November 25th, 2001


new list

the (?) are those who i dont think will come

bigtittykimi kimi
blue02dude Chris
chameleon613 Ryan
diamondchild Erica
jbird Justin
fumanshu Bobby
liberateinferis Jordan
medievalgoddess Gini
blamecanada82 Marc C
soccerscott2002 Scotty
maggiethecat57 Angela
fedeli fedeli (?)
Jenny (?)
buff Buff
quattroboi Jeff (?)
Mike (?)
curleysuzzie69 Ashley G
yoshi56 Jon snow
Ben snow
Rob (army rob)
Dan Davy
Brian H (my daddy)
Jeremy S (military boy)
Louis H
Marissa B
Greg Compton (24 yr old bitch)
Ashley M
Stacey S
Ari Cohen(?)
Gabe Cohen
Keira (?)
Mark Maier

there are more.. ten to one like 157 people will show up at my house randomly....and ten to one i'll let them in... i'm too nice.. (HAHA--i'm funny) nice.. whatever.. but yeah....those are probably the people that i have right now... hmm.... that i want to invite...yeah..hmm...

my leg itches

and i'm still cold

so yeah.. anyone who's not on the list u want to come? let me know..hehe..a feast... FEAST I TELL YOU!!!!


umm yeah.....anyway...headache...ouchies
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(no subject)

my hair color changes tomarrow!!!!!!!!! YAY

ET just called......apperently the party he went to sucked some major ass.. hehe... i'm glad he called

Kimi and ET in one day....good times

im all kinds of avoiding mike (harab) cause i feel bad.. cause of the show yesterday and yeah...i just feel bad so i'm avoiding him....and i'm so unbelievbly pissed off at Jpaul i'm not even dealin with it anymore...i'm liable to do some major kirkage..

i like sev and i have no regrets about groping Phil's penis.. none at all!.. :P
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(no subject)

my recent discoverys of the morning:

i still like Korn... and Juliana Theory ROCKS!! ..

i'm tired and i couldnt go back to sleep and i was all kinds of upset.

i had something to tell chris but i forgot.. DAMNIT

my hair color changes tonight!! YESSSS!!!
i've been getting all kinds of bored with what i have now

so this mornign i find a bag of headbands outside my door... so my mom got me headbands like i asked her too.. but they are the wrong kind...i wanted the strechy kind that geos allt he way around the head and she got me the hard kind that doesnt...... ok this whole blurb sounds really dirty.... its not meant in any dirty fashion..

still cold

sebastianant is all kinds of good-lookin... yummy.. hehe.. he rocks!
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(no subject)

scotty just called me!! i was gonna call him but he called yeah we're more than likely gonna go see a movie today..yay..... i've missed scotty.....he rocks!...hmm..i'll call jeremy around like 12 or so.. its all good...anyone wanna go today?.. cause its all good me or scotty



(an hour later)

OK.... scotty and i are going to go see Monsters inc at Regal at 2:50..we are taking the we'll be leavin my house around like 1-ish.. to walk to the catch the if u wanna go call me.. or show up at my house around like 1ish

(no subject)

so yeah...scotty came over and we played nintendo.. and it was cool... then jeremy came and we walked to the village then took the bus to rio...not regal..we missed the 2:50 movie so we went to rio and caught the was SO CUTE!!!......i like that movie...its funny.....monsters inc....its cute..after the movie.....we ran into......margot goldstein-smith..then Ben and Marissa!.. and then JT......what the fuck.....yeah JT...he looked fat..i was neat. i was like wowies... i had a good time....then scotty's mom picked us up and we all went back to my house....well scotty went home but jeremy is here....and we are chillen

i'm hungry

and very very very wet....hehe

because of the rain....THE RAIN!!!!

yeah.. anyway

haircolor changing tonight....whahoo!
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(no subject)

DUDE!!!!!!! kimi called! AGAIN!!.....oh yeah...madly in love.....she's definatly the one...

we talked..then she talked to jeremy for like a half an talk.....then we talked again...adn its great....i'm SO excited that she's comign home.....she said she's gonna call me tomarrow too!.....she gives her love to everyone....and tells Ryan ( smart blonde one)...hi and thanx for the letters... ryan rocks!.. Kimi ROcks....!

i talked to BJ online.i get my CD tomarrow!!! SWEET!!!.. i get the ten bucks...whenever his payday is...

i still need a job..

buff--- the dinner is december 22nd.. oh baby....a feast

KICK ASS!!! was a good day

oh yeah....oh oh yeah
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so i've been talkin to Charlie...remember VA-tech

yeah he's backin out of our wild-mad-passionate-sex plans..

G0ku 82 (11:06:29 PM): yeah, well I kinda wanted to talk to you about that

DivaVivaLF (11:06:41 PM): what about it?
DivaVivaLF (11:06:46 PM): u backin out?

G0ku 82 (11:06:49 PM): haha
G0ku 82 (11:06:54 PM): well, yes and no
G0ku 82 (11:06:55 PM): like

DivaVivaLF (11:06:58 PM): yes and no?
G0ku 82 (11:06:59 PM): lemme explain?
DivaVivaLF (11:07:20 PM): i'm listening

G0ku 82 (11:07:46 PM): like I'll come visit you or you come up and see me and like, don't expect anything, lets just see what happens, I don't want you expecting sex and then if I don't feel ready you getting mad, I've had bad experience telling girlies no before, haha

DivaVivaLF (11:08:47 PM): i dont expect sex......ever.... hehe... especially from you cause i only hung out with you like once...... but i do plan on makin out with you.. and getting all kinds of good hugs.....and if u object i'll tie you to a chair
DivaVivaLF (11:08:48 PM): hehe

G0ku 82 (11:09:04 PM): haha
G0ku 82 (11:09:10 PM): I dunno about tieing to a chair

DivaVivaLF (11:09:24 PM): duct tape
DivaVivaLF (11:09:25 PM): hehe
DivaVivaLF (11:09:30 PM): j/k
DivaVivaLF (11:09:34 PM): i wouldnt tie you to a chair

G0ku 82 (11:09:56 PM): good, haha

hehe......i adore him......he rocks!
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