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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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wow i feel used [18 Dec 2001|01:09am]
[ mood | unsatisfied ]

so yeah..daniel came over and we played nintendo and then watched mallrats..and we ended up doing stuff..even though i did resist..a lot.. .and he lasted about 2 minuets and it ws really retarded.. wow...and he has a small penis..... and then he ate my cookies...all the cookies that Hana made me..he ate my WHOLE bag..i was SO mad at him...whatever.. grr... anyway....apperently cathrine hates me anyway..so whatever..i dont care.. i want ET.. like..i would give anythign in the world to like fuck ET right now.. oh geez.....

anyway... i'll be up for an etremely long time..feel free to call my cellphone 301-254-5308..


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[18 Dec 2001|01:17am]
[ mood | random ]

ashley called..i love ashley.. and JEwboy called.. apperently we are engaged..me and jewboy that is.. ..so yeah.. we are going to have jewish babies.. hehe.. and they will be cute and stupid.. good times

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[18 Dec 2001|01:26am]
my stomache hurts...

could be the cheesecake..i had a peice..could be somethign else..weird
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[18 Dec 2001|01:33am]
OH last year jordan got everyone poprocks..not pez..i had to clear that up
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[18 Dec 2001|01:38am]
i SO just threw up..i feel so much better
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godmother [18 Dec 2001|05:29pm]
[ mood | ti-zzight! ]

yeah so i went up to the school..i walked to 355 by qway of blunt rd..i didnt die.. go me.. so i get to school and its COLD as a mutha fucka..i hang out with kristen.. she thingks she may be pregnant...she says that is she is.. she wants me to be the godmother.. i was like whoa.. i'll be like the jewish aunt that will go .. did you eat?

anyway....i hung out with Chris.. at school (not best friend) random chris that likes tihannah.. he's neato.. he got me a dr pepper

then iwent to the mall and talked to erik for liek 2 hours..then Ryan and Rob showed up!@! and i was like ROB!!..yaay!!... and yeah..then i saw Lyle and his sister, diana..and she's hot..lyle was all weird to me though.... then i ran into Chris!! (bluedude) and we walked and then left and now we're at my house and he's playin nintendo..

since Kimi doesnt want us to wait outside her house..then i have a new plan..MWUAHAHAHAH..teehee.. i know i'm crazy...in love.. heehee..i gotta call AC

tag team back again, check it direct it lets begin, come on party people lets make some noise..MCs in the house, jump jump for joy, party over here party over there, put your hands in the air shake ur darier..these three words when ur gettin busy..whoomp there it is..let me heat ya say whoomp there it is..come on now..whoomp there it is



i'm tired.. and hungry...

tomarrow..exam..i didnt get my math stuff done..the lab was closed..maybe i can go after the exam or somethin


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[18 Dec 2001|06:59pm]
i made a sub profile go me

SubProfile: Click to Continue
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festivus [18 Dec 2001|07:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

i sent out my festivus dinner invitations....i'm completly distrought that i cant ivite everyone i want to..its sad...but at least my list is complete....i wonder how many peopel are actually going to show up uninvited..i mean they can..there will just be no place for them to sit.. thats my delema.. but i did good right?.. umm..hmm..anyway

i miss ET i havent seen him in a really long time..like a week and a half it feels like..


i feel so dirty from yesterday..i took like 4 showers already..somwhere there is a lake drowning or something

i'm tired.. i did a mitzvah today..som lady was coughing REAL bad ..on the bus today and i gave her a cough drop..and she was better..so i feel good..i did a good deed..go me


i'm hungry


i love old school..go old school

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thug what? [18 Dec 2001|08:43pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

frankie called me cause my friend lauren has doses.. so she wants a 12-tab and so i gotta be a middle man..adn then Mom (crystal's mom ) calls me and is like dad (crystal's dad) is in need.. so i gotta stop by moms tomarrow after my exam.. uch.. and then see if Lauren can even get me the doses to give to frankie by friday.. its crazt..i've become like this random middleman-dealer type person..i need to quit this shit...

Daniel fuckin calls me..i'm still mad at him for eating my cookies.. grr


i have a great poem found in another livejournal

Posted by: ravenlocks.


I really really need sex.
Want sex.
I will even try real hard for sex.
Will work for sex,
Spank for sex,
Get down on my knees open-mouthed for sex.
Wont someone just give me a lil bit of their sex?
Not even talking about mind blowing sex,
Amazing sex,
Or great sex.
Im just sayin
Some sex,
Any sex,
Girl or guy Ill take sex.

But while were on the subject,
I might just take one moment to
I want bruises on my thighs sex,
Rugburn on my elbows sex,
hair out to here sex,
and hickeys all the way to there sex.

I wanna wake up half-way through the night and do it again sex,
Fuck me in the morning, in the kitchen sex.
Or maybe on the floor sex,
In the shower sex,
And against the sliding glass door sex.
In the pool sex,
Or how bout In the car sex,
I dont care where,
I just want some goddamned used a whole tube
Of lube sex.
So please,
Wont you give me a lil squeaze,
Cuz what I really really need.
Is some
Always willing,
Fuck me from behind,
Any time,
Or boring,
Its ok as long as yr not snoring,
Sweaty breasts,
100% natural fucking sex.

copyright 2001 property of ravenlockedvixen@hotmail.com

i think its a good poem

i made pizza.. sauce stuffed pizza..it was ok..it could have been better....i'm in some mad crabvings for Mc and cheese..which ihave none..i'm sad..

i called ET to remind him about saturday..but he didnt answer..so i'm sad...

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[18 Dec 2001|09:56pm]
MacTeen23 [9:55 PM]: god why are u so pissed with me


i find it funny
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[18 Dec 2001|10:00pm]
daniel Iimed me...that he's never talking to me again..

should i be upset... i think everyone was right from the beginning.. the very beginning... i think i'll be sad for a while..not now..but maybe later..but i think i'll get over it.. as everyone said before friends who treat people like that arent worth having
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assuming daniel read my journal [18 Dec 2001|10:00pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

daniel Iimed me...that he's never talking to me again..

should i be upset... i think everyone was right from the beginning.. the very beginning... i think i'll be sad for a while..not now..but maybe later..but i think i'll get over it.. as everyone said before friends who treat people like that arent worth having

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[18 Dec 2001|10:14pm]
wow....i am smart.... go me.....

my throats been bothering me again....back to tea..

stupid throat

i'm tired but i'm gonna watch QAF tonight..lates...call my cell if u want me 301-254-5308
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[18 Dec 2001|11:48pm]
QAF was the episode when justin wins the king of babylon contest and emett meets that guy.. and its SO funny..chris saw that episode and CRACKED up..hehe... i love that show
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[18 Dec 2001|11:58pm]
i think i'm going to go whore myself to my nintendo for a while

on secodn thoguht i think i'm going to study for my exam.. yeah... i wanna pass it.. studying is good.. (yes actual thoughts from Viva)
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