December 9th, 2001


what a day

yesterdday was great!!!!

i mean for like an entire day at the mall it wasnt all bad..... i went..got5 free stuff from cionnebon...buff gave me free cheese....CHEESE!!!... and it was great...i spent most of my time in Suncoast talking to Rob and AC...i wandered around the mall with Twiggy.. he got Dreds.. and you know becasue someone has dreds they are just really big potheads....stupid stereotypes.... i ran into Ben and Jon snow.. Jon snow got me a CD PLAYER!! YAY!!!!!!!!! i have a cd player!!1.... i can now listyen to my CDS!!!!!. .. in return i'm giving him my uncles old pentium 1 computer.. so yeah.. ui'm madly in love with Jon snow now cause he got me a cd player.. he's the coolest person in the whole world!

me and tiggs were chillen and peter fuckin showsup and is like "BBBBOOOOOYYYYYAAAAAAHHHHH!" really loud and that was annoying.... then zack fuckin shows up and he was still an asshole.. grr zack..but i forgave him...cause AC yelled at me....

Hana has a livejournal and is now stalking me....i love hana.... so its ok....see i told you, you wanted me!!....hehe...

so at 8pm-ish.. Steve shows up at t he mall.... cause we are all supposed to chill with Mirabai at her house.... and so we do that.. but steve had to go pick up stuff in Damascus so we drop...AC,Twiggs, and peter at Moms house and i go with steve to damascus... then we get stuff go back to moms pick up twiggs, ac and peter and goto Mirabai's....we chill and stuff... ET calls..he comes over.. mr, Twiggs, Steve, and robbie get fucked up in steves car.. and its all good... ET shows up....we defile mirabai's tube.. heehee... then we go out to his car and have wild random sex in his car.. and then like Peter is like looking through the window and that scared the fuck out of me.. oh my god!.. i so dont need peter watrching me have sex.... that was just we stop.. and yeah...i'm still annoyed....Damnit!.... but yeah....then ET like leaves...and we werent allowed to stay at me, AC, twiggs and Mirabai come back to my house and watch Dude where's my car.. and then sleep at my house and they are still asleep on my couch.....roladex to be exact...... so yeah...i havent seen my parents thoguh....i made them pizza and it was good.... go pizza...

oh at the mall earlier..this girl/skankymallrat/yeah chick who i know, came over to me when i was chillen with Twiggs and was like "hey you got a girlfriend" and i was like "no" and she was like "me either, you want to hook up" and i was just like "no....not really sorry.." and she was like oh....ok whatever..its all good.. yeah she's dirty....she's like a weird wooman/hispanic version of Ryan logue...

i hung out with Wil!!!..i love wil...he's neato..

i'm broke again... geez.....but i have a cd player and its all good..and it doesnt skip!!!! YAY!!!!!

coolio is the shit.... oh wow.... i like ET a whole lot.. OH.. hana....ET is my friend from school who works at spencers in montgomery mall and he's hot.. and really neato.. you'll like him...heehee

anyway..i should like go......i think i got a cold...and i think ET gave it to me.... punk

i hate stuipd people

Graccko: are you still pure?
DivaVivaLF: was i ever?
Graccko: before

DivaVivaLF: u still havent told me who this is
Graccko: you hurt me very much

DivaVivaLF: why cause i cant see through your computer?
DivaVivaLF: oh yeah....thats logical

Graccko: why are you mean?

DivaVivaLF: i'm not mean..i'm sarcastic..theres a difference.....and why wont you answer my question

Graccko: are you a fucking cop?

DivaVivaLF: if u know me at all...u know that i do NOT like bullshit dont lie to me
DivaVivaLF: and how
DivaVivaLF: no

Graccko: i am tired of your crap
DivaVivaLF: thats great.....cause i'm tired of yours
DivaVivaLF: bye

anyway..i'm me or come over or somethin
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