December 13th, 2001



ok my throat is definatly worse.....i dunno what it is..... maybe i should see a doctor or something...hmm

Hey....its julia's birthday!!

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EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!!.....sing...sing a song.....make it last the whole night doesnt matter if its not good enough for annyone else to hear...just sing ..sing a song....lalalalalalalalalalala....etc

i went to school even though i felt like ABSOLUTE shit this morning.... so horrible.... i talked to Dax for like an hour...he's really cool...he's gonna be a GREAT director.... wow....he was telling me his plans for the future...he's amazing....anyway....i FInally got the stuff from Lauren... i hugn out withthe AG (adventures guild--aka tiha and her nerdy friends in the alcove)then i still felt like crap so i left to goto the mall to drop off the stuff with AC.... i ended up wating till she went on break at like 4:3-.. so i was at teh mall for liek 4 hours as opposed to not being there....i hung out with Rob and i saw Norrid and Carl Joyce...and i went up to carl and was like "Damnit Carl!"' AND he was like "what?" and i was like nuthin....heheh.....good ol' carl... i also spent an obscene amount of time in which i talked to erik,.......28 yr old really big....exratchetboy erik...who asked me out.. yeah he did.... and i'm oblivious and i just thought to hang out and stuff so i was like..yeah cool....hangning out is good.....i mean if he like wasnt liek 10 times bigger than me (as in taller and liek rounder)..and liek 28 yeah...sure.. but i just wouldnt work out i dont think...but i like being his friend..he's a really neato i dont know whats gonna happen with that....i then procede to goto the high school for the chorus singie thingie..... which was lame.. like all they sing is Holiday songs....i cant stand it....i want them to be like JDS and sing cooll ACTUAL songs and not holiday chior just sucks this was really really weak... John paulicen was there without Jordan..and he was like "yeah i know you...ur one of jordan's friends" and i was like "yeah i know u live in my neighborhood!! and i went to Kindergaredn with you!! abd u made out with my best friend in kindergarden! (not chris)"...then he walked awayu... Oh i saw Annie's family! .....Boney and Stephie..... stephie is like all growing up and stuff.......i remember when she was like 3 years old!.... adn Boney looked good....he's all like married now....his hair is shorter...he's stiklll so cool....he's all famous...with his face on the screenie thign at've been listenign to Madonna all day..and its made me realize i miss my James! my little gay boi in NJ.... i love you!!!!! the chior thing....chambers did like this Rock and roll version of "I have a little dreydle" and blaine did a solo and it wasnt that bad.. it was neato.....i sat with ms ogaz and ms croker... and buff...later....she's fine....i love bbuff.....we have buff sex a lot....hehe.....she's naked....hehe...we got in a discussion abotu La Bre (chin peircing thingies) with ms ogaz and was funny..chris and i went to 7-11 after the show and i got a push pop ...but it like wouldnt i had to like suck it ...and it was was a defective pushpop.....pushpops are good and like havent changed in like 20 throat still hurts liek a mutha fucka!>....i started taking my old antibiotics that i had for my other guafisine and bioxin..the big green pill and the big yellow pill .....remember when i had to like take 8 pills a 3 types of ritlin....the big green one....the big yellow one...the small pink one..the small green one....remember? oh yeah..good times...i'm this saturday....ashley is definatly my date.... i'm gonna try and get a ride with Hutch..(my daddy)..... cause i dont wanna go late to the dance...also on the 18th i'm going to school with Ashley...i can goto Walter opposed to ya know the mill and yeah....EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!

until Kimi comes home....i'm so excited..i've been liek bitching about it....ALL DAY!!!!...EEEEEEPPPPP!!!..... yay kimi! go kim....she rocks....

i hate the whole sick thing....grr

i rhink i got my list..... i really really really really want to add like 50 more people.....uch i still dont know what to do

(army rob)

tomarrow.....julia's party..oh yeah.... i actually got a present to give her....well my mom was like here...give her this..and i was like ok...

i'm talkin to my stepsis online...she's so great..she's a doctor...

hey i love more than 12 ways....twice backwards on a tuesday even....

i hate my sinuses....

hey Joe!!--anymore medical expertise??....i'm dyin over here....hehe

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HAPPY HANNUKAH!--from hershel
Why Jews couldnt have Christmas:
1) We have enough fat jolly men with beards
2) The electricity to put up christmas lights costs too damn much
3) Jews dont look good in red and green
4) Reindeer isn't kosher!
5) Only old jews retired in Boca Raton, Florida are that gaudy!
6) Why settle for one day of presents when you can have 8 days!
7) Egg nogg tastes like crap, us jews take our alchohol straight up!

The top ten most random acts:--from Jpaul
10) You hit a deer on the run going 55 mph
09) You're best friend of 7 years wants to give you a blowjob
08) You're drunk and your guy friend starts stickin his tounge down you're throat
07) You sit on the pot at 12:30am and right when you drop the first log, your friends start knockin on the front door
06) The girl of your dreams, has a penis
05) You become friends with you're ex-girlfriend, right when you think you're about to get laid, she dumps you
04) Your best friend and you start hookin up, right when you think you're about to get laid, she moves.
03) The one day you decide not to wear underwear, your fart just has to be wet
02) Hmm, I'm bored, lets highjack a plane and fly it into a building. Hmm, Im still bored, lets do it again.
01) You're wackin off and right when you're blowin you're load, the bitch you're thinkin of, calls you!
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