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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Dec 2001|05:57am]
i dont know about other people.but i hada good time at Julia's party!...aside from my cell phone being like completely dead...which SO sucks my ass!. and NO it did not fall in the pond...again!.. but yeah.. i met Buff's bitch on a chain and he's neat.and hotguymike was there!.i havent seen him since i hooked up with him a Mirabai's like a year ago!.he's SO cool...and like...really hot... so yeah.. score.. i met this other dude named mike..he's neato..he like goes to gaithersburg or something...i was topless for the majority of the night.not in front of people...periodically i would go outside and take my hsirt of cause it was REALLY hot... i made out with Mike, Nicole, Daria, umm.. i think thats it actually.. heather was there...she looked like a skank.. andrew was there...he was likemaking out with somechick named Annie.. or something.. apperently he kicked fedeli's ass yesterday or something.. whatever.. mirabai, robbie, zack...he was a REAL bitch to me.. i'm still annoyed with him.. grr... Biggie, jaime Paige, buff, buff's bitch, daria, tyler (but later), hotguymike,mike, other mike, nicole, julia, binta, andrew, andrew, heather, frankie, rick was there for like 5 minuets... umm.. Ava and twigs came... yeah.. iand like other people... dude...i was so grooven all night.. on the dance floor..it was really nicely decorated too.. i was like wow.. umm.afterwards i called rob and went to his house cause i didnt have a ride home... so i'm at Robs now.. we watched the grinch (jim carrey version) cause i hadnt seen it....and Osmosis Jones.. it was retarded.. bill murray looked like shit throughout the whole movie..i was very dissapointed.. i SO dont want to like...walk home in the morning...i seriously just dont.. OY.. its like a bitch to walk.. grr...and i cant call cause my cell isnt working.. well itis.. its just dead..i can still check messages though.. so call and like leave a message.. OY.. i have to be all kinds of the middle man for fuck highschool transacxtions.. frankie wants some Cid and pills.. Lauren (my friend at school) can get them in large quantitys.. so i have to be like all in the middle and not like make any profet at all.. i got my new perscription of ritlin.. eric (from pretzle time) asked first.. so i sell to him first..then crystal's mom..if there is any left.. to whoever wants it.. yeah i know.. bad .. bad.. whatever..

tomarrow is the GBLT dance.. score.. hopefully i can still hit up a ride with my daddy .. or chris

i wanna talk to ET.. but liek his only way of reachingme is my cellphone and that SUCKS.. at some point during the party..someone was like "oh viva's gonna go get it on with ET" or something and it was retarded.. i wish.. and how

i felt fine today.. my throat was better..i wasnt coughing as much.. but then i like hooked up with people and got indredably dehydrated.. so my throat is re-scratchy.. grr.. my own fault...

rob's asleep..heehee....

go linkin park...they remind me of SEV.. the blonde one is hot.. go blonde guy

i'm tired.. i've had ICPs- pass me by in my head like all day

i visited Hana today and brought her an obscene amount of potatoe rolls.. GO hana...i love that crazy kid.. who's stalking who now? i know where u live now!!!!

i'm SO tired.. grr.. 6 days.. YAY.. oh yeah oh oh ohyeah!
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[15 Dec 2001|06:03am]
angela... u need to calm the fuck down with those pictures.. for real chica..damn
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home [15 Dec 2001|01:49pm]
[ mood | home!!!!! ]

i got a ride home!!!!! YAY!!!!....i'm home... i found that my moms recharger works on my phone!! so i can use my cell again!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!...i'm exctatic.. ...ashley called me last ngiht..but i couldnt talk cause my phone died....and i was sad..i'll see her tonight

brian (my daddy) called chris..and liek my house as well like an obscene amount of times.. like 9 i think..i was like ok..calm down...he went to the cathedral thign..so i dunno how to reach him

i need a massage.. i'm So tired..i went to sleep at 7 and like woke up at like 10:30... in the morning that is.. wow.. AAAAHHHH!!!

i hope i'm awake for tongiht.. i get to see Dennis! i love him..he's cute..

anyway.. um....yeah..

shower time.. ..

call me i'm home

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[15 Dec 2001|02:22pm]
showers are SO nice
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[15 Dec 2001|03:34pm]
[ mood | boob pain ]

Click here to find out what size you really are

haha....oh yeah

joe.. you are awesome.. i might just have to take u up on ur offer..gimme a call sometime...

i hate my hair..iots getting long and poofy..and yet NOT QUITE long enoguh to pull back yet!...grr..

i wonder what ET is up to..

my cellphone is all kinds of charged...i'm so happy!! yay..

i need bandaids and yet i have none.. damn..

i wanna runaway and never say goodbye i wanna know the truth instetad of wondering why i wanna know the ansers no more lies i wanna shut the door and open up my mind

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[15 Dec 2001|03:35pm]
i was thinkin about my baby J..remember him..NC baby..i miss him..i wonder what he's doing now
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[15 Dec 2001|03:38pm]
"my name is satan, but you can call me peaches!"<-tyler

i stole it from Hana's AIM info
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historicle events [15 Dec 2001|03:41pm]
today is Ranji's bday....Rest in peace

happy birthday..

today is also the day i met avi...like 2 or 3 years ago
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[15 Dec 2001|03:56pm]
brian just called,......if i goto Grovesner station...by metro..he cna pick me up there....cause he's like already at the dance thing..setting up and stuff...so call my cell if u want me..i gotta go get ready and stuff 301-254-5308
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