November 21st, 2001


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i've been talking to jpaul...for like an hour and a half.....i really dislike his views on things.....we've come to the conclusion he is superficial,conceited,a narrasist, selfish, and somethin else.. and all traits that he takes pride in......oh my G-d.....he thinks the entire world revolves around him...and there is NO convincing him otherwise....i mean he's worse than diane freshman year... oh man....whatev...and i guess the highlight of my night was listening to him pee.. oh day was FUCKIN great!

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what the fuck is up with parents these days

so my mom comes in this morning and is ll happy and whatnot pretnedning nothing went on last nigh...and i'm just like....get out...leave me alone....and that was it...

after my *highly intellectual* conversation with Jpaul last night.. i think i love britany spears and i wanna be mariah carey (that whole little blurb right here is sarcastic).....he wants to come to the USY dance tonight...i think it would be funny

ok whats up with the whole " I MEAN HONESTLY, WHO WOULDNT?"..thing from one will shut up about it and i'm confused....

chris...when u get a chance...i need your opinion on my list.. to take people off and/or add random people.. i wanna cut it a WHOLE way down to like 25...or even 20.. cause thats how many people are usually at my house anyway

i have to talk to jeremy (military) about tonight....i need to know if he got us a ride and whatnot...i hope so...i wanna go tonight...i got nothin else to do..

i got new binki's ...if i didnt mention before......i like biting things.... they are has a little mushroom on it..its cute.. and the others are pretty blue and purple.....

hey dochiny is coming home this weekend i think....i wanna see dochiny...anyway stepbrother is comin home today.....YUCK.....what he cant stay at his apartment or something....whatever.....he better not touch my nintendo.......i'm so gonna be a bitch about that.....cause when i was little they NEVER let me :P


call me i'm home
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i filled out my own i'm special

The Basics
Name:Viva Sigal Iyala SuzannaLynn Zohar Sahar
Nickname (what u like to be called):Viva ,divaviva,diva phil, DVLF
Address:g-burg md
Desired Relationship (Boyfriend, Girlfriend,Play-date, Fu*kbuddy, friend, etc.): friend....whatev
Sexual Preference(gay, lesbian, bi, straight, transgender, etc):bi (i make out with girls)
Phone Number: (cell)-301-254-5308
Religion: jewish
Job: loser
Favorite ice cream flavor(very important): mint cookies and cream
Do you drive? (if so what kind of car-year, engine, color, etc.): liscencce....i have me and my trusty bus pass

Describe yourself physically (or send picture): my picture is on my website
Describe yourself emotionally (medications, mental health): i have ADD....i take ritlin when i need it......i'm nuts.....i cause trouble....and i love it

Do you have any STDs? are you going to be/ have you been tested? nope...and i have been tested
Are you a virgin?(be completly honest): no
What your best personality aspect is and why: my humor....i can make people smile

Describe your last relationship (How long it lasted, Boy/girl, What type of relationship, How you broke up, etc.): um.. i'm madly in love with this girl named kimi.... we went out for the summer and then she went to the army so we broke up so she can have options and stuff..

What your idea of a first date is: hangin out...watchin a movie...dancing.....partying.....causing a rukus

How long you should wait before having sex: until it feels right.....never on the first date....hehe....or meeting or whatever

The Biggie

Why you want to have a relationship with me:
u IMed me remember.....hehe

Add any notes/comments/suggestions to improve the application here i wish i was cool

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i'm talking to jeremy....we're trying to get our hookup to the dance tonight.....cause JPAUL wont fuckin answer his phone.....thats all

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oh sunday is the day......

that my hair color changes....yet again......MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

aside from that...still waiting on the how to get to the dance.....stuff... its all kinds of complicated....marc frankel should come home so jeremy can talk to him
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My Sacrifice
Hello my friend we meet again
Its been a while where should
we begin feels like forever
Within my heart are memories
Of perfect love that you gave to me
I remember

When you are with me
Im free Im careless I believe
Above all the others well fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

Weve seen our share of ups and downs
Oh how quickly life can turn around in
an instant
It feels so good to reunite
Within yourself and within your mind
Lets find peace there

When you are with me
Im free Im careless I believe
Above all the others well fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

I just want to say hello again