November 19th, 2001


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today was great.....Mirabai came to school...she met a whole lotta people. ..we had fun..we danced randomly.. we talked to Ivy..this bouncer from Nations..she's so cool.. about bondage and,mirabai,jeremey,and angela.. then mirabai went to latin class or something and me, angela, and jeremey went to Hot Topic in fredrick..jeremey was like FREAKIN out was fuckin hilarious.. i got a shirt that says "i leave bite marks" and a sticker that says "i love mall security".. hehe.. it was great..then we drove back and angela gave me a ride home.....i didnt even goto class today..i HAVE to go tomarrow...and i REALLY need to re-write this paper..and do the writing center excersises..which more than likely arent gonna get done cause i STILL have no clue how to do them...anyway i've been MAD thinkin hard about the festivus dinner thing

its gonna rock..i need to get confirmaty that i can make this work.. mirabai si gonna come and help me cook.. i really wanna do this.. and i wanna invite a majority of people... hmm..i really want it to work..i think i might make invitations with RSVP and will kick SO much yeah...i hope it works.that will be my present to everyone...a kick ass dinner..cause i cant really afford much

LJ is being a bitch

Jeremy(military) might come live with me when he's in town.. cause his aunt and uncle fuckin suck!!!...

i talked to my dirty frosh(no longer a dinker).. ari cohen's little brother.. he still is obsessed with me.. and i love him...but not enough to hook up with him .. (i DIDNT BEFORE!!!--FUCK YOU!).. yeah..he's still my little buddy..apperently fall convention rocked from his point of view.. it sucked from chana's , and it was "ok" from sara's.. hehe..

anyway...i'm tired..i'm home.....i'm me
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DUDE!! my mom was all cool with the idea of the dinner thing..she wanted to help me plan the menu! my parents..both of them..might be in florida that week.. MWUAHAHAHA!!... same rules drugs or alcohol.. maybe some sex....hehe..umm...yeah.....what kind of food do ya'll want.. that has no pork/ham/pig product.. yeah i want it to be a potluck thing even though i'm gonna cook a whole yeah..any comments? ideas?

umm.. FUCK LJ..its being a bitch

boston public was good.......i'm still hungry.. no food..well i have food but i already had a potatoe roll sandwich yesterday and so i want variety..i'll deal..i'll eat tomarrow.. i still got like 5$ left..i think

anyway... yeah... FUCK ENGLISH.....grr....anyway
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STEVE IS AN ASSHOLE!!!.....ok yeah steve..out of brit and major ass.....whatever.....poor brit....if anyone sees steve...beat the shit out of him

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i'm talking to Rob (as in Ryan's army rob!)

he's coming home..... i'm trying to get him to come to my dinner thing. cause that would be FUCKIN AWESOME!!!! i havent seen him in like FOREVER!! since prom!

RobertCH99 (10:36:56 PM): so we gonna party when I get back?

DivaVivaLF (10:37:07 PM): well i'm having a dinner on december 22
DivaVivaLF (10:37:10 PM): can u come back by then.... like a HUGE dinner.. for friends.. like a sit-down a dinner party...with lots of food and stuff

RobertCH99 (10:37:54 PM): I'll be there hopefully 18-21

DivaVivaLF (10:38:05 PM): but not the 22?

RobertCH99 (10:38:44 PM): nope got to be home for at least the day after
RobertCH99 (10:38:51 PM): my bday

DivaVivaLF (10:39:11 PM): you suck!!... u cant even come to night.. punk..... u suck
DivaVivaLF (10:39:21 PM): dude
DivaVivaLF (10:39:25 PM): i'll make you a cake

RobertCH99 (10:39:28 PM): lol sorry

DivaVivaLF (10:39:36 PM): :'(
DivaVivaLF (10:39:45 PM): grr

RobertCH99 (10:39:48 PM): I would if I could but I can't
RobertCH99 (10:39:52 PM): I could try

DivaVivaLF (10:40:00 PM): yes u can...u just wont... u should try

RobertCH99 (10:40:36 PM): well If i stay another day than I would be like totally broke from the hotel

DivaVivaLF (10:40:53 PM): u can stay at my house
DivaVivaLF (10:41:04 PM): we have an extra room

RobertCH99 (10:41:05 PM): lol right

DivaVivaLF (10:41:11 PM): its all good

RobertCH99 (10:41:15 PM): well maybe a cupple days
DivaVivaLF (10:41:23 PM): yeah!

RobertCH99 (10:41:30 PM): but do you really want me there when I turn 21?

DivaVivaLF (10:41:41 PM): you're always welcome...hehe.... YES... just puke outside
DivaVivaLF (10:41:41 PM): hehe

RobertCH99 (10:42:11 PM): lol
DivaVivaLF (10:42:42 PM): dude....its ALL good!.. you should definatly come to dinner and stay ..especially if u dont want to pay for a hotel.... serious..
DivaVivaLF (10:42:44 PM): its all good

RobertCH99 (10:44:19 PM): I tell you what I'll talk to my family and try.
DivaVivaLF (10:44:23 PM): ROCK!!!

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"fucking fuck fuck you fuck ass shit motherfucker who fucks a fuck who lives with that fucking fuck ass dog who looks like yo momma yeah, cookies... "--jon snow