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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Nov 2001|12:50am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

ET called......yay!!!!!.....he's gonna skip his like 9:00 class to hang out with me....i'm meeting him at lakeforest at like 9:30am...yay!.. teehee..

i still like him a whole lot!

i wonder if my mom is gonna not be home tomarrow....hmm.....i hope i hope.. anyway

i'm still struggling to download music......i hate my computer...it freezes

my head still itches......

LJ sucks balzak


i said Score today.. anyone remember that? hahaha.. dude we used to say that like 57 times a day for liek 4 months straight.. oh man.. what a loser i was.... was? yes i know...i still am.....i dont care...AHH!!!

tired tired.....night night

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oh wow [28 Nov 2001|07:20pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so yeah....i was supposed to meet ET at the mall (lakeforest ) this mornign ...at 9:30..he overslept....got there like 10:30... i ended up talking to Rene at suncoast throughout that time.... the plan was to go back to my house and hang out....i didnt bring my bag..cause it was just like...mall then home again.....and my mom was supposed to be home all day.....so we got back to my house...my mom isnt home....my keys are in my bag...in my room.....thats all kinds of aggrivating... so we're like oh shit.. so we hang out on my deck for like an hour and a half....then we go back to school....cause he had a class at like 12:30..then he decides he doesnt wanna go to class....so we go back to my house (cause my mom has clients.. so she has to be home).. so yeah...my moms with a client so me and ET go upstairs to hang out.. whatever...he goes into my room against my will and like wont leave....so we defiled my futon.....my good pure futon that has never been defiled....i'm kind of sad..it was like the only good/pure thing i had left....but whatever..... we were gonna get it on hardcore but then my mom comes up from her client and starts calling for me......and i'm like freakin out.. cause i'm not about doing stuff when my moms in the house...she knows thigns..its like mom-style.. so she comes upstairs and is like what r u two doing and i'm like playing nintendo even though ET is sitting on my bed (in the other room).. and the nintendo isnt on..so he and my mom start talking and shit.. and he shows her his tattoo.. and my mom gets like a random expression on her face and its funny.... then they talk some more...about how ETs back and legs hurt and stuff.. then i had class..so ET drove me back to school... but before that my mom like kissed him on the cheek or something and i was like "what?"..... it was awkward.....i think she's jealous that i get more ass then she does.... its so cute though....my mom adores him... and its random.. cause she knows that we do stuff....and its weird...and ET calls her mommy and its funny...so me and ET leave and i go " you kiss my mother with those lips" hehe...and he was like....whatever she kissed me.....so i go to school....class..we had a test..and it was kinda hard but i think i did ok.. so it was all good... after class i hung out by the duck pond and was hugging my new friend Ben for liek 20 minuets....he's so huggable...i adore him.. i rubbed his shoulders.. ..its all good.....before class i hung out with Chris (tiha's friend).. he was bitching cause some girl he asked out wouldnt go out with him.. that nerd needs to get laid... he likes tihanna...but tiha is liek A-sexual...doesnt do anythign at all......"oral sex is gross"-tiha...hehe.... so chris is out of luck ...i mean even if she wasnt going otu with Rob.....after class i hung out with my friend Sarah.. who's neat.. she has such like a college attitude..... even though she doesnt take any classes.....like maturity i guess it is.. we had this like 2 hour conversation on the bus ride to the village..it was cool....then i walked home from the village...i'm tired and hungry

i saw angela today...her hair is cool with the blue..go angela!....and john john (aka big john aka john) he's SO adorable! jpaul didnt show up today either.. i was actually planning on talking to him civilized (somewhat) today...

me and sarah stopped byt he mall so she could get a pack of ciggs.. and TIm walkes by (tim from spencers ) and he was walking with someone and he was like "that girl hates me" and i was like " yup tim, i hate you a whole fuckin lot..bitch ass mother fucker".. i dont hate tim i despise him...... ET says Tim has his head so far up Ricardo's ass...its true.. he does..

i really REALLY want my cd player to work...but it wont and i'm VERY upset

so yeah i'm hungry...... my mommy got me headbands...yay

i think i wanna send out invites all kinds of soon for the dinner thing..

so yeah....whattup peoples?

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[28 Nov 2001|07:34pm]
[ mood | loved ]

ET says i'm not allowed to fall in love with him....which is fine..... i dont plan to.. our relationahip isnt the most emotional thing in the world....i love the way he holds me...its like soothing...good times good times...

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[28 Nov 2001|07:35pm]
[ mood | loved ]

ET says i'm not allowed to fall in love with him....which is fine..... i dont plan to.. our relationahip isnt the most emotional thing in the world....i love the way he holds me...its like soothing...good times good times...

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[28 Nov 2001|09:32pm]
" When i was little, i had a pet goat and it was very shy and then my father killed it and we ate it as a family and it was very good...now lets move on"-mr kafka

that was the most funny random thing in the world! the guy who said it is really good friends with my friend Ali who is on Nash Bridges.. he's neat..
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[28 Nov 2001|10:06pm]
jeremy called from school!!!!!!

i talked to him and like a whole lotta hot army guys.. one who's from NJ who's gonna take me to concerts and stuff.... i made friends with random army guys.. fun fun... i love jeremy ...he's great.

hors are loud
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