December 19th, 2001


busy busy busy

today i went up to school.....i did see ET for like 2 minuets..reminded him of saturday.. wow i do miss him.. he' s so huggable..anyway..i hung out with Dennis for a while..he dragged me from the humanities bilding to campus center about 5 or 6 times..back and forth.. UCH.. stairs..uch..acordign to him..Dan (hot guy from dance) asked him out.. and is a really bad kisser... whatever...i hung out with Sarah as well..she's SO sweet.. and tony (aka carson daly) is not her boyfriend... anyway.... the theatre department was having a holiday party..being a theatre person whore.. i got to eat for free with the theatre people..good food.. pizza..cheese..bread..cheesecake (but not good cheesecake).. they had like ham and stuff i didnt eat.. but htey also had cookies and whatnot..adn random meatballs that were not warmed up according to theatre guy steve...i hung out with Chris dude and Seth (crazy punk man).. who goes out with hot chick with pink hair.. he's neato.. chris is a sweetheart.. umm..OH i saw DAN DAVY!!!!! i love him..he rocks..he's taking a class at rockville campus next semester.. YAY DAN!.....that crazy pudgysstalker..he does stalk pudgy people all day long... anyway.. i took my exam.. MATH SUCKS...the exam was only difficult at the end with the word problems..i hate word problems... they suck ass
i left.. went tot hee mall.. ran into biggie..his hair is cool.. i like the red.. saw AC at suncoast... ran into Bobby..i love bobby!!..ran into Brit.. Brit is the shit (look i rhymed)..heehee..i love brit.. ..i called mom (crstal's mom) and she came to the mall so i didnt have to goto her house.. i got PAID.. i also ran into Jason Beach..he gave me 2 bucks.. for some pills.. umm.OH school i ran into NIna Platis.. her hair is MAD PINK.. i havent seen her in forever.. anyay.. then my mom picke me up and we went home.. she cleaned.. Oh i also went to funcoland and got chip and dale rescue rangers.. they still didnt have ducktales 2.. i hope CDRR works..

ryan is bringing potatoes!!! go RYAN!! YAY

ok.. we have like 18-19 people now..but i think its ok.. i think we can fit it..
3-Buff's bitch
13-Hana's Bitch
17-Marc (CANADA)
i think thats it.. but im also not sure if EVERYONE is coming.. like Diane, Jordan, Robbie, Mirabai, Justin, Ac is probably not cause Steve is having some party or somethin... .. but yeah..i think it will work out well...

i saw ALL of the Lakadaieis today minus sonny..i saw Bj a couple times.. he asked me to let peopel know that they're opening for SEV again at JAXX on sunday the 23rd.. i'd go..but i dont have a ride.. its 10$ not 14.... they have to sell 50 tickets.. email BJ at if u want to go and stuff..he might be able to get u a ride.. u should definatly go.. SEV and the lakadaisies ROCK.. lakadaisies go on at 8pm.. "be there or suck dick"(does not apply to gay males).... i dont remember who said that.. but it was funny when they said it..

sarah said somethign SO funny and i cant remember what it was for the life of was fuckin hilarious.. Lauren wasnt at school today..hmm..i guess frankie doest get her doses..

tomarrow consists of going to school and waiting int he councelors office..then getting to bowl america.. to hang out with Ryan and rob.. and whatnot.. then home where Jon snow will come get the Pentium 1

friday consists of my evil michivious plan for kimi! MWUAHAHAHAHA (evil smirk)

only for Hana (throws potatoe roll at her house..hehe)...
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chris wanted to know if anyone could bring a blender..that liek blends ice and stuff...cause we can make smoothie things..chris's idea..

so can anyone bring a blender?
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six feet under re-startedon HBO.. the first season.. second episode was on tonight..the foot guy...weird..its such a great show.. everyone should watch

OH ashley..the dude who was with Kevin..was Patrick..he's a sweetheart... not andy or whatever name u said before.. Patrick and Kevin were at the match thing..
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