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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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audrey's [02 Dec 2001|12:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]

last night was somewhat amusing..i did end up going to crystal's....i had like 3 shots of equila.. and stuff....i hung out with Patrick and andrew upstairs in patricks room... he smoked me up..it was unintentional.. i wasnt going to...but ya know... dont waste a good hit.. especially if its offered....at some point i THINK i made out with Zack..cause i have a hickey on my neck adn i'm pretty sure its from zack...i dont remember being close to anyone else except frankie and she's straight..so yeah.. thats odd....then audrey came and i went home with audrey and her dad made Biscottie, or Mondel Bread..to the jews..hehe... then i played chess with Evan (macdonald--cause he was at audrey's house) and i lost.. and then Chad fuckin bit my shoulder...the little fucker bit me.... and then we watched mad Tv....then evan left and chad went to sleep and me and audrey went into the pink room.. and talked about Bo (her bf who is hot) and then audrey's dad got all paranoid or something cause we weer talking and it was funny and was lkike you HAVE to goto sleep now...and that was weird..so me and audrey went to sleep around like 2.. and then i woke up at 5 and then went back to sleep and then woke up at like 9 with audrey.... Audrey and i slept together....heehee... then this morning audrey's mom made me a map to get out of their neighborhood..and it was cute...then i went to the synagogue...where USY are making cookies....goto Kehilat Shalom and buy cookies at liek 1:30.. go eat cookies.... and i saw my baby marc...and ben snow..and i love them...and then me,marc and Geoff went to biggies house randomly and saw biggie for like 5 min....then went back to KS and then my stepdad came and picked me up..

and now i'm home....and i'm tired...so i'm gonna go shower and go back to sleep..or not... hmm....probably not sleep..but definate shower...

bye bye

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[02 Dec 2001|12:22pm]
chris--- i found one of your chains
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oh wow-slack much [02 Dec 2001|06:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yeah i've been MAD slackin it all day....i took a shower....got in my Pjs and watched tv cause i kept getting Kicked offline.... dude i've been watching tv for liek 5 hours.... goonies rocks.... real world was amusing.... blow was amusing..that movie where johnny depp is a coke dealer.. it was an ok movie..i watched heartbreakers...with Jennifer love Hewitt....she's so cute...and i have a crush on jason lee.. he's mad awesome.. wicked cool...

i'm kinda glad i left crystal's when i did...like i really need to see justin get his ass beat by patrick... haha.. anyway....i'm kiddin..i love you..... if u do need a place to crash ever.. u know i'm here for ya....even though i was at audrey's house...i'm sayin in the future.... especially from dec 21st to jan 4... cause my 'rents wont be there..

i really wanna plan out my dinner thing better....does anyone have any requests on what they want me to make or somethign....i can cook....very well actually so shut up..and i dont use poison.. hehe.. but yeah i'll take requests... and i still need to know whats up withthe cliquey time-present-changie-stuff..yeah....anyway

yeah.....school tomarrow...bummer...i get to see ET yay


i'm tired.....and this random guy is bothering me on AIM

call....i'm home

oh ashley...how was Isabelle's party?? heheheh.. i heard stuff from Marc..i want details... oh whatever happend....hehe

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[02 Dec 2001|06:55pm]
elan is neat.....my new friend

I'm asposed to be wacky now, but I am not. yea verily, not in the least. But I have heard soem REALLY WEIRD SHIT last night, and I'm prbably not going to tell you because then someone would snipe me in the back of my fucking skull. It's ALREADY DARK dammit. When I was little, the other children would do the hand thing and say "here's the church, here's the steeple, open it up, and see all the people" you know what I'm talking about. I'd do that, but I'd make the people in the church all be having sex with each other. I wish someone would have sex with me. Machiavelli can lick my sweaty nuts, and I started a short story a while ago but i now have writers block so I can't think of a title. It's about a ravenous, malignant, ancient spirit of the wilds which threatens an isolated band of mortals. Right nor it's titled "Lick my Nuts" because that's all I could think of. I still have this ram
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[02 Dec 2001|07:14pm]
definatly love ryan... or whoever told this guy to IM me....he goes to oberlin....hehe.... he's awesome..elan...definate cool dude
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[02 Dec 2001|11:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

LJ sucks my assphault..

i've been talking to Elan for like 4-5 hours...he's the neatest person EVER.. i love ryan..... a whole lot.... she meets all kidns of potential friends for me..... i invited Elan to come visit me.... which is random cause i just started talkin to him today...but i like him a whole lot....so yeah...he might come visit me....in january which would be weird.... and cool...and weird.... but cool....anyway

school tomarrow sucks ass....i'm tired.... i really want a ciggarette... like a lot.... but anyway..

i'm hungry and thirsty....

i have an apointment at my house for somethign at like 6:15....my mom is like be home by 6:15 u have an appointment...and i was like for what...then she got a phone call or somethign

ok...there is a nasty rotting deer carcus like at the bottom of the hill behind my house....by the road....i have to walk by it and it smells...thats gross....anyway

i think i might sleep soon...

leg +itchy = bad

dismemberment plan's Ice Of Boston song is the greatest song....

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