November 26th, 2001


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OMG! what the fuck! aol completly sucks and its not workign right at i cant see ANY webpages.....its all comes up cannot display.....its very aggrivating...

today was ok.. at school.. i played cards with tiha.. i talked to this chick named sarah (straight).. she lives in the village at the moment..she's neat...... i talked to ET.. i went to class..i did like 6 lessons... 6...thats a WHOLE lot.. and i still managed to leave early.... today was ok..... then i went to the mall

aside from not getting the job at Spencers.. they fuckin hired Paula!....WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! paula already has at lerast THREE jobs in the mall.. pac-sun, the warm fuzzies store and like something else..... what the fuck!!! ....i now hate paula......mirabai is right....she's evil... after all the fuckin bullshit and everything they put me through... fuck them...NO ONE was at the mall today...rob like left early.. sick or somethign and i'm pissed cause i really wanted to see him....James wasnt even fuckin there... greg is like staying in fuckin hagarstown.....

i'm I that horrible a person that NO ONE will hire me?? WHAT THE FUCK! i'm a good worker.... i applied to like 34 places in the fuckin mall... some more than once...... its very frusterating..... i've been like crying all fuckin after noon.....

i've had the juliana theory in my head all day

i saw Bj today...he gave me the Lakadaisies CD.....its actually really good.. some songs have like poor recording quality...but the lakadaisies fuckin rock!

my head FUCKIN ITCHES!!!

i saw chris' boy Zac (or whoever) at the mall....i'm so positive that was him......whatev.....i saw Stacey (james's EX).. att he mall..she like broke her ankle or somethign....oh well

all i want to do is scream so loud!....
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i HATE it when my mom uses my computer.....cause she moves thigns around and doesnt shut it down when she's done so it wears out cause the fan is broken then freezes...then that fuckin annoying blue screen comes up and is like "you fucked up". FUCK YOU!!!!

and stop fuckin harassing me about getting a job...i'm fuckin tryin!.. bitching at me doesnt do anything to help!..

in other news (after several attempts to get my LJ friends page working)

wow..spencer's life is all kinds of opposed to mine which is more like... "oh i went to class....went to the mall....went home".. wow.. i wanna be like spencer...
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my Cd player is all kinds of broken...the buttons like dont even work....i need a new one..or ya know...just one that doesnt have to be new...hint hint to anyone and everyone

i want the Juliana Theory Cd..
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see i'm not a ho

You are 15 - 29% HO!
You reside in the suburbs.
And you are damn proud of it!

You scored in the same category as the townspeople of St. Olaf.</font>