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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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night [30 Nov 2001|12:36am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i'm madly in love with Spiders by System of a Down and Understand the dream is over by Juliana Theory...

i ended up watchign Scary Movie tonight cause it was on the movie channel.....its still funny after like the 2 millionth time i've seen it

i dont have classes tomarrow!!!

how now brown cow????



my hair is annoying...i want ET to call....i love mashed potatoes.....mall jobs suck anyway...my arm itches...

"won't you come and take a holiday with me i've asked you twice before will this be the time you finally say yes to me i've asked you times before this is the last i've asked you times before won't you come and take a holiday with me please say yes "--juliana theory- seven forty seven

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[30 Nov 2001|12:48am]
The piercing radiant moon,
The storming of poor June,
All the life running through her hair,

Approaching guiding light,
Our shallow years in fright,
Dreams are made winding through my head,

Through my head,
Before you know, Awake,

Your lives are open wide,
The V-chip gives them sight,
All the life running through her hair,

The spiders all in tune,
The evening of the moon,
Dreams are made winding through my head,

Through my head,
Before you know, Awake


Through my head,
Before you know,
Before you know I will be waiting all awake,

Dreams are made winding through her hair,
Dreams are made winding through her hair.
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[30 Nov 2001|04:40am]
[ mood | awake when i shouldnt be ]

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<br \>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<img src="http://squirming.net/meme/tests/criminal/elizabethbathory.jpg" title="I am Elizabeth Bathory."><br \><a href="http://squirming.net/meme/tests/criminal/">Which Evil Criminal are <i>You</i>?</a>

The Evil Criminal Test

Congratulations, you're Elizabeth Bathory!

Hailing from sunny Transylvania, your first blood-related incident was when you stabbed a servant girl in the face with a pair of scissors for underperforming. Some of the red spray landed on your hands, and as you washed it off, you noticed that it left your skin fresh and young looking. From then on you were convinced that the blood of young girls was the secret to eternal youth.

Rather than killing girls outright by stabbing them or slitting their throats, you enjoy torturing them for weeks on end by pricking them with needles or prodding with sharp spikes - all to bathe in their blood. You've killed over six hundred women, all without raising a peep from the authorities.

If you wish, you can proudly tell the world that you bathe in virgin juice with the following fine graphic:

i'm still awake......what the fuck is going on....its 4:30am...... i cant sleep.....i'm goin crazy over here...... FUCK nintendo!!!.....stupid muthafuckin thing wont work at 3am.....grr.....what the hell am i supposed to do.....read? HA HA HA!.. actually......hmm......anyway

chris if u are going to the mall tomarrow let me know....i'll be home until someone calls me...... anyone wanna come over tomarrow night...or do SOMETHING?.....maybe i'll go up to the school tomarrow....like i have anything better to do on a friday....hahaha.....

apperently it was isabelle's bday...acording to ashley g... happy bday to her....not JUST because she's really hot....but because she's a nice person...hehe...... isabelle is very cool and ok in my book and we can make out anytime....hehe.....

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[30 Nov 2001|04:48am]
i think i'm going to vomit for 5 straight hours....for like 7 minuets i missed jon stein.....gross.... eww.... thats like.....sex with daniel....jesus.... oh man.....eww.... that was like a complete waste of like 4 months.. and whatever.....

i definatly need a hug...or ya know chris's speghetti

you know whats sad....i think i'd pass up sex for chris's speghetti...... wow.....i probably would....unless ya know it was kimi...but i think she'd pass up sex for chris's speghetti too.. chris's speghetti......is really good...

anyway.....random thoughts at 4:48am.... oh geez....its late....or early....hmm

you all are asleep.....
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[30 Nov 2001|12:58pm]
i just got up like 10 min ago.....i think i'll go up to the school... the hs...

justin moving in with Erica...what???
yeah erica's mom called me yesterday to ask for Jeff's number....that was kinda weird....

i might go watch some of Chris's rehersal or something.....ten to one i wont have anything to do....

call my cell 301-254-5308
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back to high school [30 Nov 2001|06:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

i went up to the high school today!!......it was all kinds of cool....i went to the mall with Biggie,Tyler,Jaime Paige, Julia, Binta, Sarah, Robert, and like some adnom dude.. to get Biggie and Tyler some skirts or something.. guys in dresses are always fun...

tyler broke up with Daria...thats sad..

so then CHris was at the mall....so i went with him to dairy queen...and we picked up Erica and Justin.... apperently i'm a state now....and scotty is massatusettes or something...i think i'm something..south carolina...they told me and i forgot...so we went to dairy queen....and yesh justin got me a medium sized dipped cone...it was too big.....if i had known it was gonna be THAT big... its hard to fit big things in your mouth...hehe.... dirty dairyqueen stories... not the one in OCEAN CITY!!!!.....today i was wearing my Ratchet Boys shirt...and this dude who worked at DQ was like..yeah i was at the alst show.and i was like so was I.and he was like yeah i was one of the half naked guys running around.....and i was like i hugged a whole bunch of them...and he was like....maybe i hugged you..and i was like yeah maybe.....then chris, erica and justin were like WTF...then we left

so me and chris took justin and erica back tot erica's house and then went back to the mall.. to see if his boi was there...i saw buff.....she's hot....hehe....

then we left and he took me home....on the way home SOul IV real came on the radio with "candy rain" and then adina howard came on...so me and chris rolled down our windows and BLASTED that shit....and it was amusing

he might come over later though..... people should come over tonight.. cause yeah...i have movies and stuff here....so people should come over.... u dont have to call ....just come over....unless u wanna call... but yeah...i wanna do SOMETHING tonight...and i'm offering my house....so its all good

tomarrow night crystal is having another one of her "parties" which consist of everyone smoking up a whole lot....i dont particularly want to get fucked up so i'll probably not go.....unless i get REALLY bored...hopefull i'll have something to do tomarrow night..

i'm bored i'm bored i'm bored

today was a good day

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[30 Nov 2001|06:08pm]
i FINALLY got an AOL disk in the mail....so i'm going to install it on my grandpa's computer and hopefully use that from now on
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[30 Nov 2001|07:38pm]

i'm on my new comp...being my grandpa's!! ....YAY....ok well thats all..come on over people...its all good
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[30 Nov 2001|07:46pm]
"Thats stupid fly, i reach back like a pimp and smack that monkey!"
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[30 Nov 2001|07:57pm]
erica and justin are here....yay people
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Hey, This Is Chris [30 Nov 2001|09:29pm]
I've stole Viva's LJ......OOOOOHHHHHH
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Hey, This Is Chris [30 Nov 2001|09:29pm]
[ mood | Party ]

I've "stolen" Viva's LJ......OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Erica, Scotty, and Justin are here with Viva and I. I drove......oh yeah, go me, rocking the car.

This is probably make Viva go WTF?!?!

Or perhaps: "That's stupid fly, I reach back like a pimp and smack that monkey!!!"

"Here I am finding dead bodies." -Ms. Ogaz

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This is Erica [30 Nov 2001|09:33pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm copying Chris..
I'm here with scott justin chris and viva and were sitting here chillin like matzah balls.

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Wrong Thing To Say [30 Nov 2001|10:51pm]
[ mood | LMAO!!!! ]

Chris again....

Viva sais the funnies thing just now. She was asking me what I got her for Festivas. Then asked took a guess:

"Did you get me a chocolaet dildo?"

She might a statue of Billy Idol. Or so she says. I don't know how she could confuse the two.

And now she's playing jizzball. Hehehehehehehehe.

"Thats stupid fly, I reach back like a pimp and smack that monkey!"

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