December 7th, 2001


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i might go up to the school today.....i have mirabai's chokey thingie.... i'll give that back to her..tongiht i'm goin to the play..i took like 20 bucks from my yeah...i'm goin..and if i remember..i have signs...i'd go to einsteins Coffee house if ET asked me..but he probably wont..

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ok so i have new movies.... that people havent seen at my house....cruel intentiosn 2...shrek..dude wheres my car...and like other ones.... head hurts.....showers are good....floss is still my friend

and how
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biggie rocks

i went up to the school.... it was fun..i ended up going to Biggie's house with Audrey and Mirabai and robbie.... biggie made us liek quesadias.wadn strawberry daquri things..which were REALLY good,.....we were having a good time when mirabai wasnt trying to rape my belly button.. and robbie wasnt beating me up.. which hurts a lot.. and biggie's sister..was really REALLY annoying..emily needs to be like locked up in a room where she can just scream all day and no one can hear.. then Zack showed up and he was like a COMPLETE asshole to me.. i was so mad..and it was like 6:40 anyway so i left....and i went to the was good..the fire place still didnt work.. ansd they fuckin charged me 7$ like i'm an adult or something...what the shit is that..i am NOT an adfult.i'm a student.....u better charge me 5 bucks bitch....but oh no.. they didnt... i hung out with Hana, her bitch on a chain-mike and Dominic (who i adore) and steven tucker.. remember him from like 200 years ago in elementary school..he's huge now..liek in the big and tall sense..he used to be so liek tiny.. and now he's not....i'm hungry so i was gonna goto dennys..but then the cast was like going to dennys and i dont wanna hang out with the cast....i just dont.. so i got a ride home..which sucks and i';m bored out of my mind..i might goto mirabai's but that involves walking a whole lot and stuff......ET didnt call today and he said he would and i'm sad.....i really want to see him this weekend.. i couldnt scream any obscene comments cause ms Paduska was lsitting liek a seat away from me...oh my god it was SO annoying.....anyway

i'm bored..anyone wanna come over...or pick me up and go out or something?

i'm tryin to get angela to come hang with me..but i dotn think she will and its sad

i WANT A CD PLAYER!!!!....grr
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i'm talkin to Rob...apperrently Tiha isnt happy in the relationship and they like sort of broke up and its like whoa....rob is liek depressed

DivaVivaLF: yo
RyuFoWong: Hi Viva...
DivaVivaLF: what u up to?
RyuFoWong: nothing..Tihana just left...
DivaVivaLF: oh..wanna come ovr and hang out with me?
DivaVivaLF: i'm bored

RyuFoWong: No..i'm sorry...i'm really not in the mood to be around anyone right now..

DivaVivaLF: is everyhthing ok?

RyuFoWong: No..she said...she wasn't happy with our relationship....

DivaVivaLF: in what sense?

RyuFoWong: I don't know..I asked her to tell me, all she said was there were some things she wasn't comfortable with..I told her whatever was i'd stop...

DivaVivaLF: thats odd...cause liek at school...she's always like yeah i dont notice other guys cause i have a boyfriend and i dunno

RyuFoWong: she didn't seem herself all night..and I finally got it out of her before she left..I knew she was going to break up with me..I could tell...she wasn't as open and she kept looking like she would cry...

DivaVivaLF: dude.... if u need someone to talk to and stuff i'm here.... if u want me to come over and give u a hug i will.. i hope stuff works out....wait did u guys break up?

RyuFoWong: thank you Viva..but I don't want you to come all the way over here just to make me feel better. No not officially..I told her tomorrow i'd call her as soon as I got out of work so we could get things out
RyuFoWong: but I know she's going to leave me...

DivaVivaLF: well i f u want me too....i would..... what are you gonna do?
DivaVivaLF: tthis is so sad

RyuFoWong: I know you would..that means alot to me, thank you. but I don't think i'd be very good company tonight. I don't know what i'm going to do..
DivaVivaLF: :-\...... i hope everything works out..
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wow i'm bored

i feeel so sad for rob....

i'll goto the mall tomarrow for chris's chamber singer thingie...its from 2-3 by JC pennys at lakeforest....everyone should go.. go chambers and whatnot...

tomarrow night is the last night of the play....then the cast party is at scotty's i could go stalk aroundt here.but i probably wont and i'll be sitting home alone but whatever..i'll probably go see the play tomarrow unless ET magically wants to do something or something....i doubt he will....but i can dream

being bored sucks

OH...i love my bathrobe
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