its out of my control....the club is called jaxx its in VA ..we are getting a van for everyone who cant get rides and we go on at 8

DivaVivaLeFreek [8:22 PM]: rock on!

(its worth it to see the lakadaisies... they are really good)

Aeroze9lin [8:24 PM]: yeah they do rock......ummm....tell you what ...I will give you ten bux and a free cd if you can muster up a list of names of people who wan to go and find out there ride situation.

DivaVivaLeFreek [8:25 PM]: i'll see what i can do..that would kick ass

so yeah people who wanna go see The LakaDaisies and Sev.. let me know.. email me and its all good.. (whoa--i'm a promoter--hehe)..hey if u come i'll give everyone who goes (that i know) .20 cents of Bj's 10$..hehe.. two shiny dimes.. right for you!.. you know you want it!

you know you wanna go!


FRI 23 SEV, Liquid Solid, Parmalee, Rude Buddha, The Lakadaisies
All $14
$10 w/College ID
6355 Rolling Road
West Springfield, VA 22152

hey send me names and ur email addresses and/or phone numbers if you want to i can give them to Bj and he'll tell you all kinds of info about it

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so yeah..i ended up watching the boy in the plastic bubble again.. yeah the chick in that is a real bitch.. she played john travolta..its sad..and what is up with those shorts.....anyway

Et called.. he always tends to call me on sunday nights.. which i dont mind at all.. its good that nothing is weird between us.. yeah he's gonna come to the Sev show.. cause he's friends with them.. ET was part of the phantas crew (ya know..before it closed down)..anyway

so i got to call mirabai at like 8 tomarrow morning.. uch....8.. anyway...i'm not really tired..but i should probably try and sleep anyway..

LJ is being bitchy....grr... anyway


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