December 12th, 2001


yummy...tea and robitussin

i took like 6 robitussin geltabs which probably wasnt the smartest thing to do

wow i'm kinda fun

tea is good

i still have noodles left to eat tomarrow! YAY

hey there is a GBLT dance on saturday night
: like 5$ 7or 8 i dunno at unitarian church on river raod
its a masquerade thingy

i'm gonna wear Mirabai's dress!....Ashley might be my date.....score....hehe.....i know she's straight....but still it would be cool if she went as my date since she's going anyway

wow i got 2 applications.....a couple even....neato
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neato chris-dude from school said

BlackDracus: My motto is "Not only is the glass half empty, what's left is probably poisoned."
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i found out who my mystery commentary guy is....he's really nice....his name is joe..... thats all i know

i'm having the longest conversation with Chris (school) ever.... abotu himself and tiha...and himself.....i wanna help him.....i like him....he should be more open
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HAHAHA stolen from the RENT the tun of light my candle

what'd you forget?
got some gelt?
i know you, you've, you've got a menorah,
its nothing, its the second night of hannukah, and i am a jew.
Would you light my menorah?
What are you frying?
Latkes, i'm really hungry.
Can you make it?
Just havent eaten any latkes today, at least teh grease stopped flying in my face. What?
Nothing. You driedel reminded me of..
its always reminds people of..
who was it?
my mother. She used to spin dreidels.
My candle burned down! I'm happy for your mom.
Would you light my menorah.
Ouch! Oh the latkes, they're hot!
I like them with my..
Sour cream. i figured.
Oh well, goodnight.

Knock knock knock!
It burned down again?
No! I think that i left my gelt
I know I've seen you out and about, when i used to go to temple, your candle burned down.
I'm hungry, I had it when i walked in the door, it was milk chocolate! is it on the floor?
The floor?
they say that i have the best gelt below Israel, is it true?
your staring again.
Oh no, i mean you do, have nice, i mean.
You look familiar.
Like your old rabbi.
Only when you pray, but I'ms ure I've seen you somwhere else.
Do you go the hebrew school?
Thats where i work, i teach. Help me look!
YES! You used to serve them juice.
Its a living.
I didn't recognize you without the challah.
Would you light my menorah.
We could light the menorah.
Why don't you have some wine? You look like your 21.
I'm 19! so im too young to drink wine.
I like sips of manichewitz.
I once liked sips of maichewitz.
I used to play driedel like that.
I have no gelt, i told you!
I used to light candles,
Its the second night of hannukah,
yeah i used to be a rabbi,
every now and then i like to... pray to god.
We could light the menorah.
Oh what'd you do w/ my menorah??

That was my last latke.
Our mouths will adjust. Thank god for the candles.
Maybe its not the candles at all. I hear a miracle happened on this day.
Happy Hannukah. Happy hannukahh...
Nice latkes.
Yours too.
Big, like my mothers.
Do you want to eat?
with you?
no, with my mother!
I'm shlomo.
They call me, they call me, ESTHER!!!!!

By Becky and Leah.
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i got my ass BEAT!!! throat just was fun....i saw ET for like 2 min but he had to go write papers or something.... i got beat up Ben..the hot theatre guy (also known as the naked guy..he wasnt naked but he did take off his pants for about 5 minuets) beat me up....not like serious beat he picked me up and dropped me on my on the cemment....and then he sat on me in uncomftorble positions...hehe....but its ok....cause he's hot..that was fun..and i got to listen to crazy lesbian stories from Eliza (the hot lesbian)....i talked to Dax again today...he's actually nice...not an asshole like people say he is...i love Lauren...she's so cute....i hung out with tiha for a while.. i went to class early and like did more lessons...i only have 6 more and then i'm done exam iis next wednesday ....not monday-... the dude FINALLY showed up with my Arby's name tag and shirt....and like matching now i can walk around and be like "yeah i work at arbys and my name is Chris"....its amusing for no reason...i went to the mall....ran into Audrey and jaime paige.... also ran into ERik..he was on his way out...he gave me his numbers... he's definatly neato....i like talkin to him....greg and i were talking last night about how since greg left erik was voted best looking in the store..i thought that was funny....Erik is starting a new band....a jazz band i think he yeah....jaime paige's momma gave me a ride throat hurts....i drank more tea...i'm going to attempt the whole salt water thing agian......oh i got pictures....from one of crystal's parties...and like stuff at my house....and like clouds.... speaking of puctures.....hey chris.... do u have those ones from my party of ET and me???? .....oh Ryan....i talked to Rob on Aim (army rob) him tonight...i left u a message on your cellphone....i hope u got it.....

oh jeremy got laid (my military boy)....yeah but he might get kicked out of school for having sex.....that sucks.....hehe...seriously it does thoguh

i love jeremy

i talked to jpaul tonight....we're cool

laets ya'll..channukkah stuff
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in my fatal attempt to gargle with salt still didnt work.. i dont understand why i cant do it....its annooying....and now i tastes like warm salt water....gross...
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due i've been reading kimi's livejournal...liek her first entry got 8 comments and i find them hilarious

My First Entry
There is nothing special about today. I just want to start this by giving a general overview of how my life is today. I am counting down the days until graduation. 21 DAYS!! I am currently single and on a quest to find a summer replacement. I am not looking for a full time relationship, just someone to have fun with. Everyday is longer, but in a way, I don't feel ready to leave high school. It's not that I don't want to leave, but I will miss all of my friends when I am gone. Some while still be here, while most will go their seperate ways. We may keep in touch through letters, but eventually we will lose touch and we will be perfect strangers on the street. We will see each other at some school reunion and finally realize that what we had is gone forever. I wish that I were imagining things. I've seen it happen before. So I just want to enjoy the life that I have now. I like this one guy. His name is Matt and we have been friends since 7th grade. We went to the Senior Banquet together and we planned an actual date next week. He's not at all what I wanted (if you read my list of requirements for the perfect mate, you would understand.) He's sweet and fun to be with and he will do anythign for me if I ask him, which is always a PLUS! Prom is coming up and I am dateless. The only one in my group of friends who feels as if they have no one. I am pathetic. I can have almost anyone I want, but I still feel as if I am doomed to walk this earth a lonely old maid. I'm not pretty, or smart, or have anything to offer a person. I have to deal with sooo many issues and it's not right for me to ask someone to try and handle all of this emotional baggage.


i love you
2001-05-02 15:55 (link)
KIMMI!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU , YOUR HOT...I WANT TO RAVISH YOUR BODY WITH ALL SORTS OF SEXUAL THINGS!!!... YOU rock my world!! have wild mad passionate sex with me!! i want to goto prom with you!! i love you

Re: i love you
2001-05-02 16:18 (link)
I would love to go to Prom with you, but you need your rest. I Love You Too!
I luv you!!
2001-05-02 16:10 (link)
You will never be alone... to tell you the truth, it took me awhile to figure it out, you'll never end up alone if you don't want to. And trust me honey your the most pretty and smartest person that I know. (hey if I wasn't stright.. you know... *grin* And remember i have a dance with you at prom...:) ** Viva I'm still stright, SWEAR!!**) And you do have something to offer a person YOU!!... (ok i'm done with being a therapist, I just wanted to tell you:))
I luv you **HUGS**

Re: I luv you!!
2001-05-02 16:20 (link)
Thanx Babe,
I needed that!
2001-05-02 17:11 (link)
anyways you can always go with ian to prom. j/k
2001-05-05 17:39 (link)
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You are FAR from pathetic!
2001-05-03 12:58 (link)
Don't fool yourself into believing that you're not a wonderful, wonderful person.... and on the pretty thing, let me put it this way: I'm straight (and will stay that way -- sorry Kimi) and I think you're hot. Hell I wish I had the courage you do....

Ok, maybe temporarily you sexually don't have anyone, but a bunch of people have got your back.... Myself included.

Hope that helps a little bit....


oh hey, it's me again. I just read this.
2001-05-03 14:44 (link)
What? come on. YOU are VERY attractive. Beilive me. Sorry if I act weird around you but I need to police myself. lol. oops, sorry, there I go again. But I'm sure you will find someone. Who could resist? And I bet your not stupid. Don't say that, it won't make you feel better. Besides, it's not good. Sorry, but all I can be now is a friend. But it's all good. Your cool. see yuh. Buy bye by.
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wow i'm madly in love with her.... its true i cannot deny it
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kimi's will and testament.... she is almighty and wise

Last Will and Testament (as a High School Student)
I, Kimberly Arlaina Melony Carter-Alfano, being of reasonably sane mind and voluptuous body give all of the following to my friends of who are stated below. To Viva, my sister, my love, my friend, to you I give you my thirst for adventure. You above all other would appreciate my zest for life and my craving to try new things. To Andreinna, my comrade, mi amiga, to you I give you my reasoning. You and Twiggs will have a tough road ahead and I know you love him with all of your heart. You will need to be able to think and make sense out of difficult situations, especially in a serious commitment with another person. To Jordan, all I can give you that I think you need is a swift and blunt kick in the ass. You will soon realize that even with your charming personality, you can still reach a point of driving the others around you up a wall. Just take a step outside of yourself and cool it. To Greg, you need some serious help and an immediate psychological evaluation, but in the mean time you can have my morality. It is small and sometimes inoperative, but it's there and anything that can help you to see the stupidity of your ways is a good thing. To Erica, I give you my pet Mark. He is loveable and sweet and always knows how to cheer a person up. To Ryan, I give you my sexual appetite (or at least half.) With your military man, he's going to need your lovin' to hold him over during those long weeks away. Give him something to remember you by. He will never go astray. To Diane, I give you my assortment of lingere and sex products. Since you're so experienced in the art of flirtation, these will help you to go further without necessarily having sex. To Gini, I give you my secrets. I hold many secrets in my heart, and no one knows them all. You are the one who will make the big step into stardom and I want to give you the one thing that will let you remember me for a long time. To Fedeli, I give you an apology. I know that I have said many things in the past and most of them were cruel, but I want to say that I am sorry for everything. It's not my place to say certain things and though they may be the truth, It is still wrong for me to say them. To Jenny, I give my loyalty. So that even when someone hurts you, you will be able to be the better person and still be a devote friend. To Biggie, my husband, I give you a divorce and a messless departure. You are too pure for someone of my experience. You need a little junior virgin girl who can be there on an emotional level and actually show you more then just friendship. To everyone else that I missed, I have nothing else to give that I am willing to part with except for our memories. Hold dear the times when I acted stupid and made a fool of myself or times of joy, times of sorrow, times of pain, times of celebration. Enjoy your lives and I just pray that everyone who I have known has in the smallest way been effected by my presence at Watkins Mill.
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stupid throat....i'm about ready to give up and like cut out my treachea with a spork....grrr!!.... i miss kimi...ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm SO excited... everyone esle should be too
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DUDe...ok jeremy had sex ilike friday saturday and sunday...ok he's having more sex than me....FUCK HIM!!..that so sucks....whatever....dude.... they are kicking him out...i think......hmm.....whatever...he's having more sex than me...grr....he's 16 and she's 14....that is not right
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for no apperent reason i feel sexually assaulted by Hana.. could be the boobfry thing..could be other stuff....weird

i think i'm getting i was sick sunday...i got better monday and it got like worse....what the hell is that about.... my sinuses are starting up.... wow...lack of breathing much.... and i have like a bump on my head....could be casue i dropped on it.... but still

i'm feels like thursday
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