November 27th, 2001


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If I could be any flavor of ice cream I would be:

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ahh mornings.. i'm TIRED!!

i dont wanna goto English!....i hate english....because i never get stuff doen....i like the class....i like learning....i depise essays...

i'm TIRED!.......

i'm supposed to meet up with this random dude named Richard at school today..just to chill.....he's neat...i guess....
i'd rather go make out with ET or somethin

today i should be hanging out with greg.. then buffy!!
where's chris's psghettie when u need it

anyway i gotta get going
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wow..i have friends!

i made new friends today!!!!

this really really really really really really REALLY hot, tall , hot chick named Kristen..and incredably funny man named ben who has pretty eyes.. this awesome dude named Lyle who has the roll of Duct Tape on his bag.. he was wearing a shirt that said "i'm subtle" on the front and "up the wazoo!" on the back....he's all kinds of neat.. i also met a random homeless dude named chris.. who's not actually homeless cause he lives in a shelter and stuff.. but whatever.... and then the dude Richard who i was supposed to meet...was late...and he's....umm...... .. interesting.. i think is the word..yeah.he's my new friend...anyway.....
class was fine.... i wrote my in-class essay on music and how people stereotype stuff and stuff like that.. apperently i didnt turn in an out-of-class essay...which is bad so i need to do that by thursday... or else i kind of fail and thats bad..

i talked to the pimp dude in the wheelchair today cause he was talking to Kristen (other kristen)..yeah apperently he has some hot girlfriend who has a twin.. whatever... little pimp man in his subwoofin loud speakin 10 cd changin wheel-chair....whatever

i went to the mall today.. talked to Erik in EBX....he was sad he missed the last ratchet boys show but he had to work..thats why he couldnt play..then Buff was working!!! BUFF LOOKS SO HOT!!! she dyed her hair....its all KINDS of hotness!..oh yeah.. oh oh yeah....

the dude who i thought was chris's dude isnt...he works at pretzle time..he just looks exactly like the dude.....he's a nice guy though..
Patrick (stambler) came and gave me a hug.. he's cool....

then i walked home from the village....and right by the school AC and twiggs drove by....AC driving.... she's not as bad as one would expect.... she picked me up on the side of the road and gave me a ride home.....

i was SUPPOSED to hang out with greg... but he never called.... grr.....and i called him... and he was like i'll come hang out in like a few hours..but whatever..i'm mad now..

it doesnt suck to be woman anymore...which is good....and chris is still trying to kill me!...

i didnt see ET today...and i was sad...

i comepletely forgot that jeff wanted me to hook Jordan up with sara R (the one who went out with Ari Levin--i cant spell her last name cause i dont know how)...i should email him...i havent talked to Jordan in forever though...yeah..

i think i'm gonna send out the invites to the dinner thing soon... via email and phone..
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so yeah.......greg FINALLY called and is having all kinds of domestic problems with his gf... so he's coming over...

and my mom apperently thinks i'm not allowed to hang out with a 24 yr old... and she hates my hair..... but yeah..she was like " i have to give u shit" and i was like why? cause i've been good lately so you have to cause trouble....and she was like yeah

whats that about

buffy.....7 minuets.... spike is hot...i agree with angela
angela i'll love you forever twice if u get me that thing!!!

I'M not SO mad at Jpaul.....if he starts shit i will probably bitch at him.... but i no longer plan on beating the shit out of him... so its all good...

anyway this was taken from matt kaufman's aim info.. cause yeah..

I thought we'd always be together.
I was sure our love would last.
Here I am. All alone
Wonderin what went wrong
Did we ever have a chance
Its hard to see this world without you
A lonely place without romance
Here I am, all alone
Wondering where you've gone
Did we ever have a chance
What did we promise to each other
What were the words we said
Lookin back to yesterday when we started out
Did we ever have a clue what love was all about
Thought we'd always be together
I was sure our love would last
Here I am all alone,
Wondering what went wrong
Did we ever have a chance?
--Zack Morris

i just want to say hello.. oh yeah
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Brett's AIM info

if you suck a cow, it will not taste like a cheeseburger

one time i hired a monkey to take notes for me is class. i would just sit there with my mind a complete blank while the monkey scribbled on little pieces of paper. and at the end of the week the teacher said 'class i want you to write a paper using your notes.' so i wrote a paper that said 'hello. my name is bingo. i like to climb on things. can i have a banana? eek, eek.' i got an f, and when i told my mom about it she said 'didn't i ever tell you don't trust a monkey?' the end.

i said no moose. why? because of the meat.
---twiggy (its true its true)

if she's got an opening, i've got a stiff proposition
---gene simmons

so aside from that..

greg didnt show up...err (my intimidation--err)

buffy was kind of sad..except for spike all kinds of naked! OH yeah....thats the stuff.....right there....mmm hmm.. hehe

my ear're just trying to kill me arent you?
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FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i left my lunchbox in AC's car!!!! THAT SUCKS!!!! there's like stuff i need in there! shit shit shit shit shit


AC is coming to drop it off now! yay

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Juliana theory

SEVEN FORTY SEVEN by chad alan and brett detar
autumn came and left the summer sun behind us with our thoughts when it stops raining i think i'll take a walk to your house and if we ever get the chance to set a dade i think i'll take you on the next plane won't you come and take a holiday with me i've asked you twice before will this be the time you finally say yes to me i've asked you times before this is the last i've asked you times before won't you come and take a holiday with me please say yes won't you come with me there's things to see won't you come and take a holiday with me i can take you i can't make you.

THE CLOSEST THING by brett detar
you're the words that come out easy and i am speechless at best your star it seems to shine above the rest you're the face before the cameras the smile i'd like to earn the closest thing to perfect in a hollywood to burn your the beauty that is deeper than than eyes can merely see the closest thing to perfect but the farthest thing from me and i'd love to be the shoulder that you cry on and i'd love to be the friend you call when things are great you're the dream that hasn't ended and i'm still anxious for rest your words they seem to hang above my head you're the bud before the flower unfurls into full bloom captivating beauty but it may be all too soon you're the song that writes a story but leaves alot to read the closest thing to perfect but the farthest thing from me and like i really deserve a chance to sit across a table and tell you that i think you're wonderful and i think you're something special i guess this is my only chance to say i wish i knew you because i'm sure you're wonderful if i'd get to know you.
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